Ford Motor Companycustomer service

J Aug 03, 2018

We have had a bunch of issues with our 2016 Explorer. It was bought in Alabama but we've had to use dealer here for warranty work. Your in the process of getting all the info on that situation as we speak. But I was talking to the service guy at weakley county motors in martin tn and had it taken care of. And was fixing to hang up and his service manager "Tony "wanted to talk and pretty much told me not to bug him anymore and to take it up with Ford. I was trying to explain it was taken care of there and he wouldn't listen and hung up. Very unprofessional but the n I call the store general manager and said oh well take it up with dealer where I got it or call ford and hung up too. I've been a ford owner since I've started driving and so has the rest of my family but after this lack of professionalism and rudeness its making me second guess my decision.

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