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D Jul 20, 2018 Review updated:

Dear Team

I requested 9 days ago for something small like "who is taking money out of my account" see the attached. This is something simple and I cannot get an answer from anyone that I am in contact with at FNB. As a private client, paying you so much a month, I find this appalling. I have sent repeated requests, leaving sufficient time in between for responses, however non have come my way.

This is ludicrous, it has come to the point where I have threatened to change banks but this has fallen upon deaf ears. Does anyone work at FNB ? Am I just wasting my own time pursuing this.

What is the point of sending me the below SMS, when I request further info re the SMS, I don't receive any ?

FNB :-) We have noticed that a new debit order(s) was paid from account ending...4780 on [protected]: R135 Ref. Insgaprem ; If you are unaware of this debit order(s), you can now stop & reverse Debit Orders of R200 or less via Online Banking instead of at branch. Login, select My Bank Accounts, select the cheque account from which the Debit Order has been paid, select My Debit Orders. Ts&Cs apply. FNB a div of FRB Ltd


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      Aug 02, 2018

    Hi, I have the exact same issue with the following SMS every month:
    FNB :-) Paid from a/c.., 02 Aug: R230 Ref.Insgaprem M6057795
    I have no idea what this is or who is taking my money every month. If you figure out what this ‘Insgaprem’ payment is, please share!

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  • M
      Jan 03, 2019

    @Derik Cloete Me too - they ask you to cancel with the company - which company? as I have not sign up with them. Strange because how did they get my banking details

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  • G
      Aug 02, 2018

    It looks like it is from Discovery Medical aid for their gap cover

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  • M
      Aug 02, 2018

    regarding debit order with description "INSGAPREM" - does look like it's Discovery Gap Cover. Up until last month, medical aid plus gap cover came off on a single charge - "DISC PREM". This month, the charges were separated into 2 debit orders - "DISC PREM" and "INSGAPREM".

    The sum of the "DISC PREM" and "INSGAPREM" debit orders this month equals the "DISC PREM" debit order from last month.

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  • A
      Aug 06, 2018

    @Manoj Chavda Thanks, this was very useful

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  • FNB youSUCK you are the worst bank ever, stop wasting clients money and start training your mostly incompetent staff SHOCKING to say the least...

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