FlyDubaiunfair treatment by your employees

M Jun 10, 2018 Review updated:

Firstly thanks a million for your very comfortable flights your services, your well trained captains and your professional staff.
In the second place I want to tell my story :My family and I with an old women (5 passengers) came early at 6 o'clock to go with the airlines on 10 o'clock in the morning in Jordan Airport on Sunday 10th of June (flight FZ148 transit to dubai-then to khartoum), we sit abit away from the gates but when we come to the gate 20 minutes before plan taking off one of the three standing employee (the boarding employees) said to us that the plan is going to fly now and there is no way to go by it now! she said we call you by microphones as ( Mohamed-my family- and jood-the old woman family -familys) but I want you to know that the plan was still opened and (last call) was still written in the screens!, note that Mohamed is the fourth name of my family and also Mohamed is most common name in the world which could fit most people in the airport, sadly the old woman can't read and write she didn't know much, your employees was very tough and rude and this is not fit your respectful professional company again I would say the plane wasn't take off yet( larg glass windows in Jordan airport), we talked to them and apologized for half an hour they completely refused to let us go to it till we saw the plan at 1o:10 flying!, it was really hard for my family.
Thirdly I would take this chance to thank you for your excellent flights and I would appreciate that you will solve our problem.

Thank you very much

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