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Your employees are extremely racist! Which most people know, but when your employees post how racist they are on social media its a whole other level!!!

Photos attached below.

Employee's name is Michael Ochoa. He is a racist and should not be allowed to post such hate on social media. He is representing a very prominent corporation and must be disciplined for such disgusting behavior. If he is not, I will report this to every news outlet in FLORIDA!!!

It's disgraceful and shameful that FPL employee's behave in such a manner.

Florida Power & Light [FPL]
Florida Power & Light [FPL]

Jun 17, 2019
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  •   Jun 17, 2019

    Grow up. His comment was in poor taste, but what you just did was try and get him terminated from his job. That could have severe legal ramifications. Free speech, however disgusting, is free speech.

    Which, coincidentally, is why I am also free to inform you that you are a petty [censored].

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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