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demanding justice

Dear Sir,

We have booked grant Fiat Punto Active (P) on 10.11.09 from ABS Motors Gurgoan Haryana in Medium Gray colour vide LS Order No.14221 dt. 09.11.09 ( copy attached) through Mr. Rathi.They give me delivery date on 13.11.09. On 13 Nov we went showroom and asked for the delivery of booked vehicle.They said that vehicle gone for PDI and we deliver the vehicle at 1500 hrs but till 2000hrs time to time they are assuring me to deliver the vehicle.At 2000 hrs they said that there is a problem in the vehicle lock and assured me to deliver at 1100 hrs on 14.11.09.

Again on 14.11.09 we went to showroom and asked for the deliver and spoil full day but not get any vehicle or the fact about the said vehicle. At 1920 hrs again they assured to deliver the vehicle at 0900 hrs on15.11.09. When we reached home we received call from showroom that the booked vehicle lock behind repairable and you have to wait another 20 days or you changed your colour to BN White. We replied that this is not possible now because only after inspect the colour we can give you go head.

Sir first of all if there were any problem in the vehicle than why they have booked my Gray colour and why to hide the fact and make us fool.

Again on 15.11.09 we reached the showroom and agree to take BN White colour & asked the delivery. They said that your file lost and you have booked vehicle again. when the file completion going on in between Mr Sager said you will not get the scheme benefit. After a huge discussions Mr. Sager Shaker ABS Sales Manager agree to deliver vehicle and assured to gives scheme benefits and call us on 16.11.09 to collect insurance paper, invoice Form no 21 & 22 etc.But we received document on 19.11.09 after calling Mr Sager at several time per day (mail copy attached).

Sir during the time of delivery Mr. Sager demand Rs. 7439/- ( 2650 for Ty registration, no plate & storage etc and Rs 4789/- towards the difference in payment of vehicle (copy attached). But during booking Mr. Rathi told us the price of vehicle Rs. 361272/- and for the same amount CSD Ambala made the purchase order (copy attached). We told whole story to Mr. Sager and he try to contact to Mr. Rathi but Rathi mobile was switched off. Mr Sager assured us that if it so let Mr. Rathi to come back than you received your Rs. 4789/- back.

On 24.11.09 we informed by Mr. Rathi that you summit a refund application to our office and we will return your Rs 4789/- back by cheque but till to date nothing received by me after calling to Mr. rathi on daily basis.

Regarding insurance lastly on 19.11.09 they handed over cover note no A4948102 (copy attached) to me & on 06.12.09 we received the certificate of comprehensive policy from Future Generali India by courier (copy attached).

Again 15.12.09 we received one more courier in which they wrote that your policy no V 0507311 dt 19.11.09 cancelled due to dishonored premium cheque no 410312 on State Bank of India for amount of Rs.11095 and with the reason that payment stopped by drawer ( copy attached).

Regarding cancellation of policy we called Ms. Heema at ABS Motors but she was also not interested to resolve this problem.

Sir after going through this letter me and my full family was went in a shock that what is happening and thanks GOD that that if during this period if something happened like accident than who took the responsibility because we totally in dark & every thing happened.

We are very surprise that during allotting dealership what the company thought about this type of dealers who spoil the name & fame of Fiat/ Tata We also wonder that weather we have taken a foolish step to go for Punto because of this experience with your faithful dealer.

The attitude and behaviour of Sales Manager, Customer Service manager and delivery supervisor drastically unfaithful telling wrong scheme to like me Clint's. Lastly we are seeking help and true justice from your end and demanding core punishment to the defaulters.

Sincerely waiting for your reply.

Ramphal Dahiya

cluster instrument

Asst general manager
Fiat india pvt ltd

Shibu mathew
K. P-11/521/1, mangalath
Sree nagar, n.C. C road
Peroorkada, tvm-695005

I am very proud to have a fiat palio stile sle which was purchased from kulathungal motors (tvm) on 30-06-09. The extended warranty of the vehicle will be expired on 29-06-2010. The vehicle has been handed over to the kulathungal motors on 11.11.09 for servicing including the replacement of instruments cluster (instrument panel) but to my surprise, the vehicle has been returned to me without replacement of the instrument cluster. On enquiry, I have been advised come with the vehicle for replacement after one week. After one week I have produced the vehicle. But the same has not been replaced for want of stock. After that they are not contacted me. Since then five or six times I have contacted them but no positive reply has been received from them. This is too bad experience to me. Please see that I am using another two four wheelers (swift dzire & ritz) also. I am not experiencing any difficulty in services of that vehicles.
Now one month has been elapsed after registering the complaint. I request you to please ensure that the replacement of the instrument cluster is done urgent otherwise I may be forced to take proceed further.

17-12-2009 with regards yours sincerely
Trivandrum shibu mathew

pyramid scheme/ smart circle employee scam

I worked for this company for 5 days, 2 for unpaid training, and 3 actually on site. They expect employees to...

used car


TATA Motors Ltd

Fiat Division


Dear Sir,

Sub : Complain regarding manufacturing defects & others.

Ref : Fiat Linea. Ch. No. 9000506 Dt. 29.06.09

I want to bring your kind attention on the following facts & problems I am facing from day one of the purchase.

Kilo-meter not working.
Cigarette lighter out of order 100 %.
Noise while switching on AC.
Cooling of AC very poor.
Noise when releasing brake.
Steering Noise.
Suspension noise.
Front Panel button gone inside.
There are Screw driver marks on the panel as if it was opened & repaired.
We feel we have been supplied old stock vehicle or a DEMO car where as we are informed as May’09 manufactured.

I personally feel that I was cheated on this particular car, hence we have differed purchasing 2 more FIAT cars / Linea & Punto ) and have gone for Maruti Dzire & Swift, we can provide you with proofs.

My son called up your sales person at Kolkata what he says why you are complaing now after 1 month secondly he says you must have driven the good no of Kms, so he means a car is a show peace.

Some of the faults were informed to the dealer ( RD Motors Kolkata ) while on way to Asansol after taking delivery.

I request you to replace the car & oblige.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Ms. Saroj Dokania

31st July 2009


gear box warranty

I have a 2007 fiat punto and the gear box has blown, fiat will not fix under warranty as the say the car has been over driven 255 times. This has been flagged up by the cars computer system. This is the third thing that has went wrong. First was the window wiper stopped working and then the drivers door wouldn't open from the inside and now the gear box.

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poor service life

Fiat Siena, Done 58000Kms.Petrol pump Failure due to heavy leakage from pumps main rivetd body,engineer recommended complete replacement.Replacement done -Invoice No :BUBhAu-WD-[protected],Invoice Date:13/10/2007.What is the expected life of a fuel pump???!!!!!
This failure was happened during a journey to attend an important meeting.
Are the company is going to refund the pump cost?

irresponsibility and carelessness

My car met with an accident in Delhi in which the bumpers of my car were damaged. From the past 22 days the...

constant failure even after regular services


I will never recommend anyone to visit Fortune Cars at Powai Mumbai. It is a messy place with no parking available when you visit. You are asked to wait hours before someone attends it.

I had a horrifying experience with this service center. I have done regular service through this center and every time I have been looted for thousands of rupees. Even after spending loads of money I was informed that my problems will persist. When escalated to Manager and Center Head, I was denied a written document of same. I was asked to leave as they will not give me anything in writing.

I would like if someone from Fiat or TATA monitors this center and take strict action on them.

Please get in touch with me if you need more details..

My Experience with this has made me believe that Fiat/TATA cars after sales service is pooor and irritating even after spending good amount.
This cars are just fit for regular drivers.

  • Sa
    Samarthya Aug 24, 2009

    This was the mail I wrote to customer care... and no response as yet... so kindly enjoy the details... have to find irony and fun in experience...


    Even though I know this mail shall be trashed and no action shall be taken, but still I guess this is the only way I can vent out my angst and frustration of being a fiat customer.

    I really dread the day I chose to buy a fiat palio SLX instead of going for a Hyundai or a Suzuki car. I thought the Tata association and with fiat's brand this car has to have something, not knowing what was is store.

    It is a new experience wherein the customer has to run from pillar to post to know who can service his vehicle. Just to narrate one of my quite recent experiences I am sure you guys will feel sorry for the inconvinience caused and get ready for inflicting further grief.

    This particular anecdote ( not interesting at all) was scripted to happen at Sterling Auto, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India on 10th of August 2009, 9:00 AM. Wherein I was one of the first guys to reach the place to get my Fiat Palio SLX (2007) serviced. It was 4th service for my vehicle. I got hold of Mr Rajesh, Service advisor (09717391351) (fancy designations) and expatiated the issues I was facing to him and after much deliberation and my due apprehension I was convinced of vehicle delivery at 4:00 clock the same day.

    Now this is where the suffering starts. I reached the workshop at around 5:00 expecting the delivery of my car, but to my surprise the car was still being worked upon by a technician who was pulling things apart and again trying to get to something on my car's right rear door. I contacted Mr Rajesh (as he was the only known contact). He started justifying the delay and all sort of crepescular non technical stuff, which I very much knew meant "we will not be able to fix your problem". I tried to reason but found out they knew very little of the issue and the guy who was working on it was trying to hush up to reach back home as it was already late for him. It was very obvious that my vehicle was in a bad state and was not even washed properly (the basic thing). Being a gentle soul I voluntarily agreed to let my car stay in workshop for them to work upon for another day. Now, this is where the things got twisted. The next day I HAD TO CALL UP THE SERVICE ADVISOR to know of my car status and was glad to hear a prompt reply " WE ARE WORKING ON IT, SIR!!" and was assured of vehicles delivery by 12:00 clock and too my surprise they had agreed to drop my car to my office as a welcoming gesture.

    11th August, 12:00 Noon, I called up Mr. Rajesh again; expecting the vehcile to be on its way, but was in for a rude shock. He said after 2 days they still cant fix the problem and it will take some MORE time. This was frustrating as I did not get a clear answer even after waiting for a day. Expecting to get a proper response I asked him of his Managers number so as to put some customer is king kind of pressure. Enter, Mr. Shantanu (09910498920) Manager Workshop. I had a brief talk with him and even before I could elaborate the hasty feelings he said I shall look into the matter and get back to you. I waited for half an hour for his call (by the way he was supposed to call back in 5 minutes) and as usual was told the matter is under investgation and was persuaded to give some more time as the door latch had some issue and spare was not available (the golden fiat service words). Even after much deliberation and as many phone calls I knew my car will not be delivered on the day as promised. Un-willingly I agreed to push it a day more after assurance from Mr SP Singh (09650595348), Deputy GM and the other two blokes.

    12th August, 12:00, I started my usual calling to the three people involved sometimes they did pick my calls other times they completely ignored it. By this time I have had enough of their promises. Meanwhile I got in touch with Mr Pandey (09212362718), Spares manager at Vivek motors who said he shall arrange the spares and even asked me to tell Mr Shantanu that he can get the spares from him or one another location in Okhla, Delhi. Imagine a customer is calling up a service workshop manager to tell him where he can find spares. Well anyways I did my part, but was told by Mr Shantanu that DEALERS DO NOT SHARE PARTS AMONG THEMSELVES. This was another shock here I was mediating for MY OWN CAR and I was getting differnt stories from differet people. Now, I thought lets be logical instead of being mad and told him I shall be there at around 3:30 so he better push his staff to arrange the spare, which he said he shall be doing.

    12th August, 3:30, I reached the place and had a talk with Mr. Rajesh as Mr. Shantanu preferred not picking up my calls. Mr. Rajesh told me the truely unexpected things, "The SPARE IS STILL NOT AVAILABLE". WOW!! If this couldnt break the back of the camel then there is something seriously wrong with the camel!!

    I just have had enough, I wanted my car back, but to my astonishment my car was all open with even the bonnet of my car open (GOD knows what they want to pick and choose from my engine when the issue was with my door) forget the washing of car. I realized even if I meddle around for an hour they wont be able to put my car back, so I gave them an extra hour and told them that I shall be there at 6:00 to pick my car.

    I was feeling a bit agitated and the reasons were obvious (I hope). So here I was right on time and 15 minutes before reaching the place I had told Mr. Rajesh that I am on my way and please put the car in ready to deliver state.

    What was coming next was now expected, I reached there at 6:00 and after some calls here and there, I finally caught up with Mr. Rajesh and finally saw my car parked outside and was told it has been washed and put backk, but the spare is still a problem. I saw my car and it was all muddy I saw the interior with all grease hands, I had to do the task of getting hold of technicians to get it cleaned up. I personally had to tell them clean the corners and stuff. I saw some new scratches on my car, but knew nothing can be done and I should be glad I got my car back. I did bring them to the supervisor attention, but to no vain, he seemed to be enjoying my grief at the moment.

    I had to pay my bill to get my car, so I went to the bill desk, all the way thinking, what's next?

    My bill summed up to a staggering Rs. 3160, and thats too without getting a part replaced. But I was thanking god!! Atleast it was to be soon over.

    Finally at 7:30 my car was ready for delivery (without test ride). On my way back I found my car was too heavy to drive which I realized is the break shoes tightly screwed. I am not going back ever to fiat (its just been two years association, but it pains a lot more), I will soon dump this car (my hard earned money) but for a better car and definitely an after sales service.

    You people wont loose much, as for you customer is nothing more than a "SCREW the DUMMY"! better you will launch a new product with the same missing spares!!

    In the end customer will be running from pillar to post just to get a spare.

    Cheers to your in-effectiveness! and pleasure you derive from laundering money from un-suspecting poor customers and their hapless running around!!

    - Saurabh

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  • Ra
    rajauma Nov 14, 2009

    Hi all,

    I have bought a Fiat Palio from Priya Cars from Coimbatore last September. Not at all a good dealer. Facing several problems now with the car. Just a money motivated people. The car was just perfect for driving, but the second day the temperature started to go up and the fuel-injecting sensory is not switched off, and leakage of diesel from the tank, etc. even the windows were adjusted with some wood pieces inside. Still now I am unable to use the AC on that. I have given 1, 68000 on that car. When I spoke to them, they just told me that they could not find the previous owner now and they will not take back the car. When I asked for company service, they told me that it would take nearly 80, 000 to rectify the problem. This was brought to the notice of Priya cars and he recommended a workshop who can just finish all things with just 7000. I know there is a good understanding between these the dealer and the mechanic. Fake people... Don't deal with priya cars...please.

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  • Sr
    Sreekanth A K Jul 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    My newly owned Fiat palio's Fuel line was damaged and on 29/june/2010 the car was given for rectyfying the damage to RF Motors Thodupuzha, Kerala, India.. it is sad to inform you that the same is not yet rectified till date ie.19/07/2010. Please take necessary steps...


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terrible service & safety issues!

I bought a brand new Fian Strada 1.6 bakkie 6 months ago. The safety / pre-check was obviously not done properly, as I discovered that first day I had the car the passenger seat safety belt does not work, I will now have now taken the car back to have it fixed 3 times, and it's still not working, I had to have the battery replaced yesterday, as the one cell is dead, the car is still under warranty, and my husband had to fight with them for over 2 hours to replace it for no charge, and as he got home he saw the seatbelt is still not working. I did not even have to dig deep to find many other unhappy fiat clients, I am extremely happy with the car, but due to the client relationship and treatment, I can strongly advise everyone NOT to get involved with any Fiat dealership in South Africa. Obviously, the seatbelt issue is a safety issue. What poor service. I am utterly disappointed and will never buy another Fiat in South Africa again.

  • Cl
    Claudette Marcus Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would just like to inform your company of how dissatisfied I am . Earlier in the year I bought a rear wiper arm
    For a Fiat Palio 2004 model, vin no : AFZ178F2601529438, This part was supplied incorrect at least 3 times
    After which I decided to cancel the order, of which I waited just so long for a credit to be passed, with the lady in
    Accounts(Ragner) having a bit of an attitude when you phone to enquire when the credit will be passed.
    Today, 20 November 2008, I purchased a Windscreen Top Rubber (Rubber Weath) part no : 46402385
    For a fiat Palio EL, 4door, 2004 model, vin no: AFZ178F2601529438 & guess what after paying & the driver had left
    when we opened the box it Was empty, I cant believe it that I have such problems when ever I deal with SCHUS R300.
    Bellville, Tel : 021-903 05 00

    Kind Regards
    Claudette Marcus

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  • Li
    LIZETTE VENTER Apr 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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car stalled after 375 km!

I want to file a complaint against FIAT India (Now taken over by TATA Motors). I bought a Fiat Palio on July 2,2006 and I have just done 375 Km on it and the car has been giving problems. It has stalled in the middle of the road once and right now it refuses to start. I got it checked when the problem occured for the first time on July16,2006. I went to Vivek Automobiles, Mathura Road, New Delhi where I bought the car from and I was told by the guys there that there are some errors in the MPFI system which caused the stall and now they have deleted those errors (I seriously dont know what he was trying to tell me). I went home feeling relieved and after two days my car has stalled again. I told them that they have sold me a defective piece and they should take responsibility. They can't figure out what the problem is nor are they ready to change my car. I am totally helpless and feel that I have been cheated.

  • Sa
    Samik Sep 13, 2009


    It been just a year so far since I purchased the Fiat Palio Stile Multijet SD car and it has spend more time in the workshops than on the road with a series of issues which were worked by the Malik car dealers in Hyderabad India.

    It all started with issues with ECU component linked to faulty fuel injection system which stalled the car and locked the steering completely.This persistent issue was taken care temporarily when a new ECU unit was procurred from Italy as they did not have spare parts in their Pune production facility(a shame!). The problem then did not reoccur for 4-5 months, however due to the basic fault in the fuel injection system again the stalling and locking started recently.

    In fact at this time as well my vehicle is in the workshop and I am totally fed up with the unsecurity of the vehicle as i can't take it out for long drives outside city withthe hear of stalling!!

    I have asked the dealer to replace the car completly as I just can't this this issue no further and have been patient all this while.

    If I don't get any positive responses from fiat dealer Malik in Hyderabad, I will file a case in consumer court on grounds of manufacturing defects.

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  • Sh
    SHAHID AHMAD KHAN Mar 10, 2010

    The GM

    Respected Sir,

    This is to inform you that my car Black FIAT LINEA no. UP 32 CS 3672 bought abought a year back has been showing the following problems
    (1) Its suspension is not working properly resulting in the wearing out of all 4 tyres

    (2)Its AC is very slow and does not cool the car even to a comfortable temprature

    (3)Its electronic milometer has stopped working after the car has travelled 26000 km, even though the distance travelled by it is above 45000
    (4) Its stereo is not working and after being given to GOLDRUSH LUCKNOW for repair, the electronic meter has stopped working altogather.

    Kindly replace my Tyres, AC, Electronic meter and stereo.
    Also please reply why I should no file a case against your company at the consumer court.

    Thanking you

    Yours Sincerly

    m. 9415930000
    DATE : 8th March 2010

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go back to europe!

Last year (february 2005) we bought a brand new fiat palio go! (the old shape) and was very excited because it was our first new car we bought as a family. Two weeks after we had to send back the car with minor problems like a squeak here and a rattle there, and one of the complaints was that the steering wheel had? Play? On. Later that day the workshop manager phoned me to tell me that they have to replace the steering rack because it was faulty. A week after all of this happened, I accidentally scratched the car on the fender and had it re-sprayed at a panel-beater. One of the workers who worked on my car there showed me that the car was re-sprayed at the back on the boot, the paint is pealing off and the boot door is not aligned properly. I took it up with ic fiat in kempton park and they said that I will have to wait for the factory manager to have a look, I never saw him! One month later I noted that there was a wining noise and clucking noise at the engine and that I thought it was the gearbox so we took it back again to discuss the matter about the boot and the noise and the car jerked badly. The workshop manager assured me that it was nothing bad but the steering rack was loose so they just tightened the bolts and clean out the throttle body, regarding the boot issue, he just told me that they are still waiting for the factory manager to sort it out (he never looked at my car). About three months later the wining noise got bad and we had to take it back again, the clutch packed up so we had to replace it (luckily it is still under warranty) and the workshop manager explained to me that if they would have to re-spray the boot it would take too long and we will be without a car for at least a week or two and we have no other vehicle, so we had no choice but to have left the matter there.in december I had to take the car back because it was jerking and they cleaned out the throttle body again and replaced a cv boot that came loose and did a minor serbice. I also told them that the cv joint won? T last long and they assured me that there is nothing wrong with the cv joint; 3months later they had to replace the cv joint! Even after I spoke to fiat south africa twice in last year and twice in january and march this year they assured me that the national after sales manager would get back to me and? Test drive? My car, but they never phoned me back, a consultant at fiat sa told me that the car is still under warranty so why not just send it in the whole time so after a while they would have replaced the whole car by then, I did not think that was funny! At the beginning of june the fiat after sales manager, dino, phoned me to tell me that he has spoken to fiat boksburg and arranged for my vehicle to go in for repairs (replace the clutch again!). At that stage we could not go because they cannot accommodate us with a courtesy car or at the time we have to be at work, he then told me that I have to phone him back after my holiday in nelspruit to confirm with him that we have to take the car in but for the last two weeks his phone just goes on to voice mail and he never returns any of my calls. There is a bad rattle noise in front at the steering and there is a lot of play on the steering wheel, my wife and 5 month old baby drives in that car every day and if something would happen to them, I will sue fiat sa for everything they have!!! I insist on a new or at least give us a deposit for a new/better/reliable car. I do not care if the car is older then one year and has 34000km on the clock, I bought the car brand new and a week after we had to replace the steering rack already!! Within one year and four months our car was in the workshop for over eighteen times now and I kept all the job-cards to prove it... We are fed up and when our warranty expires next year feb, who will have to pay for the repairs then?! Fiat, pack your bags because I think you? Re in for a downfall, go back to europe!!

  • Na
    narasimha reddy Mar 02, 2011

    this is narasimha reddy from rajampeta. i have reserved a fiat punto 90bhp from mg brothers in nellore. they were worst in service in delivering a vehicle. they have given a used vehicle which is test diven. actually we paid 35000 in advance after that due to some financial problems the vehicle delivery is delayed for 2 months, before 2 months we that we want a new vehicle, they doesnt aqccept and we think it is new only and accepted delivery. after that we called them on 26th feb 2011 and told that we will take the vehicle on 28th at 12.00pm and they said ok. after that we came on 28th monday at 12.00. the vehicle isnot there and thay told it has gone for teflon coat. ok they are telling that vehicle will come by 2.00pm and 3, 4, 5, 6, pm. and the vehicle doesnt come. they took the dd for the remainig amount with out showing the vehiclle and took signatures by 5.00pm with out showing the vehicle. whats this nonsense sir. finally the vehicle came ay 7.30pm in the night with all mud and dust. we asked what is this all and seen that used and running vehicle. is it good for them sir, is it the right way in delivering the vehicle.we think mg brothers has good brand value and too the good fiat car.what to now sir. i does nt take delivery sir.i want the veicle to be replaced or return my amount. or we will see in the court of law against the mgb and fiat and tata motors, i am extremely sorry to say this sir pls try to understand.
    pls solve my problem as soon as possible because 8.18 lakhs is not a big issue for the people like u, but it is a great issue for us the people who depends on agriculture. pls sir.

    thanking u sir

    yours sincerely
    narasimha reddy

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  • Da
    DaveTheNerdGuy Oct 13, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please help me get my car back from Lakeside dealership in Sterling Heights Michigan. They have had it going on 5 weeks now to do warranty work.

    David A Borgne 586 201-6084

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  • Yu
    YURIAires Nov 09, 2019

    "When it rains, water collects inside the racetrack tail lights of my 2014 Durango. The problem exist on the rear of the part. The sponge-like gasket is disintegrating. I got it replaced at the dealer for 1, 000 $ about 4 months ago, I got water again in the new ones. The LED's are not working anymore when I turn on the lights on."

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