FlixBus / FlixMobilitytransportation and subsequent injury on a flixbus route

D Oct 08, 2019

REF: #[protected]

I am writing to you in regards of a journey that was booked for Route 108 (Frankfurt to Zurich) with our destination being Strasbourg on September 27 2019 I have the following points of complaint that I will draw to your attention:

The Bus, despite leaving on-time, was over 40 minutes late arriving into my destination (Strasbourg), the organisation of the departing passengers was non-existent, I had to crawl under the Bus into the storage area to grab my own luggage, I injured myself in the process cutting my arm as well as tearing a muscle in my shoulder, which is in contravention of numerous health and safety laws as FlixBus Staff Members completely disappeared and were unwilling to help.

As I mentioned the lateness of the Arrival to Strasbourg, this caused me to miss my Train, at a cost of over 300 Euros, I have now had to book a Hotel in Strasbourg for 3 nights as well as buy a new train ticket, for which I can only Book from this coming Monday, September 30th 2019 due to the now rescheduling of my meetings

The WiFi on the bus was non-existent, I therefore was unable to read even emails, or to send forward emails to inform my colleagues of the delay caused by FlixBus, and as the Driver spoke only French, I was unable to put forth the Connectivity problems.

As this journey for myself and My Wife has cost us both Exponentially in both Financial and the stress of an unplanned stay in Strasbourg, I would want financial compensation for the excessive loss to us both, a sum of 1000 euros as a cost cover for those aforementioned losses.

I have tried numerous times to phone and to Email the company, but to no avail.

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