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On 31 January 2016, my partner and I were stuck at Muscat International airport for almost 9 hours when fly dubai flights were delayed due to 'bad weather.' Although we were quite reasonable about the delay. It got to a point where we just could't be patient about it anymore. At first we were told that the delay was going to be for 2 hours, then 4, then 5 etc. And we were offered no food or drinks or proper updates while we were waiting. To make matters worse we had to watch Oman Air and Emirates catch up on all their flights before no flydubai flights had even left. We were flying to Dubai to go and see the new years eve fireworks and when, by 21:00 no flights had left yet, we were told by a flydubai official that it wasn't going to happen and that we could claim the flight and hotel that we had paid to go to for that night only. We sent our claim in and only got a response more than a month later and the hotel claim was denied because it was 'out of their control.' But when asked why the other airlines had managed to catch up their flights within a few hours, there was no response. But that the flight will be refunded within 4-5 weeks from now. 3 months after the incident!! So we have lost a lot of money for a hotel we didn't get to stay in and ended up waiting for 9 hours at an airport for a flight that takes 1 hour. With no real explanation for why they were the only airline to have such huge delays and no sense of urgency, compassion or decent customer service coming from them. So why should we ever bother flying such a bad airline again?? Lindy Havenga Ref: #[protected]


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    Erika Rosas Mar 20, 2017

    My flight from Kathmandu to Dubai was delayed for 6 hours (first 4 hours, then 2 hours, ...) on March 12th due to the "bad weather condition". The weather was perfectly fine, and as you stated, all the other companies had apparently no problem whatsoever landing or taking off from the same airport... A word you wrote really echoed as far as my own customer experience with Fly Dubai is concerned: "compassion". It is indeed something that is cruelly missing from part of the staff of this company (their Phone Call Center ranging as my worst nightmarish customer service ever).

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