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I purchased flights from Halifax NS to Tokyo Japan for March 7th to March 16th 2019. When purchasing my flights, I was instructed to select seats for the flights. My husband and I sat down together and mulled over which seats were best and confidently chose all of our seats for the 4 flights we would be the days before the trip, we attempted to check and review our seats. Unable to do so with our Flighthub account, we contacted Flighthub directly by this call, we were told seats were reserved and we would have to contact the actual airline to find out the seats. We contacted United Airlines (who we are flying with) and they told us we had not selected seats. After all of the time we spent selecting the best seats on Flighthub, it turned out they weren't selected and we lost out on those seats. We had to select new seats with United Airlines, and ones which we did not necessarily want due to availability. I am disappointed and rather angry as I paid $39.50 for seat selection and did not actually select seats, and also have to spend a 14 hour flight in a seat I didn't want! Horrible service on Flighthubs behalf. I expect to be compensated in some manner.

Mar 3, 2019

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