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taken money from my bank account that I did not agree to.

This company has unauthorisedly taken the sum of £79.00 from my bank account. I did not agree to any of their terms and conditions or did I use any service they claim to provide.
I have sent emails to them but only received a generic reply.
On closer investigations it is clear they have done this to lots of other people who like myself did not knowingly accept to pay a fee.
It appears they do not respond to phone calls or emails when asking for refunds .
Surely this is illegally taking money from people's banks.
This company are theives.

£79 taken from my account

Absolutely wrong what they are doing. They should make it clear that they are going to take 79pound from your account. They have just done the same to my partner. We are facing hardship so thought we would take out a loan and they have taken money from us and we havent even secured a loan, we are not even getting a loan anymore. Disgusting what they are doing. They need to be closed down !!!


Please do not touch this company as soon as you fill the application form out then click on to view terms and conditions you automatically authorise them to deduct money from your account
And your own bank are powerless to do anything about it
You have been warned use them if you can afford to loose £79
I have emailed them no reply
I have called all contact numbers and you just get a automatic reply


I didn't authorise for payment took from account and wouldl refunded immediately or I will be taking further action is think these companies should let you know if they will making charges . I am a single man working 0 hour contact struggling to get by each month and think it is ridiculous what they have done too me now I will be struggling to get by this month if not refunded.

  • Updated by Ryan1888 · Nov 04, 2019

    I have not authorised for any payment to get took from my accounta nd wouldli ke a refund as this is all the cash in have

  • Updated by Ryan1888 · Nov 04, 2019

    I would like my refund th sisfraud

loan fee apparently!!

Took £79.00 out my bank with no authority to do so can't get in contact with them at all AVOID AVOID AVOID Not had a loan of these scammers !! Taking money for nothing off vulnerable people should make you sick but obviously not as your making the money off us hope you rot in hell all of you and get caught at some point so that all of us can get are monies back !

refund money back

Last week I tried to make a loan application through this company but I didn't get any loan instead, £79 was taken from my account.can you please state and show me the document...


Please would you refund back the 79 pounds that was taken from my account. I was unaware of this and have been shocked to see 79 pounds taken from my account. My name is Perrie Billey. I was looking on your website on the 14 sep 2019. My contact number is [protected]. I never authorised the money to taken and would like the full amount to be refunded.

stole £79 out of my bank account without consent

This company just decided to take £79 out of my bank account and then fobbed me of for three weeks promising a refund even tried to lie to me about issuing a refund and then when...


Hi there was £79 deducted from my account a few months back ever since then I've been emailing castle finance and they agreed to refund me the money and cancel my application I have proof for all this then 2 weeks later I still didn't receive refund so halifax my back opened up a fraud and I've bwwn told to get in touch with the company

I have emailed several times and would like to get a response as you have taken money of my kids so can someone please get back to me ASAP before I go to my last option being the police


Hello there, name is Bogdan, basically I had a personal problem and I needed a loan, having a bad credit I had to try for the payday loans. So I ended up applying on castle finance direct. Not being a direct lender I was redirected to another site, which declined my loan. 2 days after castle finance direct charged me 79 pounds, for what? That absolutely not fair. I searched on Internet about there reviews and no one was happy, apparently I become another victim of the scam

fraud and scam

I was told to fill inthe form and you will send a agreement form to fill and sign.but i didn't sign nothin yet you guys have taken £79 from my account. I emailed straight after that and before you guys even took the money to cancel my application but have heard nothing from you guys.please i would like my refund as i have 9 month old baby and currently struggling.

castle finance direct

After looking at my options on this website I have just been charge a £79 admin fee which was never agreed. I have not gone ahead with a loan nor spoken to any loan providers therefore why have they taken £79? I am so upset about this. I have spoken to my bank who say I need to try and obtain a full refund from the company themselves before they can act further. I have contacted castle finance but not yet had a response. The terms and conditions on their website state that if a loan is not paid out within 6 months then the £79 admin fee should be refunded minus £5, I am not getting a loan as I do not wish to go ahead therefore according to their own terms and conditions a refunded should be given!

broker's fee

I applied for a loan through castle finance and was charged £79 straight away before the loan was even considered. The loan got refused and havent seen the £79 since

I think this is really bad customer service as I have emailed twice asking for this to be refunded

I think that you are losing a lot of custom from this and will not be using again

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    I would like a refund to take place


I recently applied for a loan with this company, nothing ever come from the loan as they transferd my details to some other companies. Which I didn't apply for either but then they took a fee of £79 out my account for using their service which Is ridiculous, so I requested a refund and they said it would be in my account within 7 days it's been 10 and it still haven't received my refund. I'm just wondering if anyone has actually a received a refund from this company???

£79 refund

castle finance took £79 out of my bank over 2 weeks ago which is an absolute joke, i know it's an admin fee to use the service, I've had no service off them, I have no interest in getting a loan, I rang them on the number off their website which was just an automated call that told me to email them for the refund and then the refund would take up to 10 days, when I emailed them the email bounced back, then when I tried to contact the admin department they just sent me a copy and pasted message every time I tried to complain about the service, I've had no feedback about my refund and I need this money.


Despite numerous emails, I've still yet to recieve my refund of £79. All I keep getting told was it would be paid back to me within 1-10 working days. It's been nearly 3 weeks now. Even today all I get told is anyday now! Just want my money back! I wouldn't mind, but I didn't even get a loan from them, yet they took money from me! I asked for phone number, just so I could speak to someone and didn't receive that! All I receive is an automated email. This is getting beyond a joke now!

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    Gary wwwwwww Mar 20, 2019

    Refund my phone charges please

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  • Ga
    Gary wwwwwww Mar 20, 2019

    Refund me

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    Sadeka786 Jul 18, 2019

    I was told to fill in the form and you will send a agreement form to fill and sign.but i didn't sign nothin yet you guys have taken £79 from my account. I emailed straight after that and before you guys even took the money to cancel my application but have heard nothing from you guys.please i would like my refund as i have 9 month old baby and currently struggling.

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    Linz1988 Dec 15, 2019

    01634723205 this is the number you have to ring for a refund

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    Karolina Jablonska Dec 18, 2019

    @Linz1988 you have any number to contact with them?

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I did not check box button regarding your fraudulent company, refund my money, This has now left me in financial insecurities for the rest of the month, These scams are why...

you’ve taken money without my say so.

You've taken £79 out of my account for no reason leaving me with no money, I was looking on my phone to look for a loan for a car this web site asked me to for my details but half way through I decided not to go ahead but today I've got an email from the company saying they've taken £79 out of my account and this has left me with no money, this company has no contact details I've send them an email and don't know what else to do . This is terrible how can this happen he needs to be stopped straight away he's making peoples lives hell because of this . Please help . Mrs allison ireland

loan money

I applied for a loan in December 2018 and the £79 came out of my account. I decided I didn't want to go ahead with the process and asked for a refund. I was told it could take up to 6 months and that in the meantime I would stop getting offers of loans.I have sent plenty of emails requesting this refund (with no response), it's now 7 months down the line. Where is my refund?

taking money

This company have taken money from my account but I did not give them permission. They have not found me a loan so they have taken money for a service I've not received or gained...

taking £79 from my bank

I did an application on your website and haven't gone any further than that with any loan.
You have taken my last £79 out of my bank when the reason I applied for a loan was because I had no money!
How can you take money from me for literally doing nothing?
You have no contact number, an automated service on email.
Your a scam and I think your disgusting!!
I want all my information you hold on me deleted and I forbid you to pass any of my details to any third parties!!
Anthony grant clayton and rita clayton your both dirty scammers!!!

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    wayne Sturmey Oct 01, 2019

    Why take 79 pound out of my bank account if i didnt get the loan not very happy about it

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castle finance broker

I used this company to get help with a loan but I didn't go ahead with it and the one they set me up with wasn't any good anyway. I cancelled it with the loan company which i...


My name is Sean Keenan address is M20 2EN and I filled out an application form with yourselves just to see did I qualify not to actually get a loan now use are requesting money from my account can use please clear me of the system as I don't want a loan and refund the money taken from the account please I do not want a loan from yourselves and want my name cleared from your system thank you

79 pound fee

Again as with previous complaint you at no point were given permission to take any money from my account but did so and no agreement signed .i want it returned immediately or...

robbing me of £79

I'm so annoyed that they could Rob me of my money, someone has taken my details and used them to apply for a loan which I had no intentions of doing, I wasn't contacted or didn't...

money taken from my account

I've had 79 pound taken from my account which I did not approve for this money to be taken out and I want it refunded into my account within 48hours as it has left my with nothing...

administration fee

I have tried and tried to contact yourselves today regarding a payment taken from my account, I did not authorise this and it has left me with nothing!! I need to speak with someone as my bank advised. How can a company not have a telephone number it's ridiculous!! I need this cancelled ASAP so my money can be returned to myself. I'm extremely angry that I can't get in touch with someone to resolve this issue. Do not use castle finance direct!


some one has used my bank details to obtain a loan i was made aware of this issue though my bank statement that irecieved off my bank lloyds bank through the post on monday 11th september 2017 that castle finance had took a direct debit out of my bank account of £79.00 on the 29th of august 2017 i have never applyed for a loan of any such thing and there for would like for this to be investigated by yourselves and for the £79.00 to be refunded back in to my bank account as i have never received any emails from this company or letters in the post to say that i have applyed for this loan i have spoke too my bank and they told me i must get in contact with yourselves first before my bank can take this matter any further

admin fee

Dear sir/madam I have read on your website that you will not take the admin fee of £79 without permission. I have never gave permission for your company to take this therefore...

they took money for the form and refused to refund

I filled the form on the website of Castle Finance Direct. I thought to apply for the loan on this website, but after I filled the form and indicated my personal info, these jerk...


I used services of the company Castle Finance Direct, but they are fraud and stay away from them. They promised to arrange lenders for me. They took fee, which was about $ 80. I...