FlixBus / FlixMobilityarrival delay due to driver's prolonged stops to smoke/flirt with petrol station staff's/ talk with the other drivers

On night bus trip from Wien/Budapest to Sofia/Plovdiv bus N982 01-Oct-2019(my booking # [protected]), the third driver who we picked up in Serbia was especially inconsidered to passangers. Unfortuantely, I do not have his name. He was not only smoking in the bus!!! but also commenting with the other drivers how they didn't care when we arrived at our destination because the later we arrive, the sooner their shift is going to end. The third driver made prolonged stops chatting with the other driver or on thep phone; flirted with passangers (made a random stop so some passangers can get off earlier in Sofia although this stop was not official) or buying coffee for girls at the petrol station. The total delay was around 2 hours and he never showed consideration for the passangers who as clients trusted Flixbus to arrive as close to the predicted time as possible. We all have work and tasks to attend to and everyone's time is precious even more so that we paid for a service we trusted in.
Also judging by a conversation he had on his phone, you might want to check if he really is filling the gas/petrol tank as much as the receipts he provides show.

I don't expect to receive a compensation but I would like to receive a feedback of whether such behavior will be sanctioned and how.

Oct 02, 2019

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