Find-Bride.comonline dating scams find bride site id 38744 nelly 44 nelly

A Nov 14, 2019

I tried a experiment on the find bride site I turned on live video profiles I women turned out to be a pre teen another a teenager another a woman who did not resemble the women in the profile
So in love chat you are talking to fakers
So much for integrity of anti scam policies of Find Bride agency site
This site is a waste of money .
All smoke and mirrors
Oh I turned on one profile it looked like a robot waking up with what I call a stolen face or mask over it so fake I had to laugh worth the money!!
Support never responded to my emails.

  • Updated by Angry fiance · Nov 14, 2019

    In my previous complaint I forgot to mention my wife's profile is 38744 Nelly she looks immortal on this site her looks have changed but she still is beautiful to me
    Thank God we did not meet on this site .
    She now's lives in USA and they continue to exploit her profile I have written emails to get the profile taken down they do not acknowledge me .
    When I ask questions only me and the real Nelly know the fake Nelly does not answer or gives a incorrect answer.
    Her profile is the one that has a live video that looks like a robot waking up
    With a mask over her face we both get a good laugh
    How many other profiles are compromised ?
    I would not waste money on what I deem to be a major scam site .

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