Ford Motor Companyirresponsible repairs done by ford

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Dear sir,

Till few months before we were the proud owners of a ford ikon flair car — aniversary edition. (registration number - kl-07-be-2448, chasis no.- majaxxmrta6ba3667, engine no. 6ba3667) purchased through m/s kairali ford, ernakulam in november 2006. we may be failing in our duty if we do not bring to notice the experienceswe met with some of your dealers as we feel that for a world renowned car manufacturer like ford, the credibility of which is at very high esteem, the input on customer satisfaction on the after sales service are very important
The car met with an accident on 6-8-2007 at bangalore, the car was entrusted for repairs to m/s cauvery ford, kanakpura road, bangalore. the intial estimate for the repair was rs 253151-/- the car was repaired and a total amount of 207758 was charged out of which rs 138588 was directly paid by the insurance company viz - bajaj allianz general insurance company limited and the balance amount of rs 69170 was paid by us. the car was taken possession bu us on 3/11/2007 from m/s cauvery ford, bangalore.
While driving the car on 6/11/2007 the head light of the car went off, as many fuses blew off. the car was taken to m/s metro ford, bangalore, which is the nearest dealer to our residence. m/s metro ford repaired the electrical defects and charged us an amount of rs 500. according to metro ford certain additional wires were tied on the fuses - which was clearly accepted by the executive of cauvery ford. (recorded conversation is there on my mobile). cauvery ford also accepted the fact that they had tied the wires on fuses as they dint have stock of fuses of needed capacity.- how can a company like ford not check the vechicle before inspection and how can they do such an act if they dont have stock of the concerned material. for me its not cauvery ford - but its ford motor company.

Well later while driving the car on 12/11/2007, the gear box of the car became defective in the middle of the road. with great difficulty the car was taken back to m/s metro ford. m/s cauvery ford who have supposed to have replaced the damage parts of the car and charged an amount of 207758 for the repair was totally indifferent on taking up the matter with them through telephone. they were quite rude in the conversation. after the accident the gear box was changed according to the bill given by cauvery ford. then how can such a mishap happen to a new gear box.

Well fortunately m/s metro ford was very much understanding and repaired the car. they have not charged us anything on the car as the car was under warranty. the car at present is working satisfactorily and we express our thanks to m/s metro ford. apart from the indifferent attitude shown by m/s cauvery ford, the sudden failure of the gear box which was supposed to be replaced, give us certain amount of uncomfortable feeling.

I was seriously put in to lot of mental and physical strain due to the unruly behaiviour of cauvery ford, which is for me ford motor company. (it will really affect the brand of ford)
Well this mail is for your kind information and appropriate action if any should be done in this matter.

Thanks and regards

Dinesh george,
Ulsoor, bangalore


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    dave.tarsia Jun 03, 2016
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    In June 2009 I purchased a NEW Ford Explorer XLT, I noticed that the brakes were loud, a bang sound when a/c is on and I noticed the exterior lights stop lighting for recheck after 5 mins (I later learned that is a change in design) The transmission slips and bangs(they are telling me this is a known issue with the design, but nothing they can do about it, The Sync operation by the steering controls is incorrect. I have called the SYNC team, they verified this is wrong and dealers refuse to fix (even with customer assitance advice and support) There is a rotten egg smell in traffic, the a/c comes out pass floor, even if it is set to top dash vents (was verified by ford rep and said they don't know what to do to fix.
    I stated earlier that brakes were noisy, I also had a complaint about gas milage, when they FINALLY replaced the brakes, the fuel mileage climbed( brakes were sticking) causing friction as well as noise as a result! I took them to court, they said if I dropped this they would send an engineer out, I did they then said oh we can't send an engineer anymore. About 6 months after taking ownership I noticed that the ignition warning buzzer would stay on after key was removed. Ford replace lock cylinder.. still did it so they replaced the ignition switch, after that the pass side air bag light stopped functioning correctly as well as seat belt warning lights. Between the BANG(This is impressive and scary, and was verified by ford) and the seat belt lights as well as air bags. I feel this vehicle is UNSAFE!! I have dealt with all areas I know of including the office of the president(they were to call me after the holiday AGAIN!) does anyone have any advice?

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  • Dt
    DTarsia Jun 03, 2016

    I am putting this up as my complaint does not show posted on my profile

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    Pepino Sep 17, 2009


    I have sat and thought for a long time now if I should write this letter to Ford and not only is this a complaint, but it will now give you an idea on how some Fords are doing business.

    I would like to inform you on what type of customer I have been for you. I have bought 3 cars from Ford a mustang, an escort and last an Explorer. All cars have been paid in full. I thought that the service I was given was excellent at the lime and I told my Aunt and Cousin, and they both purchased cars from Ford and have paid them off also. My wife and I have been shopping for the past couple of weeks for a new Ford but I’m not sure anymore, I have been treated very dishonestly and lied to and no one has been will to come up with a solution or even an apology.

    This issue that I’m about to explain started back in July 26th, 2009. We put our Ford Explorer in the shop (JS Motors [protected]) because our clutch went out. They called Ford and Ford said it would take a few days is that ok and we didn’t mind. When the part got here it was the wrong part and we had to send it back and try again and that part they sent the second time was also wrong. Then were being told it was on order and it will take a couple of days to come in. A couple of days pass by and still no part. They said it was here and then they said it was still on order. Well that made me call customer service and see if they can help. I got a couple of phone calls back and they were rude and couldn’t do anything for us. I did get a call from Tammi ([protected] ext 7105) and she didn’t really have a solution and she said she would call me back in 2 days and she called the wrong number but left a message saying need more time call you next week. Then my wife and I were on the phone at the same time talking to two different customer rep and those reps were getting told one thing that the part will be here in 2 days and the other rep they don’t have it. That part had been discontinued, yet the parts manager at Sunnyvale Ford had said on 8/27/09 that the part would be here in October 2009 and when I talked to him on 9/1/09 he said the part would be here in November 2009. What is Ford doing just prolonging the situation?

    This has been over a month now and I have no answers that I can trust I’ve been lied to treated like crap, my wife has been treated like crap, I have had to have a rent a car and that’s costing me big money.

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  • Ni
    Nishant.85 Sep 03, 2009

    Hi All,

    I dont what to add to make the popular Ford look more bad, anyways it isnt the Company just the service people they employ.
    That day i went to 'Harpreet Ford' Motinagar, get a Engine timing Belt, got that and service people over there couldnt fit it...surprised i was...and that belt couldnt be given gack to the Ford dealer...i had to take that new belt go to a local mechanic who later fitted it.

    And all crap that those servie people said that your car's Adjustors are not in proper position you would have to spend 11000RS on getting a new one and IF I WANTED TO SAVE MONEY I COULD PAY ONE OF THE SERVICE MECHANIC 6000RS AND GET A NEW ADJUSTOR TO BE FITTED...crap crap and total crap...i love ford and willl do so to the end of my life...i've never seen a car with so much performance on indian roads...btw i have Ford Ikon 1.6.

    Hope next time you visit them you would know how to tackle them

    Thanks in advance :)

    Nishant Malhotra
    [email protected]

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  • Mi
    michelle lee May 10, 2008
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    Verified customer


    My name is [name omitted] and I have purchased at least 10 new Ford cars/trucks over my life span. The latest being a 2005 F-150. My truck was taken into a dealership for an engine problem at 19, 993 miles. The service department dismantled my motor in order to make the repairs. (Replaced cam phaser) The repairs were covered under my 36, 000/3Yr. warranty and took 4 days. The very day I picked it up the problem (loud ticking/knocking noise from motor i.e. defective cam phaser) was still present. I returned the vehicle to the same dealership within 24 hours and had only added 13 miles within the pick/up drop/off phase. It took the dealership 33 days and emailing pictures to a Ford Service Engineer to make a claim that my motor had “excessive oil sludge” and as such was an indicator that I had not maintained my vehicle. You see, I could only provide two oil change receipts when I needed to provide three, which DOES NOT indicate that I did not have three oil changes I just couldn’t produce ONE receipt. Ford Motor denied the claim for warranty work solely based on lack of maintenance (a violation per the warranty not to mention the unreasonable repair time which should not be more than 30days) and cancelled my warranty. How their Ford Certified Mechanics missed what they now claimed to be ‘excessive oil sludge’ on the first visit remains a mystery to date. I was left for SIX MONTHS without use of my vehicle. Did I mention it needed a new motor? Yes the dealership quoted me $6500 to put in a new motor. Although they could never give a diagnosis of what was wrong they knew it needed a new motor. Eventually an independent arbitration hearing through the BBB concluded that Ford Motor Company should have made those warranted repairs on the customers second attempt and any discoveries of “excessive oil sludge” and any warranty issues should have been addressed at the time of the first repair attempt. Ford Motor Company clearly used lies and misleading information to delay costly warranted repairs to my vehicle and was successful for SIX MONTHS. During those six months I had to continue making my payments as well as pay for alternate transportation(rental car at $1, 000 a month) I had to pay for independent assessments which was money well spent as it proved that my motor DID NOT have “excessive oil sludge”. There was tow expenses incurred; I had a small landscaping business for 3 years that went under as a result of not having use of my truck for SIX MONTHS. Indeed this six month ordeal has cost me plenty. Suffice it to say that Ford Motor Company spent big bucks retaining an attorney to represent them in a small claims action I filed in Cobb County, Atlanta, Ga. against them to reimburse me out-of-pocket expenses. But, I understand, as Ford least of all wants precedent set against them in a court of law.((Read your warranties carefully folks, as long as manufacturer’s warranty is not WRITTEN in an unconscionable manner, their pretty much given a license to act unconscionable even fraudulent). What I find so reprehensible is that Ford does not stand by their product. Apparently Ford Motor Company has no issue with leaving their customers out of their new vehicle for SIX MONTHS and will lie and misrepresent facts to do so. In doing so however, in essence, Ford Motor Company is willingly, publicly admitting that they manufacture motors that will need full replacement at less than 20, 000 because the cam phasers in this make and model are defective and cause motor failure.(This was the case with my truck) I applaud Ford Motor Company for their courage to do so. I, in fact, will be contacting every media outlet in the United States of America to get word out to the public that Ford Motor Company has made this perfectly clear through their actions or lack of. I may not get the thousands of dollars of out of pocket expenses I incurred as a result of Ford’s deceitful tactics but I will have satisfaction in knowing that I made the public aware so that they may avoid the hell I went through with Ford Motor Company. I will be paying for a spot in the Atlanta Journal Constitution to run this open letter and hope that other media outlets will pick up on this story namely CNN whose offices and studio are located in the city which I reside and where the vehicle was purchased, Atlanta, Ga.

    BUILT FORD Tough?? I don’t think so.

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  • Sa
    Sajin May 06, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I've had a bitter experience with Cauvery Ford too, me having bought my car from them. They've sent half a dozen reminders and made twice as many calls to "remind" me to take the two year extended warranty. Quite a few calls were made when they were supposed to get any money (like waxing, teflon, etc. which almost everyone says yes to).

    Then came the time to remind me of my free service expiry. The first reminder came from them a few days after my free service coupon expired - and to tell me I can do a paid service now.

    It is not about the small amount I could have saved on service, it is so sad to see how low these people can get in their intent to increase margins. And as Dinesh mentioned, this is not what people expect when they go with such a reputed brand.

    I've brought this to the notice of Ford customer care without much use. They just told me that the dealer did not have any obligation to send reminders (of course I get that, but that is not the point!).

    This is my second ford vehicle (the previous dealer Chennai Ford was good) and the last.

    Now m hearing that the pick-up and drop for service which used to be complimentary is being charged at Rs. 250. Assuming a driver does at least 3-4 pickups a day, it is obvious that they are not charging you to meet the cost. It is pure greed.

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    Remain anonymous Mar 18, 2008
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    For the time being I won't post my name as I still have an ongoing issue right now with a brand new car purchase. (a whole other story) You would think I learned my lesson by now and popped the extra 15k for the Cehvrolet Suburban I REALLY wanted...

    Anyway, the majority of Ford sale reps & service reps the entire world over appear to all be cut from the same selfish, lying, money grubbing cloth.
    I am currently in the proces of purchasing a new vehicle. And once that culmiates in success or failure, I'll be posting the results of that. It's not a pretty styro. And so far we are only halfway towards the end. Car salesmen are a shady group. I special ordered my vehicle & after waiting for several weeks it finally arrived. They KNEW it was pre-approved through my credit union, yet they tried to run my credit anyway. Even after they were told several times not to. I had the loan & I would bring them the check in the morning. I didn't even take the car with me that night. I did not take possession until the following day. Exchanged check for vehicle. No problem, right? Until a few days later I begin to receive letters from loan companies approving or denying. We are trying to get our credit score up in order to purchase a house. Buying a new car was bad timing but necessary. But their unauthorised credit check, amidst promises that they would not, has demolished my credit by a good 20 points down with all the hits.
    In case you are not aware of this, dealerships get a kickback on all the loans they place with loan companies. They get a percentage. THAT is why they jump at the chance to help with financing. It's not good customer service. It's the good old kickback system.

    I have owned the Ford Explorer I have right now for 10 years. I actually found a local dealership that stood behind it's word & product. I kept hearing a sound, and I kept taking it in. Because I am a "woman", I am obviously hearing things, don't know what I am talking about, etc. On what was to be my final visit to this dealership, I went to pick up my car, after extensive repairs and a whopping 2k+ repair bill. I still heard the sound. My "service advisor AKA know nothing lazy ###" said "too bad" wasn't his problem, today was his last day & I could take it up with someone the next time I came in. He said it was safe to drive and walked away. I started to leave, stunned with his attitude, but turned my vehicle back around & went in to demand the manager. I told him what happened & that I refuse to accept this crap any longer. I wanted it fixed & I was tired of being patted on the head & told not to worry my pretty little head about it.

    Because I stood my ground I finally recieved results. (Of course I'm certain the threat ot Call 3, 10 on your side, and a complaint to Ford Corporate helped)
    I was assigned a personal service advisor & a personal mechanic. No one else was to touch my account or vehicle. They found that the sound I was hearing for the last 2 years was the cassettes on the timing chain. I didn't understand the complete explanation, I just knew they found the problem. (and yes the sound went away) They paid for rental for 3 weeks for a brand new Ford explorer & I was only charged parts, no labor.

    I was never again charged an estimate. And I always was listened to after that. I may not know what the problem is, but I drive the car every day. I should know when something isnt right, or doesn't sound normal, right?

    But now I am locked into a battle purchasing a new Ford. And I am asking myself why. The whole sales experienced has sucked. Lies, damage, more lies, and a flat refusal to make it right. I am realising more and more that bad service is the norm for Ford, and Great Service is the exception to the rule. How sad.

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