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customer service/shipping

On April 9, 2011 I ordered an 18" grill that I have not been able to find elsewhere from Fingerhut. I did this online, and applied for and received a credit limit of $700. The total cost was approimately $70, including it was not a high priced item. This is my first order from them, having received MANY catalogs. The order processing went fine, but all went to hell after that. The confirmation on 4-9-11 claimed they would ship between 1 and 5 days. By the way, there was a "free" gift involved, which they shipped on 4-11-11, and I received on 4-14-11 via USPS. Prior to the actual grill shipment, I sent Customer Service emails asking who the carrier would be. They have NEVER returned any of my emails!! I received a shipping notice on 4-13-11 saying "Your order is being shipped", along with a tracking number...but without a carrier name. On that notice it also said that " shipping within 10 shipping days". Not knowing for sure whether it actually shipped, I called them and found out that it shipped via "Speedy". They also said it could take up to 30 days for the shipment to arrive, which REALLY irritated me. I eventually found out that "Speedy" operates out of Canada, could not get any tracking on it, so I called them back. They (Fingerhut) claims the shipment is in transit, but could not give me an estimated delivery date. Via email, I asked to cancel my order, but have not heard from that either. Anyway, my order is supposedly on it's way, so I am forced to sit and wait. Have not ever heard of "Speedy" delivery service in the USA. I am an elderly gentleman, and only am able to get out for grocery shopping, doctor appts and general small shopping trips. For the past 3 years all of my main shopping for all holidays, birthdays, etc. has been online through some great companies. Have experienced shipments via USPS, UPS and FedEx, all with excellent tracking. This is the first and last time that I will order anything through Fingerhut. For the hell of it, I returned their "free" item at a cost ($6.65), which I absorbed. The "free" gift was a cheap "throw" of very poor quality, which I would not have in my apartment. Maybe they will give it to a charitable organization, which is what I should have done.

constant calling

This company constantly calls my home number looking for a person I have told each operator who does not live here. I wouldn't mind problem is the phone calls are always between 6am-9am and I work shift work. y phone number is on the "do not call list" a whole lot of good that does. There excuse why they always call is that my number is listed under an automatic dialer system. Well I really don't care whether it is manually or auto dialed take my number off your list. This morning they called at 8.13am woke me up as I just got home from work I waited through the automatic message system to finish to speak with a operator..."Urgh hullo is Jamal there" there is no Jamal here "click" she hung up on me. I call back and ask to speak to a supervisor because I am sick of the last 6 months every other day of this. Apparently I am being put through to a supervisor "click" hung up again...are you kidding me! I call back this time I am told it's the automatic dialer and a request will be put through to that department to have my number removed, didn't get any apology. Really is it? Is it really going to be removed? Because no Jamal lives here and my number is on the "do not calling list" 1 more call from them and I am pushing legal action. I should not have to change my phone number or account because of 1 company that are too lazy or "don't care" attitude to remove my number btw I am not turning off my phone I have kids, and why should I have to.

charging monies w/out my approval

I began purchasing Fingerhut products when Holsted Jewelers asked if I wanted to choose a piece of jewelry;...

credit scam

Credit scam I called to sign up for the restart credit program. They informed me, and I asked several time...

this company offered me a pre-approved credit line and when I placed an order they did not ship

This has to be the sorriest Company out there in its dealings. I was sent a pre approved credit amount and placed an order by mail. They have not sent my order that was a fourth of my credit approval amount.The website has to be the worst of all. I type in my account number given to me on there catalog and the catalog number . The website said they did not have a record of me. What a Crummy Company! I do not know how they continue in business. The order I placed was for NH 381 an Ab Glider. It was advertised at $16.99 per month with a rubber mat for an extra $3.00 per month.

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sold me damaged wedding set

The day after christmas i recieved my anniversary wedding set from fingerhut. within 24 hours two stones had fallen out. i called customer service and they said they were sending out a label to mail it back for credit or an exchange. now remember this was like the 28th of december. im still waiting for the label. i even called customer service back and they didnt know anything about the first phone call, but said they would resend the label. still dont have it and while im waiting another stone fell out of the ring. fingerhut has the worst customer service i have ever seen in my life. most of them can barely speak english. and the rest cannot seem to place the order. by the time i get a label it wont even be diamonds anymore it will probably have turned back into coal. for real this place sux bigtime.

false advertising

FingerHut was helping those who were poor to purchase items with monthly payments. I ordered from a magazine and threw it away after I made the order. The order in the magazine advertized that is you bought two products together You would receive a discount. I looked my account and no

order was processed. They had told me it would be delivered Dec 10th.

I called then about my order and they would not give me any discount. I told them, I wasn't the one that made the mistake, I tried two more times

and asked for a supervior. All three said that their was no such deal and I did not know the magazine number. I told them it was the catalog sent to maryland in Dec. I told them what the add said and they acted like they

had no information or catalog. That is bad business.

They found the items but not the discounts. I am unhappy the way they did

not try to help me and the $35 dollar shipping charge.

bad business

I was a loyal customer of Fingerhut fir many years...until one Christmas they sent me a defective item (it was a toy for my son) I called and told them about it but they did not feel they were responsible and refused to replace the item. Mind you...I didn't ask for a refund I wanted them to replace the item but they would not!

But yet they continued to bill me every month. I stopped doing business with them and asked that they discontinue sending me the catalogs. Well they continue to send them for three more years.

I called numerous times regarding this and they claimed it takes a while before the catalogs stop. I suspect they hoped that I would change my mind but I did not. Customer service was not accommodating at fact they were very rude.

I have vowed to never do business with them again neither will I recommend them to anyone!

  • Don'tBeAMoron Jan 07, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What was the defect, what was the toy?

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terrible customer service

I signed up for fingerhut on Nov 24, 2010. I was immediatly approved and given a $250 credit limit. That same day, I ordered 6 feather down pillows and a new King Size Bedding set. I received the items on Dec. 3rd 2010, my "free gift" arrived 2 days later (it was 2 christmas stockings, actually quite cute).

My only complaint is there customer service (the products they sell could be higher quality too, but thats what you get when you pay for the convience of monthly payments). Anyways, the day AFTER I ordered my items, I tried signing in again to see if they had anything else I wanted (I still had about $100 credit remaining and intended to pay them in full on my 1st due date) but I couldn't sign in!

I tried over and over, but my email address was not REGISTERED anymore! I called a few days later, and they told me they had a problem with their website and it would all be corrected. 2 weeks later, and it STILL isn't working! In fact, my email address is now registered to someone else's account! I plan on calling them again soon, we'll see what happens. But I don't expect much from people who can hardly speak english. I don't mind overseas customer service.. but they should at LEAST understand basic english and be understandable. People with intense thick indian accents should not work the phones.

Other than that, I was pretty pleased with my items. My comforter is soooo warm, my pillows are nice and soft (altho the feathers like to stick you occasionally). Fingerhut is what it is. If you can't afford to buy something outright at Walmart or wherever, than this is probably your best option. I am only doing it to improve my credit score and buy a few things here and there that I can't afford to buy outright while I'm in school and planning a wedding.

false advertisement

Over the year I have received several catalogs from Fingerhut stating I was preapproved for credit. The credit was different with each catalog ranging from three hundred to four hundred dollars. I never placed an order until November 15 I placed an order of what was supposed to be Christmas gifts. After waiting for two weeks and making two phone calls to inquire about my order I received an email stating I had been denied. This is bad business. I want removed from the mailing list. Apparently their idea of preapproved is not the same as mine.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 14, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Credit card companies do this as well. Pre-approved is different from approved.

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FINGERHUT gave my brother and his wife James+Beth Shelton of Dayton, Ohio credit usuing my name and ssi to...

order/customer service

I had never ordered from this company before, but remember my parents getting their catalogs as a child. Thi...


I recived a Idem from fingerhut that i have returned to them, they keep calling stateing that i have to pay then more money for something I dont have & was returned to them, I Never ordered anything else from them, They keep calling even after this Ideam was return statting I owe them more and more money it stands at 105.00 for something that i ordered that cost 49.00 which was returnned.
I have been trying to rebuilt my credit which iam doing a good job of and i dont need it ruin bye this company, when they call they state they will just keep on calling and harassing me till this matter is taken care of, i have health problems and have a cornic Illness the calls are aleast 3, of four times a day. know I just recieved a letter from a collection company namedRJM Acquistion funding LLC, Access code is [protected] Finger hut acc # [protected] my names michael E rawson 288 Ocean st hyannis Mass 02602 Please tell me what i can do to stop this harasment from going any further, and stop the phone calls. and stop them from ruinning my credit, Please help me..M. Rawson

  • Valerie Dec 04, 2008

    I have been a very loyal customer of Fingerhut since it's inception in the early 1960's. I'm sick of you telling me you will approve one order and not the next even when you list I have enough credit to cover my current order. You know what go fornicate yourself up the wazoo and I will never have another thing to do with Finger-something. I hope you follow all the other big cheating, lying businesses and go bankrupt. Or you could ask for a government bail out and see how far that gets you. Merry fuc...g Christmas if this is the way you treat loyal customers then it's the last order you ever got from me. If anything said on your posted email sight is defamation or libel is a legal threat and cannot be defamation or libel if the the info stated is true.

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  • Ob
    Obdull Nov 27, 2009

    I ordered several items fro Fingerhut to give as Christmas gifts. So far I have received duplicates of four of the items ordered, one was the wrong size, and the rest of my order is yet to arrive. When I called the toll-free number they at first told me it was their mistake and they would send me postage-paid labels to return the unwanted items. Within five minutes, a representative called me back telling me I had ordered the same items twice(which I did not) and that I would be responsible for the shipping charges, which amount to about $110.00 as they are large boxes. Could it be they do this on purpose, knowing most people will keep the unwanted items to avoid the hassle and cost of shipping them back? I am seriously considering donating the unwanted items to charity... in any case, Fingerhut has lost a customer. I will never use or recommend their "services" again.

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  • Go
    Gorrl Feb 17, 2011
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    Verified customer

    My balance was 57 dollars now with all that you have tacked on it is $206. My payment should not be late since I spoke with a gentleman and agreed to have $10 taken out of my account every month. I really don' have another fifty words to write excep that this is messing up my credit and I really do not appreciate that. Please find out where this charge came from and remove it from my account. Also as I arrange with the gentlemen please take 10 dollara from my account each month so that i am marked late

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  • Li
    LisaYT Jun 12, 2013

    I received an offer for a "free" ring by Holstead Jewlers where I only had to pay for shipping and handling which was conveniently billed to my fingerhut account. I received the ring, paid the bill and then received another bill in the mail from fingerhut for $56. My father had purchased some items on my account so I thought that was his bill - which he paid in full. A few days later, I received another piece of jewlery from Holstead and realized they would be sending me a piece of jewlery a month and charging it to my fingerhut account and THAT was what the $56 charge was. I contacted Holstead to cancel any further shipments and sent the jewlery back for a refund. A few weeks later I recieved a notice from Holstead saying that although they recieved my cancellation it was too late to hold back a SECOND piece of jewlery (which was recieved the SAME day that I received the cancellation notice) I promptly sent BACK that jewlery and checked my fingerhut account - not only was the credit NOT applied but a second charge of $56 was now on my account. I contacted Fingerhut to tell them that charge was not authorized and please remove it. NO DICE, I was informed I had to contact Holstead to get the refund. I did. I waited a week and still neither refund was applied to my account. I contacted Fingerhut again and told them once again I was informed I had to go through Holstead. I called Holstead and filed a rather large and loud complaint whereupon the end result was I was to be issued both refunds in full - however Holstead is adament that the first refund was sent on June 4 and should have taken no more than 3 days to be in the acccount but that it could take up to TWO billing cycles to hit my account - this is unsatisfactory as the second amount should have never been IN my account to begin with and when I informed Fingerhut customer service their attitude amounted to too bad so sad you'll have to wait oh and you'll have to pay the minumum so as to not affect your credit. This caused me to close my account with Fingerhut. Meanwhile I am out $56 that was already paid to both Fingerhut AND Holstead and I have nothing to show for it. I am informing anyone and everyone I know about the terrible service I was given, if this had been done on a "real" credit card, the charge would have been removed and I wouldn't have to pay another DIME for a product I don't have nor want.

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too expensive

They always send me pre-approved catalogues. Only place they go is the trash can. I mean, some of the items in their catalogues I have found $50-$60 cheaper at other stores. And Ebay I have found items $80 cheaper. Why am I gonna order from their over-priced catalogue when I can just drive to a local department store or go on Ebay and buy the same items they have for almost half-price? They need to wake up. Don't they know the economy is bad. People ain't got money, we need deals if we're gonna buy.

trouble posting online payments

Everyone who has an account with close attention to your account! This is not the first time this has happened to me. I always make my monthly payments, online, around the first of the month for a payment that is not due until the third week of the month. In other words, my payments have always been made early. But their accounting system is still in the horse & buggy days and they have four times now not recorded my payment. Eventually it gets straightened out, but I have to wonder, since it has happened so many times, if this is a sneaky way for them to get extra monthly operating cash. Has this happened to other people? I will pay off my account (with checks from now on!) and not do any more business with them.

billing sent to wrong address but charged $24.9

Received a call my account was past due. I said I had not received a bill for February. Learned Fingerhut had mailed it to the wrong address.

All previous bills were sent to PO Box 541, Taft, Ca 93268. But for whatever reason the February bill was sent to 112 Oak St, Taft, Ca. My street address where mail is never received

I was told I would have to pay $24.90 late fee although Fingerhut was in ERROR.

A man whom I spoke to and requested a supervisor kept putting me off. I had to repeat my address four times before he understood as he spoke very poor english. A detailed letter will follow. VERY PISSED.

  • To
    tosha5252 Sep 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you are responsible for paying your bill, even if you don't receive the statement...your fault

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shipping overcharge

Fingerhut shipping overcharge.. Is based on the number of item's you purchase,, if you buy one item @ 149.99 the charge is $13.99. You buy 10 item's totaling the same the shipping charge is 10 x $13.99. Ups,, usps (Us post ofc), federal express, none of these agree with these charge's because if they ship one box with 6 item's you charged as though it was 6 shipment's.

Consumer beware,, this is fraud.

money owed

They call several times a day sometimes as late as 9pm claiming we owe them money on something we purchased. This is impossible because we only use debit to pay for purchases. When we ask what we supposedly owe on they decline to tell us saying that they can't give that information to us. This is nothing but a scam. We put our number on the do not call list but it does nothing because it doesn't stop bill collectors even if the bills don't exist.

  • Ch
    CHISPITA Sep 22, 2009


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  • Ch
    CHISPITA Sep 22, 2009


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  • Na
    nancy ceballos Oct 17, 2009

    where is my comforter...I ordered a turquise twin comforter a month ago, they sent a full,
    had to wait for return sticker, sent it back, I was charged, but still have no comforter.
    what is I needed it for an occasion on oct. 11th...this is disgusting. I will never order again..I was an avid customer in the past, but the service always stunk, now i am mad as -----.
    nancy ceballo
    118 glennparkway
    hollywood 33021

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  • Ir
    Irritated beyond words Dec 07, 2011

    Fingerhut has been harassing us for years about a debt of over $300 dollars that we supposedly owe. I never even heard of fingerhut until finally after a year of calls with no one on the other end, someone from a collection agancy identified themselves. I have never ordered anything on credit and after a lengthy ordeal they finally agreed that it was no me who purchased the item...I still do not know what it was. I was promised that I would be taken off the call list...I was temporarily and then the collection letters and calls began again. This is simple harassment. What can be done?

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rude, rip-off

I ordered a large wedge pillow from this company to help me sleep after surgery. I thought with a 30 trial period, if I dint like it I could send it back. Well, thats where it gets tricky. The pillow cost $99 they charged me $35 to ship it to me. My "free gift" was broken and after about a week I sent it back. At that point I realized I had to pay to return it. $40.00 Then when they recieved they called me the day after I was suppose to pay for it had I kept it and told me I still owed the $35. it cost them to ship to me, plus a late fee of $4. I thought I was done. I had returned the item within the 30 days, but no...I still owed and the rude man who informed me of all this was a complete jerk. Long story short. Always read everything before you buy.

rude phone collectors

Received a call from a representative of Fingerhut. Said my $7.50 monthly payment was late. My balance is $34.87. Told her my mail has been messed up do to forwarding and forwarding back to our home after a 3 month leave.
She starts screaming. "yes, your last two bills came back" and asked me why that is happening. I told her I just explained that to her. She then screamed it was no reason to be late. That I should have realized it was due. (ok)
Told her I would probably take care of it online later in the evening. She screamed again, "Mrs.XXXX, what does the word probably mean"?
Now she has me upset, and I told her to look it up in the dictionary and I hung up on her. This rep has no right to talk to customers like that. I wrote two emails to the customer service department complaining about the treatment I received and you can guess, there were no replys!! I asked them to remove me from all mailings. Does anyone know how I can stop the catalog mailings?

  • Ta
    Taylorh2 Apr 22, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Just because a catalog comes in the mail, it doesn't mean that you have to look at it. I threw my catalogs away just as soon as I got them. After awhile they just stopped coming.

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