Ford2016 ford focus / bad service


I had received a notice that my ford focus might have a recall. A day after going out of town on way back the car started acting up. So I decided go on by the dealership and ask to see if they could take a look at it. Since had a recall it was a 2016 and thought no problem, it will be fix. At dealership we were told that was it non fixable that it was best to trade it in for a new vehicle before it was to late (I don't even think my car was even checked). We went back few days later looked at new vehicles being told it was going to be a great deal and that we would be new vehicle with out any problems and that they apologize again for not being able to repair even though it had warranty on it still. We believe this person, who got paperwork done with and told us to come back the next day and the car we had chosen was to be our. We went back the next day just to find out the car was sold and we were still stuck with the car acting up and almost non drivable. We got no where. We called to speak with someone and we are hung up on.
I would like to return my vehicle as soon as possible before it affects me. The car not reliable to drive in it been shaking and shouldn't be stuck paying for car not going get fix and risk factor to my family. We rely on this car get us everywhere. Am very disappointed. I loved my car but I haven't been able to drive it this past week with fear that it might be breaking down.

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