FlixBus / FlixMobilitybus stops and bus uncleanliness

Good Morning,

I booked multiple trips with Flix Bus between 24th August 2019 to 4th September 2019 and faced the following problems:

1. (Booking number [protected] and [protected]) On 27th August 2019, I travelled from Prague to Vienna with my family. The bus was 1.5 hours late and the bus smelled VERY BAD because the on-board toilet had not been cleaned. I had to tolerate the bad smell for 6 hours. Also, the driver did not stop at any of the rest stops and drove continuously for 5 hours before finally taking a 15 minutes break. This was a horrible journey because the bus was late, I could not use the smelly toilet, I could not breathe properly because of the VERY STRONG BAD SMELL that was also making our child sick, I had to sit continuously in the smelly bus for 5 HOURS! I need a refund on this trip, because it was a health hazard for me and my family, especially for the child.

2. (Booking number [protected]) On 31st August 2019, I had a trip from Salzburg to Berlin, my ticket stated the location of the bus station as Hellbrunner Landstrasse. But the bus was not there. It was at another station, that was not mentioned in my ticket.
I missed my bus. At this other Flixbus stop, there was no Flixbus staff to help and guide the passengers. The bus schedule board was broken, and the passengers could not see the bus numbers or the time of the buses. My bus departure time was at 10 A.M., but the schedule showed no bus departed from that station at 10 A.M.Since I missed my bus, I had to wait 2 hours at the bus stop for the next bus. There were no seats for passengers to wait at this bus stop and the stop is located in a jungle. I had to buy another ticket from the driver of the next bus to be able to reach from Salzburg to Munich, as this bus went only up to Munich.

Then, when I reached Munich, there were no buses going to Berlin for the next 7 HOURS! I had to wait 7 HOURS for the next bus to Berlin. I had an exam the next day and this tiring journey was extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient for me. Since the address was wrong on my ticket, I missed my bus, so I need a refund on my ticket from Salzburg to Berlin.

3. On 4th September 2019, I booked a flix bus from Zurich to Berlin, the bus was one hour late, and I received no updates. Again, the bus stop at Zurich was terrible with no Flix bus staff to guide the passengers. When I approached a Flix bus driver to ask him if his bus was going to Berlin, he was EXTREMELY RUDE to me for no reason. Why does Flix bus employ unprofessional and manner less drivers? Although, I met other Flix bus drivers who were very helpful and polite, this driver was very rude!

4. From Zurich to Berlin, my ticket said that this journey has no seat reservations, however, when I sat down, passengers approached me saying this was their RESERVED SEAT! They even showed me their tickets which showed that indeed, they had reserved that seat. I moved to another seat. But this is UNACCEPTABLE! How can my ticket show that from Zurich to Berlin, there is free seating and no seats are reserved, yet passengers have reserved seats and because of that I had to move to other seat. This is humiliating and degrading to any passenger.

I am now asking for a refund on my tickets for trip 1 and trip 2. Kindly oblige.

Thank You.

Oct 01, 2019

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