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N Aug 12, 2018

I upgraded my return flight from Beirut to Dubai for August 11 2018, flight number FZ158, which costed me $350 US Dollars additional to the fare I previously paid.
I did this upgrade to enjoy the comfort of Business Class, and make use of your offerings for this class.
It turned out that the In-flight Entertainment System was down, which I was counting to benefit from, until the 4 hours flight reaches its destination.
More important, when the plane reached Dubai, there was no Business Class Shuttle waiting to transfer the Business Class Passengers to the Terminal. On the contrary, there was the normal passenger shuttle, not specified to to transfer the Business Class Passengers only, but waited until it was over filled with the Economy Class Passengers, to transfer us all to the Terminal.
As a regular customer, I never thought that the above could happen, especially with a reputable airlines like yours.
Honestly, I feel the money I paid were surely not worth the journey and the expected experience.

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