Fisher & Paykel Appliancesdouble drawer dishwasher

J Jul 12, 2019

Initially didn't notice the issue with both the top and bottom drawers skipping automatically to the next wash selection. I thought I was touching it by accident. After paying more attention, I noticed the wash selection it would continue to change by itself. It also locked the drawer by itself. It would also change wash selections during the middle of the wash, thus leaving some cycles in complete.
Service tech called and after 3 visits and ALL boards replaced, still not fixed. Now the washer skips settings and no longer chimes. Terrible customer service, service communication and status updates. Service rep will not provide supervisors contact info nor will they have the supervisors call me personally but continue to tell me they are just the "middle men." The problem is now I am actually the middle man between the service repair provider team and their awful customer service line. Never, ever again Fisher & Paykel.
Do not buy!

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