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Jun 25, 2019

I joined a month ago and got 20 free credits, as if they were doing me some favor knowing the expenses it takes to actually talk and date a woman. More on that later. I am in my thirties and no luck finding a woman locally who isn't a gold digger or worse due to what I... / Is Russian dating site scam? / russian dating

Feb 28, 2018

After several registrations on dating websites, I thought that most of them have lots of fake ladies in the chat and video, they send the same letters and even didn't answer for questions. It was very expensive experience for me. But in the end I was lucky to find this site. I found a lot...

Find-Bride / russian dating

Dec 03, 2017

I came to this site after foraging around a number of others and finding nothing. Now that doesn't mean this site has been easy but I do believe that Eastern European women are more like mother than women from many other places. They are portrayed as women who believe that marriage i...

Find-Bride / russian dating

Nov 25, 2017

I've met my wife on and now I want to share this experience with you. Frankly speaking ii am not a fun of all these dating websites, but I decided to try. And I got acquainted with Kate in here. She is really the best for me, the kindest and the most beautiful lady. I am...

Find-Bride / russian dating

Nov 15, 2017

I can say that I am rather experienced in terms of dating website. So, if characterizing it, I can mention that generally this platform is very convenient and the price is also reasonable. As for the girls, they are mainly Russian and Ukrainian, extremely beautiful ladies I can say. But... / scam/fraud

Oct 14, 2015

I am a highly educated, and financially very adequate, and I decide tocheck out this site. Men pay attention because I have spent a lot of money and time investigating this site. It started when I first noticed that all the women were pretty much saying the same thing in their letter... / this company took small charges, when I didn't know about it

Sep 03, 2015

Don’t fill any forms on the website As well as don’t register on the website, because they simply took small and not noticeable fee from the account. I only recently found out that the company stole $25 from me. It was the worst experience and I have no possibility to... / I got a lot of replies, which were similar

Jun 23, 2015

I registered on the website and started to search for the bride. I was so enthusiastic and when I started to get emails and letters from the women, I understood that all their emails and things, which they wrote to me, were identical. I don’t know why and who did... / I can't stop the subscription

Feb 06, 2015

Don’t register on the website I filled the form and paid for the 3 month subscription. After 3 months I went to the website and wanted to cancel it, but these ### did something and it was impossible to cancel my subscription. I sent emails and asked to stop, but... / the website is full of married ladies – waste of time

Nov 20, 2014

People, the website is real scam, so stay away from this place. I registered and was shocked that the website was almost full of married women or women, who have boyfriends. But all of them wanted to get gifts or some other things from me. I was really upset and stopped...