FlightNetwork.comonline air ticket booking web

K Oct 04, 2019

The website layout is designed to scam users.

The screen before the payment confirmation does not display the correct amount about to be deducted from my card: They use ridiculous tricks to get you to buy travel insurance, seat selection, and a bunch of other add-ons without any transparency on how much they add to your ticket. Example: Trip cancellation insurance was display as $3.98 and ended up adding $92.88 instead to the booking conformation invoice, the invoice and booking web clearly printed price quote base on Canadian $, but higher charged to credit card
and claim the higher price due to exchange charge by my bank, my bank told me the translation was done in Canadian $ fx rate and fee did not applied to my transaction by my credit card, but the higher amount I see on my credit card statment was what flightnetwork charged me in Canadian $ instead .
The trick they use on this part, for Canadian customer they say your the invoice price base on US$, for USA customers they say your invoice price is base on Canadian, therefore, exchange rate and fee apply to all, this extra exchange fee are not display on the quote, I am in canada the price list quote in CA$, I never expect it be a US$ base price, after given them my credit card information was like given them a blank cheque /check to let them fill in any amount they want.

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