Ford Motor Companyford 2016 f150

I took my truck in ronorris 3 times for the engine light they said it had a after market thermosat it had about 15000 miles on it they never fixed it and told me lie after lie till I caouldnt stand it anymore so I took it to paradise frod in cocoa 3 times now for engine light and service never fixed engine light had 29950 took it in for service and get engine light fixed its alawys been on since I bought it they finnally said they figured it out but iam out of warranty and the part is 500 dollars some vent in grill that opens and closes for air flow. So they fixed the recall they didnt do right cant even bolt a seat in a truck so they tightened it up changed my oil a said I need new lug nuts cause they sweelled up every one knows if you mix disssimilar metals they dont get along. Anyway I paid 160 dollars for aoil change that took 2days this is pure incompatance. My brother si a certified ford mech he just laughs your getting s c r e ed ive always be a ford guy I have af350 dually diesel 4x4 flatbed I bought abouyt 16 or more trucks from paradise ford and owned even more now iam looking at nissan due to this unfortunatedealing with your dealership. It seems like your going out of bussinees your stock was named junk stock monday3 weeks ago. So is thsi how ford treats life long customers. Mark bloomquist.

Oct 01, 2019

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