First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB]credit card

I'm writing this with so many disappointed service from FAB bank services
1. Credit card sales person will show you the fairy world and tell you what you can get etc etc etc and never explain what you have to do for get all that facilities basically hiding the real fact and show the good side of card. In one word cheating.
2. Call center is a joke they seem that I owe them money or I'm working to them . Very bossy and arrogant. Need to learn how to speak customer when he/she frustrations situation.
3. Dibba branch fujairah waited to complain about the credit card issue had after 30 minutes customer service assist me with saying hahahhaah this all sales people do for you anyway I can't do anything from here you need to call and ask to talk to collection department to sort out your issue . When I ask can't you help then front of her call center calling wanted 12.54 minutes and seconds no one assist . The customer service agent in the branch look at me and saying I will send email (so why did you waste my and your time if you could do this 12 minutes ago ) till today for that email no answer from any response person sad 😞.
4. Call center calling getting number of collection department for complaint [protected] and [protected] none was answered all day today
Wish that anyone see this and contact me from bank will wait for that long time seance June 21 2019

Jul 10, 2019

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