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bad service

I went to the following Firestone location: Firestone Complete Auto Care 17912 Ventura Blvd Encino, CA [protected] I spent $170 on changing my front brakes, and was supposed to get "organic" brake pads, which are the best kind. I went back 3 times because the brakes kept making a noise when I braked. After the 3rd time I went there, they fixed it and the noise went away. 8 months later, the brake pads started to make a grinding noise . I went to Brake Masters (to get a second opinion), and they told me the anti-shem part of the pads fell off (I have this in writing from Brake Masters) and were grinding on the brake pad. They instructed me to go back to the original person who put on the pads (Firestone), and have them replace it, as it should be under warranty. I went back to Firestone, and the first customer service rep (Amir) told me they would replace my pads at no cost, and would put on the "organic" pads instead, since I had a more inferior type of brake pad. At the time, I did not realize that 8 months ago I had paid for "organic" pads (this is written on my receipt from Firestone which I have), but that they had put on a cheaper form of the brake pads on my car, even though they charged me for a more expensive brake pad. So the gentleman asked me to leave my car there, that they would change the pad at no cost to me. I came back 5 hours later, only to be told by the service manager “Kevin” that there was nothing wrong with my brakes, and that only the anti-shem had fallen off and that this was not a big deal. He told me he would replace my brakes if I had any problems in the future, but he refused to give this to me in writing. So I basically left my car there for 5 hours, and they did nothing to my car. On the paperwork they gave me, they stated that they “put back the anti-shem”, but the service manger Kevin told me they took it off – so the paperwork they gave me conflicted with the information that they verbally told me. A week later as I reviewed my original receipt from October 2005, I realized that I paid for organic pads, and they did not put those pads on, but instead they put on a cheaper form of the pads. I feel cheated because they lied to me and that I feel like they are dishonest mechanics at this location. That day he was even trying to convince me that I needed 2 new back tires, when I had actually bought brand new ones a couple months ago. They are dishonest and try to make commission by recommending consumers to buy parts that they do not need.

  • 2h
    2hands4you Jul 22, 2009

    I went to a Firestone store at 36th Street & Thomas in Phoenix, AZ. I paid for a safety maintenance check and a tire rotation, I then drove about 45 miles and lost control of my vehicle on the highway, I was able to stop my vehicle, however I was facing traffic on I-17. Thank God we were not killed, myself and my 5 year old Son. My Driver's side rear tire and my Passenger's side front tire were coming off of my Explorer. Firestone sent a Tow Truck, which took 5.5 hours to get there. Then Firestone only replaced the Bolts and lug nuts that were missing and told me my vehicle was FIXED. It was not, it needed several hundred dollars of work to be done, then Firestone told me that everything that was broken, was like that and said that it was on their inspection sheet, What Liars, I have my copy of the safety inspection and the only thing it showed was that my rear shocks were showing some wear & as long as I did not overload my vehicle it could remain like that for years, Exact words from their ASE Certified Mechanic, Assistant Manager. Firestone has never taken any responsibility for this motor vehicle accident. they have gone out of their way to be rude and patronizing, and have actually stated that I should have checked my lug nuts after driving a few miles then my family would not have been put in danger and I would not have needed to have back surgery etc. The store that I went to Advertises that they are Car Care Specialists, They fired the Technician that worked on my vehicle and I heard that I was not the first car accident because of not tightening the lug nuts properly. I filed a complaint with the BBB and they fought it and said it was going to be litigated so the BBB had no jurisdiction. So Buyer Beware, double check everything that they do. They are dishonest and they truly DO NOT CARE. They have signs everywhere stating that their mechanics are certified and then they have technicians and Assistant Managers that have Not finished or even started their training, but they are still working on vehicles. You are putting the safety of your entire family in their hands.

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  • Ja
    JackSp Jul 22, 2009

    Shut up and buy a decent truck instead of that 25 year old POS you're driving your family around in.

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  • Ja
    JackSp Jul 22, 2009

    You're kind of a jerk if you DON'T check work when it's done on your car.

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  • 19
    1988 Jul 29, 2009

    that's very rude thing to say to someone who's life was put in danger because of negligence. This particular incident was an external thing which you could see but what if it was an internal work? How exactly would someone go about checking that. What you obviously are not understanding is that someone put their trust in a mechanic they paid to do a job correctly.

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bad service

I changed my four tires for my 2001 Honda Accord EX 4 cyllinder car from Firestone Tire Center at
3161 EL CAMINO REAL, Santa Clara, CA. [protected]. Tire specification for 2001 honda accord
ex is 195 65 R 15. I purchased four potenza G009 tires with that specification. On 2nd february when I
was inspecing tires I found out one of rear tire a wrong tire has been put with 195 60 R 15. If this is the kind
of service and reliabilty is expected from a firestone tire center, it's really a problem. There could have been accidents
with wrong tire specification. How can they put a wrong tire when having a wrong tire increases probablity of
having accidents??

  • 95
    95eclipsers Apr 12, 2013

    Well, while proper sizing is important, it's not very likely that one series down on a 195 is going to cause an accident. That's somewhat exagerrated. After all, it appears that the complainant went 10 months with no problem whatsoever. While it is sloppy, sometimes mistakes happen. Don't overreact. Just call the store and get it remedied.

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fraudulent practices

I explicitly asked Firestone to check the oil leakage from the engine. They gave me $21 written estimate for oil leakage check on Saturday and called later asking me to wait until Sunday. OK. They called me Sunday morning telling me that a dye oil leakage check would cost $70! I said WHAT? So, they gain your business giving you a misleading estimate and later want to charge you much more for the same job! What a scheme! DO NOT ACCEPT! I told them to stop all and went to pick the car up. The car was on the lifter with all 4 wheels off! Why remove the rear wheels if the leak is from the engine on the front? They said that is their procedure. I told them I would not pay for a service/procedure I did not order. So, they did not search/find the leakage and performed an inspection on my expense to find other ways to make money. The guy on the front desk gave me a hard time and I had to go through a distress before he agreed not to charge the $21! My Sunday felt apart. So, my advice is not to pay these guys if they did not perform the job you wanted. Make sure to be as specific as possible about the job you want done and the problem you want fixed. Make sure they write your demand in the written estimate. If you do not take these preventive measures, they will do whatever they like to make money, will charge you and you will end up paying for their false estimate. I will never go back to Firestone or buy Firestone products. Good lucky.

ruined brakes, refuse to fix

I brought my car in to get the brakes fixed 6 months ago. Brakes continue to squeal despite 3 attempts to fix...

unauthorized credit account activated

I recently went in to firestone to have my car checked, struts were damaged, I authorized replacement, I...

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rip off

I had been a customer of this Firestone for years, but good managers are all gone but the greedy ones. Went...

intentional damage

Bought 4 new tires and lifetime alignment from Firestone complete auto care. Quoted me on numerous other...

they are ripping off the customers

Firestone service centers in the Phila, PA area are franchises owned & operated by several owners, some of...

overcharging and hiding

Went in to have my A/C serviced the day before IKE hit. The manager had that thing in and out in 4 hour...

scam and cheating

I am pretty disappointed at the way Firestone Irving (5410 N Macarthur Blvd, Irving) tried to rip me. My old car was giving some noises when one turned the steering wheel especially in the mornings when the car has not run for a while. Firestone recommended that an immediate replacement of rack and pinion is needed - price quote $920 for parts and labor. When I checked the price of the part in Advance Auto Parts it was about $150 less than what Firestone quoted for the part.

I took the car to PepBoys Irving (opposite Irving Mall) the next day, they quoted almost $300 less than Firestone (parts+labor). When I asked if the fix is essential, they told it was "nice to have" since there is no hazard involved. They gave me a cheaper alternative of having $12 hydraulic liquid filled in. PepBoys is honest, trustworthy and a true friend. My total bill at PepBoys was $39 - no noise now.

  • To
    tony Nov 12, 2008

    While your exp. at firestone was a bad one, the fact of the matter is that your "older car" will and does need to be repaired from time to time, see your owners manual. You are still driving around with your rack and pinion that even in your's and Pep boy's word's are "nice to have", it can fail without warning!!! whining when turning is an indication of a problem. While I agree with you about the price, firestone is in the business of repairing vechile's. Pep boy's is a part's store FIRST!!! and in the automotive repair second. That being said you should also ask yourself and others why they are closing over 50 of their stores. I'm sure that firestone marks up the price of parts from whereever they get them, but that's business...

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defective made in china

THIS Company has a history of DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT and their quality and service is substandard


This company, retained several Nationwide Unsatisfactory Records with the BBB for Failing to Respond to Consumer Complaints (links below).

Along with having been issued 19 individual Violations from the State Enforcement Agency, 'Consumer Affairs' (BAR).

Specifically, but not limited to, violating several sections of the Business and Professions Code depicted below:

Section 9884.7 (a)(1) False and Misleading Statements
Section 9884.8 Invoice Requirements
Section 988.4.9 (a) Estimate Requirements
Section 3373 Inserting/Withholding info to cause document to be False/Misleading


Please review the Unsatisfactory BBB Reports of which this company has FAILED TO RESPOND, giving very bad experiences to your overall customers below:


do not use

Manager refused to honor manufacturers warranty on a tire less than a year old. Warranty was explicit that it should be taken to the nearest Firestone Care Center for the tire to be returned/repaired but the Manager refused to honor it and insisted that I needed to call Firestone corporate and have the tire shipped to be addressed. Again, warranty language explicitly stated that warranty would be supported by local dealerships. The warranty also provided keying instructions for store personnel on how to handle tire replacement!

I strongly recommend staying away from this place. No integrity at all and very dishonest in their service.

  • Dh
    dhans Oct 03, 2013

    Firestone in Lawton ok on 38th street, Were to start vehicle I had my vehicle towed in. After vehicle was there for over four hours with no answers
    I went in to check on progress . I was greeted by a rude female manager who told me the vehicle had just arrived (Arrival timed confirmed by tow bill to be 1:15 pm ) Its now after five and my vehicle is trashed pulled apart like a hack job, . After wasting two days of my time I was contacted by Firestones alleged professional manager that had nothing to tell me other than it had to be towed to another shop. I guess I should have chosen another shop if I expected good service and qualified technicians . local dealership was able to trouble shoot in one hour but required additional time to put vehicle interior back together . I will also have to spend my time to find and relocate personal items that were stored in cab back in the cab as these items were thrown in the back of the vehicle . An example of this would be a cooler, checks, envelopes, items still not accounted for include cell charger, pocket knife, gas card. not implying anything other than they treated my vehicle poorly. will never return or suggest this business to anyone .

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price gouging

Went for brake service and noted a substancial increase in price over previous year. Found out that the cost of my pads increased %100 from previous year. District manager claimed previous proces were wrong. However when I rearched the same product at retail - it was %50 less. The pads were even %22 less straight from the dealer. The Firestone District manager claimed that the price is either made up in parts and labor. Funny how this occurred while a coupon was running..huh

  • An
    annoyed Nov 20, 2008

    Firestone complete auto care is a rip-off. Never, never use them. They charged me 250.00 for a remanufactured starter and installed a 110.00 battery without asking me if that is what I wanted.

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  • Eo
    Eolo Nizzi Feb 27, 2009

    I went to a Firestone store in Des Moines, Iowa . I know when my truck went into the stall to be worked on, and when it came out, I seen what the labor was and how many hours they worked on my truck, the labor was 167.00 per hour. I asked them about this they said they go by a book, if the book says it takes 4 hours to work on a part and it only takes 2 hours they still charge 4 hours of labor, THAT IS BS...

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they are crooks

The manager tried to intimidate me that I needed $800.00 worth of brake work and that I could pull out of the driveway and crash if I didn't get the work done. I am not a stupid female and took my car elsewhere. I only needed front brakes and got them fixed for $150.00 from somebody else. Nothing was leaking like firestone said. The other person fixed the problem quickly. Firestone took 3 hours to give me the estimate. They made me wait an extra 40 minutes just to give my keys. I will never go there again. I suggest you don't either. This was 10141 balboa in Northridge.

  • El
    Elizabeth Roberts Jun 11, 2010


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Used a $20 coupon to get an oil change/tire rotation - no complaint there. Service guy showed me that my air filter needed to be changed - for $30. I figure I can do this myself for $15. So I said "no". However, I think that they purposely re-screwed my cover back so tight that it made it extremely difficult for me to open it myself. They knew I was going to do the replacement myself. Not only that, but they quoted me $690 of recommended repair on my 2006 Accord that only had 30K miles. Are you kidding me? I know sales is important, but that's going beyond...

  • Al
    Alfred Jul 12, 2008

    Thank you for this information. I know many others who have complained too of Firestore Auto Care Services.

    Hopefully with our postings, people will be aware to not go to such places for service.



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  • Ma
    Margaret McGuire Jul 22, 2008

    Can anyone give me an address where I can send a written compliant about Firestone?

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  • Wa
    Waste-Knot Aug 21, 2008

    Firestone Complete Care Care Centers are corporate owned, and they all go through training to not over-recommend parts or service that vehicles do not need. If this is happening, it needs to be reported to corporate level at 1-800-367-3872, M-F 8-5 CST. They will release any employee found to be doing this, as it's against company policy. No, I do not work for FS, but I know someone who does. There are also FS stores that are not corporate but use the FS name, who DO engage in some of these negative types of behaviors. They should be reported to your local Better Business Bureau, if they're a member, or the state Dept of Consumer Protection, for unlawful practices. Yeah, there are shady mechanics out there everywhere, but one bad apple doesn't need to spoil the bunch. To all, I'd say, research your auto care facility, ask questions, be a good consumer. A good shop will always show you the parts removed from your car, never over-recommend, give you a written estimate and stay within 10% of that amount, and finish the job on time. If it's not right, ask for it to be remedied, and go to a higher level if you feel it's required. Don't be ridiculous in your claims, however. Know what you're talking about, and don't try to get more than you're due either.

    In your case, Fipster, your vehicle IS still aging, even with lower mileage. 30K on a 2006 still means you need your regular services done- check your manual to find them. They aren't free and they will add up, you know. I have a 2006 Chrysler Town & Country that needs tie rod ends at happens, you know, and you should also have a warranty, right? What services did they itemize out onyour bill? I just find this odd.

    I also find it interesting that you seem so put-off that they tightened your air filter cover. If they hadn't, you'd probably complain that it was loose. They tightened it according to safety regulations and manufacturer standards. It's not meant to just pop right off...why do you think those guys are so dirty all the time? A little elbow grease is always required. ;)



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  • Ba
    Bala Aug 30, 2008

    Completely agree. They have come up with a costly repair issue each time I take the car there. I was recently charged with $1400 with lots of billing issues. I am still waiting for a credit to my credit card account.

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  • He
    Heike McKelvey Jul 28, 2009

    I just came back from another mechanic who had to fix a botched up job by Firestone. I had my front breaks replaced by them in Redlands, Ca. After I picked up the car it made clunking and grinding noises. So I went back right away. The guy tells me to give it a few days. I gave it a few weeks. Brought it back after calling consumer affairs. Supposedly they had fixed and readjusted things, saying there was something wrong with the hardware. They never told me what hardware it was. After two months of squeaking and grinding and chafing I went to a different mechanic. This is what they found. The back brakes were horribly missadjusted. The front brakes after two months had 40% wear and the pads had circle groves in them almost the whole depht, something that should never have happened. I wished I could get my money back. However, I can report them and say<Do not go to them> Mrs. McKelvey

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We took our 1997 Mercury Mountaineer to Firestone service center at 14089 New Halls Ferry Rd. for brakes, we...

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