First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB]credit card charges

I have a credit card with an amount of 42, 000 AED which has been issued in 2009. The details of the card is FAB Master card and last 4 digits are 6019 Gold card under name Tatyan Monakhova. Between 2009 ill 2016 I have been sed the card actively mad on time, i have been a loyal customer to the bank. Lately, approximately in 2016 They have upgrated myself to a gold card as i was a good customer to the FAB Bank. Hence, i have token a cash amount from the card and one of the customer are representatives have told me that i will receive a message for the payment and have to follow the given amount in the message. As, the all center agents from FAB were confusing / misleading the information about the payment i was following and paying the amount as per the received message/statment from FAB. To clarify that i am paying the right amount i have been in touch with a customer care and asked the calculate and explain for me the installment plan for the sed amount. As per their consultation, i was continuosly paying the amount as per statment. Recently, I have got a message from FAB about an outstanding amount and was shocked as the main amount never has been changed and opposite it was increasing. Please check my complaint and advise.
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please get in touch asap.


Tatyana Monakhova

Sep 07, 2019

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