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Food Basics reviews & complaints

Food Basics complaints 63

Food Basics - Service re shopping buggies

The Food Basics store at Albion Rd. and Thisledown Blvd., (Bostock Plaza) had their shopping buggies stolen some time ago. Since that time, the buggy situation has been dire, with few buggie...

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Food Basics - entering the store there are 2 side arms that swing away

upon entering the food basics store on highland road in kitchener ont. my joystick on my right got caught on the side arm and proceeded to bend. i will need a service call to repair it. i could not drive it home. the cup holder on the other side of me was completely bent. THE MANAGER in the store said there was nothing they could do not even write down what happened. the girl at the produce offered me an elastic band to fix it. i dont see how this was my fault and i would like an apology and reimbursement of the cost to fix it. my wheelchair is the only way to get around so if something happens i sit at home until it gets repaired. this happened at about 1100 today . the manager was simply no help and i was visibly shaken up. all the manager did was keep going over to the door to check it saying its fine. you need someone that has some compassion.

Sep 11, 2021

Food Basics - Poorly service

Cashier 154 at food basic Brookdale did not want to scan digital coupon as I as nicely and had my phone out. She did not even make a effort to take a effort to take her scan gun out. I am a cashier...

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Food Basics - Employees

I want justice. Remove these 2 employees from your store, 3rd includes manager. They are all one. Wednesday 11, 2021 at 8:55pm I enter food basic 45 overlea Blvd Toronto, Ontario, canada. I want to...

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Food Basics - Security

I want to make a complaint about the security at the 2200 jane st food basics. I decided to not purchase anything and I was leaving the security gaurd (tall south african) stopped me at the exit and...

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Food Basics - Staff Memeber

Visited the location Niagara Store #858 - Montrose Road-Once a loyal customer- The pharmacist refused to sell my granddaughter Acetaminophen (I asked her to get for me while shopping) James the pharmacists tells her "no" ...yet when my daughter went she was able to buy it. I found this out and approached this rude member asking "why did you refuse to sell to my 23 year old granddaughter yet sold it to my daughter. With his pompous rude attitude said "Cause I can, I don't need to" He repeated this over and over. Then he bluntly lied. One thing to say "oh we are out of stock" he just simply said "No" no explanation. However when I asked him why he repeated " Cause I can" Rude. I spoke with the store manager letting him know of this thing you know a staff member that was behind the pharmacy counter came into the conversation and she too lied...stating "It's a narcotic" Yet when asking her now why they refused she as well lied and stated "oh I could see her mother was buying it" yet How on earth did they know my daughter and granddaughter were related they both stood at different windows far apart from each other;... she as well lied and told me to "watch it" this being a threat...Never had I ever dealt with such unprofessional behavior. When I know this "James" person is working I avoid him as often as I can he is horribly horribly rude...not what you would call a people person. Do a mystery shop on him so this could be validated. Rude and unprofessional liars. Competition is strong here...this store can be bypassed...He certainly is not a "people person" Horrible horrible Done!


Fool, just because someone told you no does not mean they were rude to you.

Food Basics - Cashier

Lane 1 [protected]@10:55

Very rude, unprofessional employee.

Making people wait unnecessarily longer for no reason at all, acted like she was apart of the covid swat team. In no way at all did her handling help reduce any covid transmission we felt as though she was just on some sort of weird power trip.

I own a business and I would be embarrassed to have this woman working for me.
I shop here often and never had an issue before.

Desired outcome: None

Food Basics - Misleading ads

Your current online flyer on page 1 shows fresh n.Z. Lamb leg for $3.99 per lb. I was unable to find it at 900 albion store may07/2021 and asked a lady clerk. She said that store does not carry it...

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Food Basics - Customer service, return policy

On April 13, I purchased two Sunrise Mature Chickens. I roasted one of them on April 23 and attempted to eat it but there was little bit of meat on it and there was also feathers still on the...

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Food Basics - Custumer service

Today, on or about 14:45 pm
My wife was witness to a interaction between your Security guard and a women. Security guard was very aggressive and verbally threatening towards this person and my wife . She asked him to offer a explanation on his very aggressive behaviour and she was met with the same attitude and was called a little women and he would destroy her phone . A sexually demeaning slander . So she started to record the Sec.Guards swearing and all round dismissive behaviour. You need to speak with this person and get back to us in a timely manor . We are giving you and opportunity to put this to rest . If we don't here back from you we will elevate this to your head office and post on Social media and let people know how much you care about their shopping and safety experience .

Waiting in expectation to a response
L. Propedo Esq.

Desired outcome: Follow up to my email . [email protected]

Always immediately report rogue security guards to the top levels they are accountable to - first to the manager in charge at the time of the incident to file a report, and then immediately the next business day morning, also contact the Head Office. You can also get their Ontario govt. permit security license number from them directly or their superiors/ workplace managers to make official complaints with no mistaken identity involved. Rogue security guards are a menace to the public - they should not be working in public relations settings .


Your wife needs to mind her own business.

You are probably the rogue security guard it seems - you need better training, or find a different line of work not related to public interaction.

Food Basics - Hunt' tomato sauce

Last night I went shopping at your store and bought 4 cans of Hunt;s tomato sauce which was on sale, 4 cans for $5 but I was charged for 8 cans for $10. Also, I was disappointed because I wantd to buy Shrimp, Spinacvh and Haddock that were all advertised on sale but there were none on stock and I could not get a raincheck. At the very least I should be creditted back $5 for the tomato sauce. Not sure what info you need but here is the invoice number: [protected].

My name is Mike Chartrand and my email address is [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund

Food Basics - Oranges sale advertising price 68cper lb or$1.50per kil flyer 24feb/2021

I would bring to your notice your oranges are on sale as above, this store had the price marked at 88c per lb./1.94 kil. I told the clerk that price is incorrect. She said that is the price, I paid for it (88c/$1.94kil) but I am not happy, this is been dishonest to your clients, my bill (invoice) [protected] — total $5.19 I wanted to purchase more, I was very, very disappointed (dated 23 Feb. 2021 time 1.31 pm, I am thinking of complaining to the Better Business Bureau for false advertising.
Stay safe
I am shopping with company over 30 years, that include the other branches

Desired outcome: i need to be refunded for the difference

Feb 10, 2021

Food Basics - Cashier's racist behaviour

Date: February 1, 2021 Time: 11:30 a.m. Incident: 1. I tried to check out at cashier #3 when there was nobody in line. The cashier there told me rather rudely that I had to go to another cashier. I...

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Dec 02, 2020

Food Basics - Money transaction

I spend over 5000.00 $ Five Thousand Dollars a year at the Food Basics store in Orleans. Today I was short changed $ 2.10 at the cash. This never happens, and I tried to fix the issue, by driving...

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Food Basics - Covid-19 safety

On the morning of Friday November 20th I witnessed a cashier at customer service sniffling and coughing while serving me, she appeared to be sick but yet she was still working. I felt as though my...

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Nov 08, 2020

Food Basics - The whole store

I am really disappointed in Food Basics and how they are NOT handling the proper procedures during this pandemic, I remember back in April someone was walking around cleaning everything, sometime...

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Aug 04, 2020

Food Basics - Non compliance to staff wearing masks

The Port Colborne Food Basic has staff stalking shelves with their masks not on their face properly. Saw two while shopping with the mask covering the mouth but had the nose exposed. Also saw a staff...

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Jun 12, 2020

Food Basics - Changing discount price by cashier

Hi, I got bbq seasoned chicken which was labeled %40 discount to night at store # 100673. When went to cashier to pay. Cashier mona said no it's %30 discount. I said all are labeled %40 and talked...

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Food Basics - senseless mofos

the store at 2200 Jane Wilson is despicable. they always charge u more for items then refuse to give it free for their mistake. Its the rules!!! they even curse and shame u, when u display the...

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Feb 19, 2020

Food Basics - customer service

I went into the food basics on Silvercreek to get a 10 lb bag of onions that were advertised for 1.88 on the app. When I went to pay for it the cashier said that would be $4 and change. I said they...

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