Ford Motor Companyrear lift gate center lift gate assembly

D Oct 02, 2019

The rear lift gate center led assembly get filled with water and condensation. This causes an electrical short resulting in the reverse lights to be on when driving. The vehicle has been cited for this condition and will not pass Massachusetts vehicle safety inspection. There is no damage to lift gate. This is either a part or manufacturing defect. Ford Motor Company has no recalls on this condition, but I was told by FMC technicians that it is a known problem. Condition was reported while vehicle was under warranty, has only 50000 miles and told it would not bee covered. This is a very expensive part, told about $2k. Told by FMC to report to Ford and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which I have done. Please advise.

  • Updated by Dave Power · Oct 02, 2019

    defective rear led strip

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