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Plus Complaints & Reviews / Ticket Purchase on Lufthansa

Jul 18, 2019

In Dec 2018 we purchased tickets on Lufthansa from Orlando, FL to Marseilles, France going thru Frankfurt. The ticket confirmation and e-ticket clearly stated the fare class as ECONOMY. I checked the baggage allowance on their site and it clearly stated we were permitted 1 checked bag... / flight network online ticket book id 7868440

Jun 22, 2019

Cancellation of flight booking ID: 7868440 for travel on July 17, 2019 from Toronto Pearson to Chennai, India. The jet airways cancelled the flight and pursuant, I called Flight Network to get my refund. On April 24, they said they processed refund and it would take 6-8 weeks. Now it i... / I am complaining about the purchase of a recent flight that I made

Jun 19, 2019

This is what happened I make my purchase online for a flight that was supposed to cost me 916$, then my credit card got rejected, and I receive a mail telling me that it got rejected and I need to call them or send them an email, when I did, I give them a new credit card, after I did that... / payment inquiry for booking id 7199111

May 30, 2019

Since February 5, 2019 I have been attempting to resolve the above inquiry. I have been receiving emails from Mohammed Sadiq | Collections Agent T: 1.800.671.5032 Ext: 2590 | | A: 6695 Millcreek Drive, Unit #7, Mississauga, ON L5N 5M4. When I respond by email I get no replies. When I call... / extra charge to my total bill by flightnetwork

Feb 13, 2019

On or about Jan. 27/19 I booked six seats on Air Canada Rouge to and return from Montreal to Orlando, Fla. The flight to Orlando was booked for Oct. 19/19 with a return date of Oct. 27/19. The cost of each seat at that time was $354.15 per seat to a total of $2124.90. This amount wa...

[Resolved] / customer service

Jan 22, 2019

I spoke to your agent Brendan multiple times on Sunday 1/20/19 trying to book flights for a party of 8 leaving NY to LA on 2/13-2/19. He seemed eager and helpful and assured us he would take care of everything. We were concerned that we had 8 people we were traveling with, 2 of which were... / there is no customer care department though they advertise having one

Dec 19, 2018

One more thing. There is not such a thing as customer care at flight network, I called several times, it was always closed and there was never a manager available. The regular number 1 877 496 4815, always stated there was nobody available at customer care extension at the time I called! I... / ticket canceled

Oct 07, 2018

Hi, I have the following complaint About booking : 7424659 made trough your agency, flight from oslo-berlin-cluj napoca. This morning at 5:00 am at the oslo airport when I wanted to do my check in I couldn't, at the help desk at norwegian airline the lady told me that the ticket wa... / advertising (truth and accuracy of pricing advertised on their website)

Sep 24, 2018

Do not book with Flight Network, save yourself from being overcharged due to exchange currency fees (hidden fees). I purchased three RT tickets through their website on September 1, 2018, from Canada to the US. I made the booking at a price of CAD $2, 099.49 ($699.83/person). However, I wa... / customer service/seat reservation fees

Sep 19, 2018

Hi there, i'd like to complaint first about the $35 fees paid at time of reservation without sending the request to the airline (Air Canada never received that request and the agent at the airport showed that to us) and as such obviously this request cannot be honored. We should call that... / account help

Sep 12, 2018

I have been unable to access my account for over 2 months now. Arun at Flight Network has been unable to resolve the problem at all and will not forward this problem to anyone else who can help me despite numerous requests to do so over the past 9 weeks. it is absolutely the worst customer...

[Resolved] / saudia flight

Sep 01, 2018

Me and my husband were sold a flight on FlightNetwork that after purchasing we could not use. It was a flight we purchased 2 days ago from Manchester UK to Manila Philippines. The flights were due in January 2019. We had a layover in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. However the layover on the way...

[Resolved] / almost missed flight due to missing coupon code and did not get the seats I reserved

Aug 05, 2018

We have traveled with Flighthub for many years but our last trip was a disaster. We arrived 3 hours before departure and went to print our boarding passes. There was an error in the system and we were told to see one of the woman at the desk. We waited 30 minutes for her to contact the...

[Resolved] Flight Network / air flight reservation

Feb 27, 2018

The services provided by the flight network are terrible. I booked a round trip from winnipeg manitoba to vancouver bc canada and the charges on my credit card was different from the amount that I saw when I booked it online and the amount that I got in an email with the confirmation of...

Flight Network / flight

Oct 05, 2017

Do notttt book with flight network until you read this!!! I booked a trip for two with flight network from toronto to beirut. On the night of the return flight, we tried to go check-in online, only to find out that our names were not on the flight. The flight was with middle east airline... / fraud

Sep 21, 2017

They took my money and claim that they didn't. I can prove it with the receipt from my credit card. I booked a ticket, they charged me and then canceled my order with no reason. When I called them they said that my credit card was rejected but it was a lie, because I know it for sure. My...

[Resolved] Flight Network / incompetent travel agency

Jan 19, 2017

Very bad experience with Flight Network. The Electronic Ticket does not offer complete details. Apparently, I had a connecting flight to catch from an airport different from the airport stated on the e ticket. Hence, I was denied boarding as I did not apply for VISA for the transit city ... / unethical behaviour

Dec 15, 2016

On nove 20th, i booked tickets from flight for my parents - flights from delhi to calgary - two business class tickets. 1) 5899566376613 - mr kishore kumar holaram 2) 5899566376614 - mrs rakhi kishore kuamr motwani my dad's name was spelled wrong because of some letter... / not able to get flight cancelled and fully refunded even though I had no questions asked insurance purchased...

Nov 18, 2016

Presently I am extremely disappointed with the service that have obtained from you staff at Flight Network. I have purchased the above Confirmation and was happy with the initial attention given to me by the initial person who did the reservation. By the way as you see on the attached...

[Resolved] / flightnetwork service

Nov 16, 2016

I bought a ticket via FlightNetwork service two months ago, but due to some issues I need to cancel my flight. I contacted FlightNetwork support via phone and they said that I need to send a message and later they will look into it. I did as they said but did not get a reply. I called... / customer service fraud

Oct 29, 2016

First of all their customer service is ###, they put you on hold for more than 30 mins, they are very rude, they will just ask money convienent to them and they are money grabbers. If you want to reschedule your flight, just forget about it. Never book from here

[Resolved] Flight Network / fraudulent charges

Aug 12, 2016

Booked a flight with FlightNetwork two months in advice. When I paid they charged my card twice. I contacted customer service and asked them what was going on. They said that there was probably an error with their system. I asked for a refund and they said that they need some proofs that...

[Resolved] Flight Network / overcharged on flights booked online

Jul 01, 2016

I booked flights online with Flight Network from Seattle to Sydney with a stopover in LAX. The website quoted around $1350AUD, but when I was finally charged, I was charged over $1800. I confirmed with fight network (both online and by calling the number to alter or change flight booking...

[Resolved] Flight Network / horrible company and service!

May 10, 2016

I have purchased a flight ticket and my name was written with a mistake, so I called FlightNetwork and asked them to fix it. They asked me to call back later and when I did they did not pick up. Then I sent them a message and received no answer. Over a month I've been trying to reach...

Flight Network / misleading, appalling customer service team

Jan 20, 2016

Recently I used your service through "Skyscanner", you offered a seemingly complete fair for around $30 AUD cheaper than purchasing with the airline direct - please refer to "Booking Confirmation.pdf" and "Jetstar direct including baggage" screen shot. Let me first explain to you that I... / double booked and being charged twice! and rude customer service!

Jan 11, 2016

"Last week Wednesday 6 January 2016, my sister in law had made a booking and paid for it then the next day another sum of $755.55 had come out of my bank account. I called FlightNetwork, as well as Emirates and got bounced around and told different information as to how I would resolve... / terrible customer service, zero help

Dec 14, 2015

Terrible customer service. Our flight was rescheduled and when I called customer service to enquire about options, I can never get though to anyone who can provide answers. I called 3 times, each person told me that they have emailed the team responsible for rescheduling and that someone...

[Resolved] / reversal of wrong transaction.

Dec 09, 2015

On Dec 2nd I had booked a flight using my debit card through your site, and the transaction didn't go through since debit cards were not accepted. Hence, one of your customer care executive had called upon my mob regarding the same and was requesting for credit card details over the phone... / double booking a ticket without authorisation and taking money from our credit card!!

Dec 01, 2015

In October my partner and I purchased our tickets to Italy, one of those tickets was declined. I tried numerous times to contact them ( in Canada) by phone only to be left on hold for hours ( accumulative) and emailed with no response . I then purchased our second ticket through a... / customer service is pathetic

Nov 25, 2015

I will never use flight network again. Their random flight policies and ill-informed/rude customer service reps have made using this travel agency more hassle than it is worth. I booked a round trip ticket and am unable to make my return flight, so I called to see about changing the date... / customer service/billing

Oct 27, 2015

Flight Network and FLY FAR are the same company. I booked a flight in Thailand with them and when I went to review the flight booking Air Asia the confirmation did not show up. I attempted to call Fly Far, waited 1 hr and no one ever picked up their 24 hr number. I contacted through the...

Flight Network / incorrect name on my e ticket (pzjd8a for nov 27 2015)

Oct 23, 2015

I have been advised by flight network staff that the name on my e-ticket is incorrect and that the airline will not allow me to board the aircraft for my international journey to the usa, because the name on the ticket does not precisely match the name on my passport. The e-ticket wa...

Flight Network / airline tickets confirmation#4642214

Oct 12, 2015

On september 20, 2015 I contacted flight network concerning my daughter age about flying by herself. I was prompted by to book a airline ticket of $1400.37.80, the ages was place on the website from 12 to17 can fly by themself. And than on september 25, 2015 I call back...

Flight Network / flight not booked

Aug 28, 2015

I tried to book a flight with Flight Network - and I entered my details wrong so they informed me it didn't go through, and that they would re-book it for me, but the price went up. So I told them to cancel the reservation and that I would re-book when the price went down. They said there...

Flight Network / flight cancellation

Jun 29, 2015

I made a reservation for flights for my honeymoon under my husband's credit card. As I have not changed my name, this registered as a third party transaction on his card. I sent over all the documents necessary for the credit card authorisation and followed up with two emails to thi...

Flight Network / deleted my flight

Mar 11, 2015

I just missed my flight to yellowknife this morning because westjet claimed I had no ticket - despite confirmation from flight network. I was on hold with flight network for 30 mins and they then told me to buy my own ticket. Westjet was appalled as they say flight netowrk already...

Flight Network / credit card charged twice

Mar 02, 2015

Tuan tuan 28 february at 06:35 & middot; nantun, taiwan & middot;. I do get to travel a lot and see many different countries in the world. To get to them we have to fly. To fly we have to book tickets. Now when it comes to booking tickets I know a thing or two about ticket agencies like expedia... / credit cards fraud

Jan 11, 2015

I used my credit card booking flight at flightnetwork web site. Then after, a couple of unlawful and malicious transactions happened in india appeared on my account. I almost do not use this card (1 or 2 times yearly) before. I have the details to proof which are not convenient to post on internet. Just wanna say: caution! fraud!! / they added fake charges and tried to threaten me

Oct 28, 2014

I booked flight through the company I was really upset that the company decided to fool me. They took money for the tickets and for the return flight as well, but after that they added some fake fees to my bill. They provided this bill and asked to pay for it within... / scam

Oct 22, 2014

Booked a flight to victoria for the weekend and arrived at the airport expecting my flight back monday afternoon only to find out it was booked a month out. Air canada asks me to call flight network and they say its my mistake (of course) and offer to change the flight at a cost more than...