FlixBus / FlixMobilitylack of announcement in the station - bus left from another gate

I had a really serious problem yesterday with my bus from London to Amsterdam. I had 2 bookings: #[protected] e #[protected], the 19th July, 21:30, from Victoria Station to Amsterdam.

I and my travel partner arrived at the station around 45 minuts before the scheduled time and headed to gate 20, as it was informed in the Station board. We thought that the bus was late, because it was 5 past 21:30 and the bus didn't arrive at the gate. It was when I learned that the bus had already left!! Five other people were in the same situation: we didn't see the bus at the right gate and didn't hear any announcement about it. Then I and the other people that were left behind looked for someone from FlixBus to have support or any help, but the guy at Victoria Station was extremely rude and didn't care about the situation at all. I and the other 6 people left behind at the station were paying atention and waiting for the bus, and yet we didn't hear or saw anything. IT MEANS THAT THE ANNOUNCEMENT WAS POORLY EXECUTED, NOT EFFECTIVE AT ALL, SINCE 7 PEOPLE MISSED IT.

I would like to have the refund for the tickets, since the whole situation was very stressful and I had to find at once a place to sleep in London. It was late and all the other buses to Amsterdam were full booked.

I really hope that you at FlixBus take this complaint seriously and refund the tickets. It was a terrible experience and I don't want ever to pass through it again, specially the harshness and lack of interest of the FlixBus guy at the station.

Jul 20, 2019

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