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We took our car (FIAT Stilo) to FIAT dealer in Heartfelf in Pretoria (South Africa) for 120000km service last year November. They told us that we need to change the cam belt because it was not changed with the 100000 km service. Since then our cuts when you are driving and sometimes it does not want to start. We took it back to the dealer because we thought they might have made a mistake whilst changing the cam belt and they said the problem is not related to the cam belt it is the sensor. We had to pay around R1500; Initially we payed around R5000 for the cam belt and service. Fews days later our car started cutting again. We ignored the problem. A month later our car couldn't start and a black smoke was coming off the exhaust pipe. We called the FIAT head office customer service and explained our problem, they adviced us to take it back to the Heartfelt dealer. Which did not help. Our FIA Stilo was towed to the dealer in heartfelt. The dealer drained the diesel out of our car and replaced it with a R50 diesel; then called us and told us that the diesel in our car was contaminated. We asked them how did they know that the diesel was contaminated. They said they just changed it and placed clean R50 diesel in. They did not have proof that the diesel was contaminated. Secondly they did not ask us for permission to continue with changing the diesel for a R2000. With the previous servises they normally would call us to ask for permission to contnue with the car service. they charged us another R2000 rands. We went to the petrol station where we previously filled the diesel and told them that the FIAT dealer in Heartfelt says the diesel in our car is contaminated. They showed us proof that their diesel is clean and was clean on the day we filled our car. There was no way that the diesel was contaminated, and from the time we filled our car it took a week before the car would not start. We took the matter to FIAT head office again. they were not of much help. We payed for the poor service and drove our car back home. On our way home the car started cutting again. In a few days time a black smoke was coming off the exhaust pipe again and at times it would not start. When it does that you have to rev it until the black smoke stop coming off, then it will start. Which means we payed the R2000 for nothing. It is quite difficult to drive around with our FIAT Stilo because it cuts all the time and sometimes it looses power when you try to drive off after stoping at a stop sign or in a hectic traffic. It is so frustrating to drive our FIAT Stilo. We called the head office again they said we should take it back to the dealer. We don't trust the Heartfelt FIAT dealer anymore. We payed for their poor service and are not willing to waste anymore money on their poor service. We are not happy with the way they treated us.


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    wayneit Mar 15, 2010

    The problem with the cutting out is the crank/cam sensor replace it (R600) . The loss of power is related to the egr valve sticking . This needs to be opened and cleaned out. Dont let them to replace it it can be cleaned out . If you need any assistance you can contact me at [email protected]

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    Elhadidi Othman Jun 13, 2012
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    i bought fiat stilo from 2 months in Qatar - Doha (Gulf Country), I took it to the dealer in doha to make service and check all the car and sun roof and air condition and every thing and the told me that they made everything and changed air filter for the condition and also they told me that re filled Freon for air conditioner and i find the conditioner the same and they didn't changed anything, also they told me that they changed the oil and filter for the engine and i find that they are Lie and didn't change and every time i have to leave the car for 5 day's to checked, the car suddenly stop and when i try to start the engine i found no battery charge i changed the battery and buy new one and still make this again i took the car again to the dealer to check this problem they told me that the battery is week and need to change i changed the battery again in the same day and also still the same problem finally they told me that the Dynamo need to change and with very high coast, i don't know what i have to do please anybody can send me the email for the main office for the fiat company to complaint or phone no to contact them and complaint against the dealer my email address is [email protected]

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    elginT Sep 03, 2014

    I am a owner of a Fiat Punto i Live in Bloemfontein i took my car for repairs at a fiat dealer which in this case is John Williams for them to replace the computer box of the car before they replaced the computer box my car radio was working. after they had changed the box and they returned the car it needed me to insert the code i then went to them and they told me i had to pay R450.00 so that they can request the code for me in Italy, i paid it and they then i got the code surprisingly it blocked my radio i told them took it to them.

    So that they could insert the code themselves it still blocked the radio. they told me one story to another finally the last story i heard from them was that the Radio is faulty yet it worked perfectly before then.

    i need intervention from you in resolving this matter i mean.i am really disappointed with them coming to think on the very same car i have spent close to R 30 000.00 for this car so that they repair it but now i am being treated unfairly .

    id be glad to hear from you

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