Finish Linerefund

N Jul 19, 2019

I bought Fila shoes in jersey garden, finish line on 13th of July 2019, soon after I reached home I realized that the shoe hurts my toes and I won't be able to wear shoes for a while since I'm pregnant with swollen feet, I went to the store after 2 days requested for refund n when I checked the bag the receipt was missing, so the lady at the counter said she won't be able to refund, I asked if I can talk to the manager, so a tall lady came(store manager), very rude, wrong gesture, I felt like she looked down on me, she kept saying no refund as no receipt but I had online banking statement, tag on the shoe and I asked for the exchange and refund policy, she highlighted that part n gave it to me which said only exchange or credit note if no receipt but also on the above it says she has right to limited to refund regardless of receipt, I had to call customer service and deal with it while my 1 and half year baby was waiting and I'm 7 months pregnant. Although the customer service fixed my problem which I'm so great full. My only concern is being treated poorly and giving me hard time by the manager which could be solved in a sec. I think no customer should be treated like this, specially by a manager who sets examples to the employees

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