Find-Bride.comonline dating scams

I spotted a advertisment online from
Find Bride for joining a affiliate program to sign up men to join the Find bride sites apparently more than
If 2 of 100 hundred men that you register make a purchase on the sites
They pay you a low commission .
You get $8.00 finder's fee for American men over target age 30 $6.00 per lead for men in Europe or Australia
You set up your own site blog talk on social media to bring men to find bride
Site ! When you make $1, 000 dollars they pay you by PayPal Western Union
Web bank they take $30.00 transaction
Fee what a scam see how far reaching scammers like Snakes in Suits on the
Fake bride site try to go .
Check it out yourself Google Find -Bride affiliate programs read whole story yourself I only touched on tip of the iceberg ! All men heed everyone's
Warning! You are entering SHARK INFESTED WATERS a lot of DEMONIC
Operations going on in the Ukraine
Stay away at all costs unless you want a not so cheap thrill trouble awaits u
On any Ukranian dating site do not believe the hype and BS !!

Oct 03, 2019

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