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My parents met in the early 1950's mom worked at a ford dealership, dad was a porter transferring cars from dealerships. Dad retired from rouge steel after dedicating most of his life to ford. He was diagnosed with asbestosis a direct result from working at fords. Now that he really needs his promised health benefits ford is cutting his benefits every time they turn around. Soon they will have no health insurance when they need it most. Fine thank you to a man who gave his best to a company. Shame on you ford motor. I have always driven ford products, but i will be rethinking my position as i watch my father die slowly with the prospect of no health benefits to ease his suffering.


  • Mi
    Michael Richards Oct 17, 2007

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  • Ro
    Roger Levesque Nov 15, 2007

    My question is why ford has put me out of business it must be a joke to you but my life depended on this truck you have taken that away from me and my wife. I will go public , I will not leave this till some one in Ford ceo makes this mater write to me. I have dun nothing to Ford why should you destroy my life like this??? You have taking my Savings and some Why??? If I steel from some one I will pay for it that is the law you are not above it are you??? This letter will more likely go into trash..

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  • Jo
    John H. Carter Apr 01, 2008

    I am a proud owner of a Ford Focus 3 dr. zx3 hatch back. I bought it for my son who will be driving in another 1.5 years. I have no complaint about the running and quality of the body hardware. I have a complaint about the air bag light coming on and staying on. I can get into the car and go somewhere and the light will come on and stay on. Sometimes it does not come on at all. I have been told that I won't be able to have my car inspected and pass because of this problem. I feel that it is not right. I have been told that it cost 98.00 to have it turned off. Thats fine if it stays off. IT WON'T! Like I said it is a great little car, but my next move is to take the light out myself and then it will never come on again. I do realze that is no answer. I could cause a life. ...But what is one to do? I have seen on the internet that it is a very common problem. Ford needs to look into this problem and fix it pronto! People are going to start taking matters into their own hands and disconnecting the light... Then when someone dies because the airbag does not deploy, then ford will be facing a bigger problem than charging folks 100.00 everytime the stupid light comes on and cause the problem of not getting a passing grade during an inspection.

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  • Jo
    John Mitchell Apr 19, 2008

    My father worked at the Rouge Foundry for 20 years before retirement. My mom, his surviving spouse, was recently screwed out of her health insurance by Ford Motor Company as well. I have now spent six months trying to navigate through Medco, Humana, and a host of other ruthless insurance companies in an effort to make sure that her heart condition and glaucoma can be treated. I will never forgive Ford Motor Company for dumping the health benefits of those who built the company. It is disgusting, unwarranted and unethical. Every time I hear that Toyota is beating them and that their stocks are down I cheer!

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  • La
    la curtis Jul 09, 2009

    my dad worked for ford 40 years i 18 years i am78 years old thay took my good insurance and gave me blue cross i need dental work i pay 50 per cent my medical is out of hand my wife is a sick woman i nee my medical help

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  • Ha
    hawkskeeper57 Nov 08, 2019

    My husband put 41 years into Ford Motor Company. He was promised a good pension and retirement health benefits when he hired in and each time he transferred into a new department that "needed good employees" to support the new department. We just took a look at the 'promised retirement benefits'. It will take 30% of our income to finance the plan $560 per month and another 7, 200 deductible before anything is covered. We will not be eligible for medicare for 5 more years. I agree, shame on you Ford Motor Company...This is not the way to repay workers who stuck with you through thick and thin times, helping to keep the company running. I wish I could find an organization or someone willing to organize the retirees so that something could be done legislatively to prevent this from happening. My entire family, friends and co-workers are now Ford free-wont ever even look at another vehicle they make or service they offer.

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