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As a current owner of 3 ford vehicles I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in your continued sponsorship of the nfl and the players who continue to disrespect the flag and everything it stands for.

I am currently in the market for a new F150 but will not be purchasing one at this time. It is very disappointing that American car companies cannot stand up for Americans and would rather support Nfl players vs hard working Americans that can afford to purchase their products.


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      Oct 16, 2017

    I have found out that the Ford Motor Company has joined with the NFL player kneeling. The comment by Ford is that it is a freedom of speech issue.
    Let me ask this then. Would this be allowed? If a employee of Santa Maria Ford or the Ford Motor Company, wearing the Ford uniform and while on company time greets your customers with comments against the police and is disrespectfully toward the nation and veteran would the employee be reprimanded? It would think so. The NFL players are employees, on duty, wearing their company equipment and logos. The fans come to the stadiums to watch and enjoy a sports event. They come to the Ford Dealership to BUY a car, truck or parts or obtain service for their vehicle.
    I am currently in the market for a truck. Two of my friends are also looking at buying trucks. Because of Ford's position of being disrespectful to our veterans, flag and national anthem I will not be buying your truck. Hell Toyota has been more supportive of our veterans etc. than you. How shameful
    Furthermore I will be spreading the word that Ford Motor Company does not support our flag, nation, veterans, anthem, and/or police. I suggest a total boycott of the NFL and those who support these disrespectful players, owners and the commissioner. May the NFL fall apart.
    Unless Ford changes to support those who made our country great, our flag, and anthem, I would suggest Ford also be boycotted.
    William Spears

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      Oct 17, 2017

    I was considering buying a F-150 this year. As a military retiree I find the whole "take a knee" business distasteful. Those players are disrespectful of a nation that has enabled them to make millions playing a kids game. Players - speak out and protest all you want - ON YOUR OWN TIME! Ford- stop enabling these spoiled brats. Do not expect me to buy that F-150, or any other Ford product any time soon. I will keep my Chevy.

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