FlixBusdelay of flixbus, irresponsible

R Oct 15, 2019

I had a bus from poitiers to paris today 11/10/2019, at 12:10 bus connection 723 from poitiers to paris bercy that was supposed to arrive 16:20, but the bus encountered a problem near paris and instead of preparing us another bus, he tried to repare it himself and all the process lasted for more than 2 hours and because it was in the middle of the boulevard even though I begged the police to let me get out to reach my flight, he didnt and I couldn't reach at the airport in time and I lost my flight, I live in vienna and I lost all my plans and I have to stay tonight in paris while I had nothing to do and go here . Even i asked the driver to get a taxi for me but he refused. I couln't even find uber.
My flight was laudamotion from paris beauvais to vie vienna at 21:05
Flight number OE1325

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