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overpriced product

Fingerhut is a scam they sell the ipod nano for $249.99 when everyone else sells for $149.99. I sent and email and got no response for a week so I called. They could not give me a reason why they sell higher and acted like a asked a hard question, the first lady trans. me to her supervisor because she did not know what to say. The supervisor said that they sell the same as other customer I told her no you sell for $100, asked if she can check if they mismarked she said that was the price.. I closed my acct. right away. They seem to over charge for items and people don't even know if they don't compare with other websites.

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    blue Jan 28, 2009

    They over sell things because they offer payment plans

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    Think May 12, 2009

    The entire point of these catalog vendors is to let people make impulse buys when they are on the toilet. Its not a scam to charge more money, unless they are making claims as to the prices of other retailers. In this age, its easy enough to just go online and check the price for anything, fingerhut and similar vendors rely on a shrinking customer base of people who are too lazy do actually do some research on products or who are strapped for time and need some kind of gift shipped right away. The catalogs are fun to zip through for ideas on what to buy, but theres no way im paying those ridiculous prices for products that are commonly available

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    disgruntled*123 Feb 28, 2010

    Fingerhut does not claim to offer the lowest prices. Fingerhut claims to offer credit to most people who can get credit any other way. If you are in a position to shop elsewhere you should.

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they sell crap jewelry

Wedding set bought in Nov 07, started wearing in Dec 07. In May the diamond tier fell off, had it repaired myself. In June the band broke in two. I called to try and exchange it, they tell me there is only a 30 day return policy. I told her since I didn't want a credit, I only wanted to exchange it, they should extend the policy due to the item being jewelry (14K Jewelry!!). They refused. That's crap when it comes to jewelry, they should last longer 6months. They refuse to work anything out. I will never do business with them again. Worst company, worst policies, crappy merchandise!

collection calls for a balance I don't owe

I have received many calls from them regarding an open account. They claim I owe them $500. I gave them the last 4 digits of my SSN which didn't match and my address which also didn't match. Apparently, I have the same name as someone who skipped on them. I am sending them a certified letter copying our state dept of consumer affairs instructing them not to call me any more. If that doesn't work, I'll find an attorney who will sue them for harassment. Maybe that will work. All the collections were from India they don't even use Americans.

  • Lo
    looney121212 Feb 24, 2011

    I recvd a letter from RJM ACQUISITIONS FUNDING LLC regarding an account my deceased mother had "15 years ago". Of course, the charge amount is out of control plus the years were wrong.

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  • Ex
    expatbrit Apr 21, 2011

    RJM is well known for trying to collect debts in states where they are not licensed. Check out this link for more information.

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collection notice for never owned credit!

I have received a collection notice from Fingerhut Axsys National Bank from island national i have never had...