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N Nov 27, 2017 Review updated:

I would really like someone to contact me. We are very upset and would love some kind of resolution, perhaps some compensation for the repairs we are having to endure.

We have a 2010 Ford F250 6.4 4x4, full leather, sunroof, 4 door, beautiful - expensive - truck. It is used to pull our camper. It is not a joy riding truck and it is not driven every single day. It just turned 108, 000 miles. We have had the oil changed, the transmission and rear-end checked religiously in order to take care of this truck. In June 2017, at around 103K miles, the transmission failed, with no warning. We had to pay out $5400.00 for a new transmission (ordered from Ford).
On Friday, November 24, 2017, at 108K miles, the EGR failed, causing a piston to collapse and send metal into the engine, causing engine failure.
We are now looking at a $15, 000 fix to put in a rebuilt engine (ordered from Ford). We cannot even think about a new engine (which was quoted in excess of $20, 000.)
We are very upset that a truck that is advertised to be the work horse truck
has failed us, not once, but twice, since the Ford 100K mile warranty ran out. We are fortunate that we had a little bit of a extended warranty that help to cover a small portion of the transmission fix. Our camper is a 2013
fifth wheel, that weighs about 13K lbs empty. My husband is a fanatic about watching the weight and we have been diligent where that is concerned.
We are doing research and finding that the EGR failures are not uncommon on this truck. So, what is FORD doing to rectify this situation? I dare say I would be very skeptical to purchase another Ford Heavy Duty Truck, though we have always had a Ford product in our driveway. We have enjoyed this truck, and yes, we bought it for a purpose, and it has failed us.
I can send receipts and records for all of the service, the transmission work,
and in about a week, I can send in a very heavy receipt when I pay the $15K dollars to get my truck our of the shop.
I would just like someone to tell me why this heavy duty truck, with only 108K miles has failed us, not once, but twice - two major fixes. I have to say I may have to warn off friends and family from Ford products unless we can get some kind of resolution.

Thank you.
Karen and Bill Eastwood


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      Nov 27, 2017

    This website is a public consumer complaints board and is not directly affiliated with Ford. You may want to contact them directly as they will most likely not see your complaint here.

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      Nov 27, 2017

    108, 000 miles is quite a bit isn't it?

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