Food Networkbad programming

C Oct 12, 2019

When is food network going to wake-up!! Jeez... How many complaints do you need! Of course now they are owned by discovery so even more politically correct than before. It is sickening. The network is supposed to be about "food"... Not the worst cooks of america; not food truck race, not trisha's horrible southern cooking, not giada and her yoga party and the list goes on including the horrible show the kitchen. We want to see real food, good food, food we can make and recipes that actually work. Some of giada is okay & brunch @ bobby's as well as ina garten and some of valerie's stuff but the rest of this garbage. How disgraceful with all these competition shows all the food that is wasted, ruined! It is truly shameful. None of us want to watch these stupid shows. Bring back food network to the old days where we can learn about food, actually see beautiful food being made etc... Thank god sunny anderson lost some of her voice today!! Still didn't keep her quiet!! All she did was blab. And these "cutsie" recipes from katie lee. Yuk... With the exception of the roasted veggies it all sucked. And how they boost each others' egos with the o"omg never tasted anything so good." lol... It is annoying. Please get some shows about real cooking, real food and stop this politically correct nonsense with the cake wars with same sex couples. Seriously... What does that have to do with food? Huh???

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