FlightHubmisleading message and refund policy

S Aug 17, 2018

I card details were not accepted when i tried online and hence i called customer service on Aug 17th to have my booking changed to different dates. Althrough the call i was not told it will be charged in USD although i told the customer care guy that im calling from Canada. On the top right side of my page it said CAD(EN) and the person talking to me said that doesnt matter at all.I read a NOTE online that read "Please note: This charge is quoted in approximate CAD but will be charged in USD, using today's exchange rate of 1 US = 1.305995 CAD. Actual exchange rate applied by your bank may vary and bank fees may apply."
The phrase "This charge is quoted in approximate CAD" is so misleading and led me to believe im being charged in CAD. Once the confirmation was done, i saw in my email i was charged in USD and i realized their tricky words and i requested my booking to be cancelled. I was bluntly refused stating this is non-refundable and there will be extra penalty. Flighhub is robbing its customers.

misleading message and refund policy

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