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Complaints & Reviews

falsifying repairs and costs

I remember a couple of years ago, my brakes were acting up as they were vibrating and it was determined that the rotors would need to be replaced. I had been putting it off due to other costs I had. Then finally, it was a Sunday afternoon and I was desperately looking for a place to have my brakes worked on. I found the Firestone autocare garage in Toronto on Yonge just south of Eglinton street. I brought it in and asked the guy to look at my brakes and also do an oil change. So he said he would look at my brakes and call me on my cell phone soon. So I walked down the street to grab some food at McDonald's while I wait for his call. So, while I am eating, he calls me and initially quotes me a price of about $400 which was inline with what another person had told me. So I said it sounds fine, but about 10 minutes later, I get another call on my cell phone from him and he now says that there are more things to repair and it will now cost $600, I thought it was odd but at the time I really wanted to fix the issue, so I stupidly said yes, then a few minutes later, he calls me again and says it will now cost up to $900. At that point, I told him not to proceed and told him only to do the oil change. So I paid for the oil change only and a few days later, I brought my car to another garage I had dealt with on many occasions and he looked at it and gave me an estimate of $400 for total replacement of my rotars and discs. It just goes to show that many garages will stoop to any level to rip off clients. Hopefully, you will not go to this location. Two good garages are the active Green and Ross in Downtown on Adelaide and John and the active Green and ross in Markham on Highway 7 near Main Street Markham.

bad job

I live in NJ. My daughter's car (my car) broke down in Port St. Lucie, FL on March 6, 2011. AAA towed...

firestone ( is a complete rip off

Firestone ( is a complete rip off. My 83 year old mom went there for a tune up and came out with a $2400.00 bill on a credit card. She didn’t know how she was getting. She thought it was a loan, they told her she could make small monthly payments.

They didn’t tell her it was at 23% interest. Her car only has 71, 000 miles on it they replaced the struts, shocks, brakes and a lot more. Attorney General investigators have contacted us regarding our complaint. We hope they stop them from ripping people off.

  • Fi
    Fisherman2000 Apr 09, 2011

    My daughter loaned her car to a good friend of the family.Being a good friend she took the car in when she had a minor problem, it needed the spark plugs changed.A Firestone "mechanic"diagnosed 2 cylinders misfiring and decided to replace 3 coils at $179.54 each, which is almost $50 higher each than the dealership.Where did this ### put the third coil that was not bad according to the computer diagnosis?I have been a certified mechanic for almost 30 yrs. I checked the "new" coils and saw that the car still has all original coils except the one I replaced last year. The total screw job was $675.51. I hope Firestone reads this because I'm coming after them and it won't be pretty.

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  • Advise save yourself some time go straight to the top. Their corporate office is in Chicago. I wasted almost two months with a district claim adjuster that thought I would just give up the fight. Not when my son was put in danger due to a lack of proper oil placed in car ruined his motor. Get him! Good luck.

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  • 24
    24bambam Jan 04, 2013

    i took my car a firestone store to have the brake pads on the front ckeck, but instead i left there with my master cylinder leaking and the brake light coming on. i never had a master cylinder leak or brake light coming on until i took my car there.

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price gouging explointing senior citizens

Firestone Car Care Center located at 91st and Yale in Tulsa, OK exploits Senior Citizens! My 85 yr. old father and my 80 yr. old mother were continually taking their car to the nearest Firestone car care and every time they took it in the manager and the technician always found 'something' wrong which always amounted to serveral hundreds of dollars. My parents are both extremely hard of hearing and would agree to whatever the manager said just 'not make a fuss' and keep the car running. Including the brilliant diagnosis of the chasis was seperated from the car body!
Once I became aware of this I went to Firestone with my parents to see what was going on. The manager "chris", would continuallycome back to my parents with a "..we just found this" bit of work. As my parents grew more fatigued, the price of the work became more expensive. They were charged for the same repair three different times!!! BEWARE SENOIR CITIZENS.

left radiator cap off, ruined engine later, no help

About a year ago I had my 2002 Toyota Camry serviced at Firestone at the Bellview location in Nashville. A couple days later the engine overheated and locked up on Interstate with my wife driving it.I had it towed to buddys shop who informed me it needed a motor and that the cap had been left off. I had it towed to Firestone and they fixed head etc. All my mechanic friends told me not to repair it because when those engines get hot enough to lock up you never know the damage to the lower unit and it can show up later. About 6 months later it locked up and threw a rod. Had it hauled back there and was told that no way the original issue had anything to do with this even though 3 qualified mechanics said there is no doubt that caused it. Went through there claims depatment and after months and unreturned calls was told it was denied. Now I have a good car with a blown motor. AAAAAAAgh.

  • My son older model camry had the same issue. I will say this I too went through over 6 weeks of denials and professionals that agreed on who was to blame. Still they denied it even with their choice of claim adjuster. Anyway cut out the middle man go straight to the top call the corporate office in Chicago call BBB and anyone else. My son engine cost more than the car and he got the short end of the stick but Mr. Guzik did resolve it in some fashion just after one day. Call this number if you haven't already done so 800-367-3872 and as I always say everyone has someone to answer to. So one say no go higher and higher. When you know you are not to blame I say fight! Good luck

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worst quality tires and customer service

I’ve been a Firestone customer since last several years but based on my personal observation and experience I can say that all Firestone doing is just making customers fool.

Here is what happened with me. I bought 4 tires from Firestone with 65, 000 miles warranty and every 5000 miles I visit local Firestone shop and asked for rotation. Since I also have life alignment service from Firestone so every time I also asked them to check if my car needs alignment. Sometimes they did alignment and sometimes they said there is no need of alignment. Today when I went there for rotation they informed me that the tires are not in good condition and I need new tires. When I asked them about the warranty they informed me that since I wasn’t doing alignment regularly so warranty is no longer effective. I explained them that I was there every 5000 miles and asked them to check for alignment but they didn’t listen to me.

Now imagine, Firestone tires with 65, 000 miles warranty are worn out in just 33, 000 miles so what is the standard of their products and then these guys are using different hidden tactics to make customers fool. I am sorry but I am not going to buy anything from Firestone anymore.

engine repair

I Douglas Jonatzke took my 2002 kia van in for motor repair. they replaced
some parts and said its done. i drove it home an it did the same thing it was
doing when i took in the 1st. time so i took it back. they had it for all day.
finelly they said that i would have to take to the dealer because they said
they can't fix it so i did i showed them the work that firestone did.
and the dealer said i cant see the parts where replaced
my complaint is i feel i should have my money refunded

appointment for an alignment

I called to make an appointment to get an alignment and an oil change last Friday. The sales associate told...

fraudulent claims

There are 2 firestone locations near me. The first one I went to was in washington pennsylvania. The guy at the counter was great. Friendly. Courteous and helpful. He actually gave me a great deal on the tires. Then he got my vehicle on the rack. He insisted my ball joints were bad. He insisted they were original equipment. He pulled me into the back and showed me the tierod end I know the ball joints weren't bad friend (a certified gm mechanic) and I replaced them a week earlier. All in all nice try but still not a bad experience. About a year later I went to the one by my work. They told me drop it off and they'd call me in an hour. That was at 10 am. Finally at 3 pm I called theem. I was told they just got it on the rack. Be patient and was promptly hung up on. About an hour later I receive a call from "Anthony Firestone Jr." Stating my hitchcock joint was bad.I was quoted 2400 plus parts. I said no, just the tires in the most annoyed voice I could muster. An hour later I get another call from the guy claiming to be anthony firestone jr. The guy tells me both my upstream kanuter valves were bad. He tells me im looking at 600 a piece plus labor. I laugh and state ill be there in 15 minutes to get my vehicle. He calls me 10 minutes later claiming my turnalotakis was bad and there was no way he could legally let me drive my vehicle from the property. I had. to threaten to call the police to get my vehicle. When I arrived there my vehicle was sitting outside. I walked in to see the woman who was there when I dropped off my vehicle. She had an infant and a young child. She was begging for her car she had brought in for a flunk in the right rear. She was told "We haven't found anything yet but, we will just go sit down." She had been there at least 7 hours. While I was paying a man about my age bursts through the door and demands his car. He states he just changed his tie rod ends and that he didn't appreciate them scaring his wife to the point of tears. In not such a polite way. So I was in the building 15 minutes and witnessed them try to scam 2 people and they tried to scam me 4 separate times. 4 you ask? Yes I asked them to put my nearly new rear tire on my spare rim they argued and while I was there they showed me some 14" tires claiming they were 2/32. I was at sears and they were 13/32 3 days earlier. I had concerns of dry rot so I took the new tire.

Also they charged my mom 480 to remove her air conditioning pump.

Sadly I do like the tires.

  • Du
    dude.with.attitude Aug 24, 2011

    To begin, you are a ### with poor grammar and a severely low intelect which is probably why you lied about your experience at this place. Do you really expect anyone to believe that Firestone called you 4 separate times trying to sell you ALL the classic jokes regarding vehicle repair? To call you a ### is actually degrading to ###s. You are a liar at best. I would speculate, based on your ridiculous story, you are not smart enough to earn money to purchase a car let alone drive one. I have some advice for you. Take the short bus where you belong. It will probably save many lives.

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  • Iw
    iwrotesomething Aug 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I guess you work at Firestone. Actually, this specific location has been targeted by two separate television reporters. I took my car to have a wheel cylinder replaced. I asked that nothing but that part be changed. The guy behind the counter insisted I find a ride home. He stated that he would call me with an estimate. Four hours later I was shocked by their thousand dollar estimate. When I arrived with the police to get my vehicle the man behind the counter walked me outside. He offered to do the work in his driveway for 600. So, for 35 dollars and an hour of my time I was on the road again. I own an 89.5 Ford Mustang, a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe, and an 09 Nissan Altima. I make 60, 000.00 a year. Not bad for entry level. I may be lazy, but im

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  • Iw
    iwrotesomething Aug 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I may be lazy, (especially when I'm typing on my phone) but I'm certainly not stupid. I worked on cars most of my twenties. Do you think the general public knows there is an 800% markup on brake pads? No, they see $99.00 special and think they're getting a deal. Bendex brakes were $14.00 for front pads. They had lasted 5 full years before, they passed inspection. I sold the vehicle. Ive talked to hundreds of people who have had similar experiences. My mother, who thinks these guys are her friends, had a similar experience. You're obviously a genius. All your commas are in the right places. Please, will tell me the difference between a Canadian serpentine belt and an American serpentine belt? Why is there a $400.00 difference? Why, then would her Canadian air condition condenser have to be removed? Why another 400 dollar charge? Shouldn't the Canadian belt done the trick. Also, doesn't the door sticker have manufacture and assembly locations? Luckily, my friend has had several Dodge Neons. We gambled with an American condenser and belt. We just lucky I guess...

    See, I was smart enough to record the telephone conversations. This time when I called their customer service lines I actually had proof.

    These incidents happened between 1999 and 2007. Maybe it was a case of a few bad apples...I have not nor will I ever give firestone another dime.

    If you're looking for a fair place and courteous service, I would try Mr. Tire across the street or Napa All-Star Auto care a few blocks away.

    Good luck on your "Gold Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Public Discourse" bid for grammatical accuracy on an internet forum. I'm rooting for you, buddy. You definitely changed the world.

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payment agreement

Due to me being bed ridden, my 78yr old mother took my vehicle in for a water pump replacement...she arrived between 10 and 10:30am...left at 3:00pm on 10/26/10 (unecessary wait time) ...prior to having the vehicle serviced, she informed the service advisor (06 JEREMY) that she wanted to pay most of the bill with my firestone card and $200.00 on bank debit card... which he agreed bill came to $512.88 (extremely overcharged)...needless to say, he took the liberty of applying the total cost to my firestone credit card...stated that he could not make any corrections and didn't attempt to... I find this totally unacceptable and hope there will be some corrections made

customer service fraud

It is disappointing to render a complaint against a company that has been around for such a long time...

underhanded methods

I must conclude that CFNA / Firestone Credit Card stoops to underhanded methods in order to reap outrageous profits from customers who always pay on time. They make no profits from conscientious people, so what they count on is customers forgetting there is a bill to pay — by simply NOT MAILING the bill! In the past, one bill always arrived after a service, but this year, by the time a month had passed after an oil change & window treatment, I’d forgotten to “expect” the small $34 bill. It certainly never occurred to me to look online. Six months later they suddenly wrote demanding $82! I had no idea if this was a scam, because it was the first I’d seen of any billing. Other card companies, doctors, etc., resend a bill each month… not CFNA / Firestone! And there’s a purposeful, profitable reason they do that. Burn your CFNA cards and boycott Firestone!

rip off company

We will lie to you til you fill a law suit. This company needs to get out of business. They charge everything too high and bad workmanship. They have been trying for me to get a credit with them every time I get oil change. I finally accept to sign up with there credit and I only used it one day time. I paid the balance in full and now they have been calling and mailing me a letter every week about fees after fees after fees. I don't get it...PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY OIL CHANGE IS OK>>>EVERYTHING ELSE BULL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Cg
    C Gallagher Nov 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with the complaint due to the fact, I sent the check to their address and has not clear yet. The Firestone credit company says that they havn't received the payment. However, I mailed out the same time with other credit cards bills and they all received and cleared. I wonder the mail man just took the firestone credit card mail. I think not. Now, I have to cancel the check for additional $35 dollars to my bank account or the credit company is dalying payment so they can charged the late fees. What kind of scame is this. I thought it will be good for interest free for 6 months so I paid each month by paying cash through the firestone company, I mailed over $1000.00 check due to lot of cash to pay off but they are scaming me with saying they didn't get the payment. Yea, right, I had the other credit company like that I will cancel as soon this check get clear.

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firestone refused to give me a refund saying that would have to test it, etc

I purchased a battery from Firestone Service Center at Castleton Shopping Center Indianapolis, IN. on March 6, 2010 it stopped working April 29, 2010. I got a jump and it stopped agin that same day. I took my auto to a dealer and they said that the battery had a dead cell.

Firestone refused to give me a refund saying that would have to test it, etc.

  • Le
    Leer0604 Jul 29, 2010

    Did you take them the battery to test? It would only make sense that they would need to verify that the battery was indeed defective. Firestone carries Interstate batteries which have the best warranty in the business. It only takes a few seconds to verify the condition of the battery and then they should warranty it out for you. If you have an issue with them after that contact their district office and i can assure you that you will be taken care of.

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they are snakes looking for alot of money from innocent, yet naive victims

Ok, I wanna start this review by saying that Firestone is a rip off. Ok, I'll admit I bought the crappiest car on the face of the earth, a 2001 Saturn Coupe..piece of junk!! Ive had to go in there at least 10 times for the same car. I know for a fact, I spent more on repairs than the actual car itself. They were the closet mechanics around when I needed car repairs and I did trust them. I go in there needing an oil change which is what $15-30? I walk out of there spending over $300.00. At this point the car doesnt run or start period, they know I dont know much about car repairs, they know thats the only car I have available to my mom and me. They use that fact that I know little about cars against me, the guy also used scare tactics if I didnt pay for all the parts the car needed which cost over $800.00. He told me that my right tire would completely fall off at any given time, it never did. They are snakes looking for alot of money from innocent, yet naive victims like me. There are much more honest, affordable, straightforward, mechanics out there. Firestone is not one of them.

  • Pr
    Priscilla Ragsd3 Feb 01, 2020

    Firestone store 10546 High Point NC. I have been trying since 4/2019 to get someone to listen to me. I am a widow on social security. After over 2000 dollars worth of work less than a year before, I took my 2002 Ford in for the yearly inspection. The manager said all 4 brakes needed replacing, (they replaced 4 hoses)but I had no indication of this . He said I could drive it home, park it, bring it back when I wanted it done(over 500 dollars. That waswhy I was in the car. Backing up to leave the brakes gave, my foot sliiped to the acelerator

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they will never see another dime out of me nor will they ever come within 10 feet of one of my vehicles for as long as I shall live

Here is a good one! I went to Firestone about a year ago and had some Bridgestone tires installed on my work...

disgusting crooks

Firestone Complete Auto Care is a HORRIBLE company!!! Tried to charge me (a college student) over $600 for a $50-$75 problem. They said I needed a new battery and alternator and pricing was $620.

Took it down to $450 after complaining, which tells you they scam customers from the start. Come to find out after bringing my car elsewhere to test the alternator, that it is FINE and doesn't need to be replaced!!

I will NEVER trust my car to this company!! I HIGHLY suggest to anyone not to leave your car in the hands of these crooks!!!

this credit card company has charged me late fee claiming my payment reached them 1 day late

I have never pay my bills late... since last month, this credit card company has charged me late fee claiming my payment reached them 1 day late. i use online payment with my bank for all my payments and never had a issue... according to my bank records, they paid on time, they even gave me the time that the payment reached CFNA. but CFNA still claims that it was late, i don't know base on what? they are penalizing consumers for the time it takes for them to process the payment even if the payment reached them on due date. this is the 2nd time it happened and now they refused to reverse the incorrect charge even though the problem is not with me. i cancelled this card so they will not do this to me again...their customer service is HORRIBLE!!!

stay away from them

Funny ad but it felt like a Honda ad and was too much of a take on a movie. Not sure that anyone that sees this ad in a SuperBowl environment remembers that it is a Bridgestone tire ad.

stay away from these lying scam artists

I went into the Mall of Georgia location when I noticed 2 of my tires were falling apart from the inside. This was very dangerous and that location was the closest tires shop. They did not have the size tires I needed in stock and I needed tires before I could drive anywhere. They located some tires they could get the next day but told me they were "junk" but for double the price I could get some others they could also get the next day. I wasn't excited to get "bad tires" so I called my brother in law who is a Master Tech for a large auto company, he found me 4 very good tires. I called Firestone to ask if they would put on the tires if I brought them in, they said yes. I was late and still could not get them on same day. I left the truck overnight and they were to put the tires on first thing in the am. I received a call in the am stating the "district office called them and told them it was against company policy to put my tires on because I did not purchase them there". THIS was a blatant LIE, because I called 3 other locations in my areas and all were MORE than willing to put them on for me. I feel this manger was a bully and he wanted to send me driving off on extremly dangerous tires to "show me" that I should have bought the tires he was PUSHING on me. And we all must ask ourselves, why would this company sell anything that it's managers deem "JUNK". This is our safety riding on these tires and they OPENLY express they sell junk???? DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION< if you are in this area I would suggest the Snellville location when I called there the manager was kind, gracious and truly wanted to help. In the end I found out the reason they tried to get out of putting tires on... they had already damaged my rims and hoped to get me out of there and somewhere else before it was noticed... I have rims that I paid $3500 for and I know they were not damaged when the vehicle was dropped off. Police called to verify my rims had "fresh" damage, but Joe, the lying manager at this location continued to blame me. Stay away from these lying scam artists. Go anywhere else you will have better luck.