FlixBus / FlixMobilityflixbus customer service and senior directors placing mr frasers life in danger frankfurt airport

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date October 3rd 5am to 9am frankfurt airport
my treatment in Germany has been horrifying to the point i wonder what colour dot i have above my door. daily continuous assaults on transport systems across Germany trying to provoke terror when it is dbahn sbahn ubahn blah blah car and now flixbus.
since the racist sexist bigot fascist treatment i receive on dbahn and associated companies is completely militant flixbus and trains were the only option. so terrorized across nwr i took a break near sttuttgart.
the original trip was to munich then Stuttgart leaving from Bonn UN campus 10 am Wednesday October. because an it specialist in Dusseldorf made a mess of my laptop i had to cancel both trips, book Bonn UN campus to Stuttgart north kornwestern via Frankfurt airport. nervous about going through Frankfurt airport because dbahn staff called German military which broke my ribs polizei station stealing my laptop with evidence of polizei brutality and sap sky corruption. threatening to kill me i ended up in ulm hospital broken ribs and dragged out a hospital bed by another two ulm polizei stating get out my country. same in koln, Dusseldorf, Bonn, gottenheim. pick a city.
i was speaking to an indian gentleman at the un campus who kept asking why are the polizei driving passed here all the time at 4am stalking us.
i travelled from bonn un campus to frankfurt airport where zoll polizei started stalking me. i did not receive the text from flixbus stating there was a change in buses until october 5th. a chinese guy tried to help but the flixbus customer service was condescending to both of us. no germans would help just stood there laughing. an indian couple saw the horrendous situation i was in with directors at flixbus refusing to place me on another bus even though it was their mistake. first zou get a refund, then a new bus then directors blocked all refunds leaving me straded and in need of medication. as the Indian couple walked me through the frankfurt airport we were followed by what looked like secret polizei with earpieces. terrifying. considering the dbahn have called polizei for no reason in Essen Bonn Koln Dusseldorf Frankfurt airport and beat me this was were very dangerous due to the daily racism in Germany. considering the terror attacks in brussels and the terror like behavior of polizei i felt my life was in danger and flixbus just mocked me.
it appears the german government is colluding with transport systems to terrorize me. i want a full refund and compensation.

Oct 05, 2019

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