First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB]unethical behavior

Dear Team,

My Flexi Loan [protected], I am getting call from Mr. Rashid from the attached number an the way he talks is very cheap and he cannot continuously call me like this from different mobile number, yes I agree due to financial issues there is delay in payments same time you can check my past payment history am not denying that I can not make payment its for time being there is issue for me.

If he is going to call me further I will stop all my transaction with FAB and we can move legally.

I went for a surgery and joined office on Sunday little bit stuck financially due to my wife lost her job in the month of FEB.

I need to talk to some disciplined person who can give me better solution to handle the current situation, past 1 and half year am paying only my interest month on month for credit card also.


First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB]
First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB]
First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB]

Sep 29, 2019

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