Festiva Resortswill not refund my money after they cancelled due to overbooking

T Review updated:

We booked a week "festiva getaway" for the Peppertree Atlantic Beach. It was a promotion in which you had to take the time share tour by the second day of your arrival. We own a time share at a gold crown RCI resort in Hilton Head, so this was not a big hassle for us. However, Festiva contacted me 4 days before my planned vactaion(on tuesday afternoon), and stated that they had "accidentally overbooked". They wanted to have me to change weeks. I am unable to do that, as I have to preapare well in advance to arrange time off from my medical office. The next thing they wanted me to do is change resorts. However, they did not have anything to offer in the outer banks area. They could offer me orlando or a resort 3 miles from the beach in Myrtle Beach. This was not feasible for us, as we were traveling thru Raleigh to stop for family, and you cannot do that to go to either locations. Plus - I shouldnt have to go somewhere I have no desire to go just because they messed up!!!

I asked for a refund, and the man stated he would have to ask his supervisor. WHY do you need to ask supervisor to give me a refund on something their company is unable to provide? Anyway, he eventually said that this had been ok'ed, and he obtained by card info to apply the refund.

That was June 16th- 2 and a half weeks ago. I STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN MY MONEY! Someone from the Asheville office - Jessie somebody - called me the following 2 days to say " they were trying to work something out and needed to discuss my refund" I have called him and left messages 6 times. Last week, I finally got to speak with someone else, and she said that I would have to speak with Jessie. I told her I had left him repeated messages and he would not call me back. She then said he would, and I asked when? She said I do not know. I then said, "will it be by the end of business day today?" and SHE HUNG UP ON ME!

I have called again today, and left more messages - this time for a Julia Shirley in the finance department.

This is absolutely ridiculous!!! I have contacted a lawyer, my local state representative, and the local news station of Asheville to run a story on this fradulent company. I have a long time friend that happens to work for this station, and he will put me in contact with the reporter that handles their "scam revealed"stories.

If I do not get my money back in the next few days, it is going to get VERY ugly.


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      Jul 26, 2009

    the way this all sounds to me is an untimely refund to an over excited person. someone who is trying to smear the good name of festiva. chill out

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      Jul 27, 2009

    Mrs. Yelton;

    It is my understanding that on the day we were made aware of your situation (July 03), you were contacted by our marketing department and given your refund along with a vacation certificate.

    We are very sorry that you had to deal with this due to the unforeseen circumstance of the employee you were originally working with leaving the company unexpectedly.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at [protected]

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