Flight Hubticket booking

C Sep 07, 2018

Wed 04 Jul, 2018
Reference Number: [protected]
Booking Status: Future Credit Available

I booked ticket using Flight hub and for some personal reason had to reschedule it, they charged me $250 for rescheduling and mentioned that the original $824.18 will be used as flight credit which I can use at a later date. Now I have decided to travel using this travel credit and the current fare is $620 in flight hub website, however when I decided to use my travel credit and book the flight the price listing is changed to is $1679 and I have to pay $855 odd for the flight. (That is $824 credit available Plus extra $855, that too on a long layover )
This is ridiculous and when I called customer care they are of no help. I have used other competitors and never faced such kind of issues, first time I using Flight hub and this is one of the most disgusting service, its open cheating where they try to rip your hard earned money. Why will someone pay $850 extra when I have a travel credit of $824 and he price of the ticket is $600.

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