FinChoice South Africaservice

Y Nov 18, 2017

I was very impress at first when I made an application with finchoice, consultants was very much proffessional with my application, which I did on thursday 16/11/2017. I was told it was approved and had to send thruoght my docs, payslip or bankstatements, which I did several times the net day, friday 17/11. I also phones in to comfirm recieving of my docs, which the did. This morning 18/11, I got another message to send my payslip again and dis so, so I phones to ask, again, im docs has been recieving and was told again yes. Then only to be told that load would only be paid out on monday 20/11, which would be late for me that why i applied on thursday already. Very much upset and dissappointed and would not recommend service to other.

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