First National Bankfraud in won lottery amount payment


This bank have cheated me on 11 June 2009, saying that I have won an amount of 1 million US $ on a lottery conducted for the FIFA World Cup promotion. Then they had given me a false tranfer slip for the payment of the amount and when finally got back to them asking them to give the right transfer slip and the amount as soon as possible, then they forwarded me a South Africa Revenue Service( SARS) order saying that I have to submitt an amount of 37, 500 rupees (750 US$) with the revenue department as tax to get my real amount.

If I have really won this lottery, please help to to get my won amount.Being a student I request the panel to please help me to get my won amount after the tax being deducted from my won amount as I dont earn to pay them taxes...or otherwise if I don't get my full won lottery amount under 7 days then I'm surely take all type of legal action against you without any hesitation!!!


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    WebTV4U Jun 29, 2009

    The $750 is what this scam is really about, and how much BS they can get you to believe to get you to pay out the $750. I get 3 DOZEN of these scam emails every day from a dozen different countries. Scamming has become the biggest money maker on the web, and people like you make them rich.

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    VegasDealer Jul 03, 2009

    1. This is a SCAM
    2. You didn't win ANYTHING
    3. This bank is, like you, an innocent party
    4. There is no legal action to take

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  • Inquiries about the validity of data

    Ashraf Sayed,

    I have received the approval from the Finance Department to enable transfer of your cash prize to your bank account as soon as the transfer pin code is released to us. Pin code fee of U$891 is to be paid to the cash office of the Finance Dept before the release of the pin code to the foreign remittance office for the wire.

    I have notified your claim agent and he directed that you can send the pin code fee of U$891 to him through moneygram transfer with the name of his Staff Assistant as below:

    Name: James .U. Mack
    Address: Johannesburg, South Africa

    Once you send the money, he will help you make the payment at the finance department and we can receive the transfer pin code to wire your cash prize to your bank account immediately.

    If you make the payment, send the reference number to the claim agent and also send to me as proof.


    Mr. Owen

    Winning Reference Number is: LL1/240142: Batch



    WINNING NUMBERS: 80, 35, 11, 72, 90, 41 (01 )

    the following information below:




    AGE: 37Year

    OCCUPATION: Accountant

    CONTACT NUMBERS: 0096597692418 Kuwait 0096522474471

    Please contact us at this Email address and telephone Number is 0096597692418 Kuwait

    Work telephone
    Number: 0096522474471 / 0096522474472

    [email protected]

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    bety langham Jul 10, 2009

    I told the FNB that I did not have any money to pay any form of charges, taxes, or any thing like it. But they kept pushing and the amount was not totally undoable, by my not paying my bills this month. AFTER ALL, All I had to do was send this small fee and I would be rich within 24 hours. The promise of becoming debt fee has a powerful effect on someone that has always had to struggle just to make ends meet. I have learned a very expensive lesson. And now I am having to pay the price of being so far in debt, I will be the day I die.

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  • Ra
    Rana Javaid Iqbal Nov 29, 2009

    To: The General Manager Foreign Operation
    Rennies Bank of South Africa, a Division of Bidvest Bank
    Johannesburg, South Africa

    Dear General Manager.


    Sub: Application As Next-of-Kin Drawing from the Account of Late Mr.Morris
    Braddock With your Bank Valued at US $ 14, 500, 000.00

    It ti inform that I Mr. Rana Javaid Iqbal of 247-A Samanabad Faisalabad Punjab
    Pakistan, I am the bonafied next- of kin to Mr.Morris Braddock on of your
    profound clients.My late business partner who had a permanent residenace
    permit in your country South Africa since 1992 who died through fatal road
    accident in April 2005.

    Following the deposit/lodgment holding in the domiciliary account of your
    late customer, my late business partner, with account and bill numbers:
    0401925100 and Anglo-Gold/2001/07/YC/211 respectively.

    As a business associate, I have realized the mwntioned account number
    according to the deed of his will already interpreted for and in my favour and
    as at the date of my letter dated 21th February 2008, I have not received any
    payment OR information from your bank yet as the next-of-kin to the deceased
    Mr.Morris Braddock.

    I trust that you will understand that under this circumstance, you will begin
    the processing of investigation for the transfer of USD $ 14, 500, 000.00 to the
    bank account as I have fullfilled all the bank requirements.

    Kindly note the information below and check your records accordingly in my
    favour and issue transfer order for transferring the fund in my given bank
    account number already held with your bank.

    Bio Data:
    First Name: Morris
    Surname: Braddock
    Date of Birth: April 5th 1955
    Age: 50 Years
    Country of Birth: United States
    Cause of Death: Accident

    Account Details.
    Date of deposit: February 20th 2005
    Type of deposit: Domiciliary Account (USD)
    Account Number:0401925100
    Deposit Code: XXCSZ
    Account Balance:$ 14, 500, 000.00
    Name of Company:M-Braddock (SA)Inc
    Company Activity:Contracting/Consultant.
    Source of fund:Contract Executed under Anglo-Gold (SA) Pty
    Contract Number:Anglo-Gold/2005/07/YC/211

    I am ready to present myself for the claim as soon as your reply received by
    me.Please look into my as personal affection and intrest, infom me urgently
    for the progress of my inheritant payment.Thanks.

    Yours Sincerly.

    Rana Javaid Iqbal


    E-mail: [email protected]

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