First Bank of Delaware/ Continental Financeharassment


That phone number is for process servers out of California who claim that I owe this stupid credit card over $1600. If I did have this card, which I cannot recall that I ever did for sure, my limit would not have been that amount due to my poor credit. This "finance" company that the bill has been referred to is also threatening to serve me with papers to sue me! I have no idea what is going on. ###. They don't even talk to me like I'm human.


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      Sep 18, 2011

    If they haven't served you with the papers yet, write a letter asking them to validate the debt. It will buy you some time at the very least if you can get it to them in time. Look up "Debt Validation" in google

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      Sep 19, 2011

    well i got the same call, my friends told me it might be a scam. Now Im being garnished and on top of that, I already had a garnishment. My call was about some HSBC card I didnt even remember I really remember it !!! sux

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