Ford Motor Companynfl & hidden donors to anti trump movement


In the past eight years I have purchased five new vehicles from the Ford Motor Company. If I had known they were going to support the NFL players in disrespecting the American Flag I would have made other choices. As a veteran I feel Ford Motor Company has disrespected me and all of the veterans who have served he millitary in this great country. To make things worse it appears the Ford Motor Company has joined the hidden donors to a prominent anti-Trump "resistance"organization as published by the Washington Free Beacon. It appears the Ford Motor company has donated $2.3 million dollars along with liberals like mega-donor George Soros. This will be the last Ford Product I will ever by!!!


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      Oct 15, 2017

    So, nothing wrong with their service, you're just butthurt over assumptions and supposed political affiliations? You're probably one of those [censor] from either side that would rather point at each other than doing something productive. Both sides exert cancer and you're just eating it up.

    P.S. Anyone can say they're a veteran online.

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