Ford Motor Companycontract


My name is Richard Santiago i purchased a ford fiesta 5 speed from Fremont ford in Fremont California on Stevenson blvd. The deal i got was perfect for me 17, 000 no finance or interest payments 248 a month, they did me right just started a new job exactly what i wanted, now 3 months later my engine light came on took it back and was told ford fiestas were known for having bad transmission, so ask if i could get another car automatic as i'm getting knee surgery, they told me ok look and see what car i like chose the ford focus electric beautiful car. I only love ford cars i'm a fremont resident for 32 years, as i spoke with bobby the sales guy i informed him i just want the same deal nothing for or less. I just started a new job can't afford anything else, so i trusted these people cause they took care of me the first time and i was happy. Than the worst happen the finance guy calls me into the office and made me sign away. Never went thru the contract with me i was out of the office in 2 minutes. Thinking they were doing me right i got home and saw the contract. OH MY GOD. my payments were $518.00 a month i never agreed on this me and the sales guy never even mentioned 500 payments this wasnt the plan i wanted. They ran my credit again and financed this car 23, 000 dollars insane, not what i wanted. than on top of that i owe another 6700 for turning the ford fiesta in when it wasn't even my fault, i'm so stressed out they took advantage of me, now i don't know what to do... I have no choice but to return this car. i went back to try and fixed this matter but was treated very rude and all they wanted to do for me was have me sign a document cancelling my service repair so my payments can go down, thats crazy why would they do this to me? I'm so sad they used me. please help me...

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