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cancellation of our fedhealth medical aid

We send the cancellation form in on 31 Desember 2019 its now 2 weeks that fedhealth ignore us to send our end date papers that we gan go over to the new medical aid our new medical aid cant come active till we send them that end date paper the last time the business switch a member over it was the same problem and fight to get documentation out of them

authorization delay

My mum was admitted after cardiac arrest. Her cardiologist recommended an ICD to prevent a recurrence. After 5 days we still don't have approval. The matter was escalated and the Dr who was meant to respond to the cardiologist has not given feedback. This is Completely unacceptable!!
Should her condition deteriorate, or she goes into cardiac arrest again, Fedhealth will be held fully accountable!!
Pls call me [protected].
Membership [protected] - Divia Gopal

termination of medical aid

When my daughter was born in April 2019 fedhealth just started becoming a problem and I decided August that I'm not returning to work after maternity leave and that I will have to cancel my medical aid I called in and explained my situation also explained to them that ir would be difficult to pay the normal contribution and if I could make arrangements to then pay it off to settle the account and the guy that I spoke to said no I can I have to wait till the termination period was over than I need to call again so I waited and called again was sent from pillar to post with no answer and no help I was left unsatisfied so I sebt an email to all the email addresses I had of fedhealth and only when I threatened them saying I'm going to take them to the ombudsman that's when I got an answer but also was left with uncertainty about how much I needed to pay back to the medical aid yet again this was about 3 weeks ago I keep sending Sibusiso Xuba emails but he does not respond! Unless I threaten to take things further. Last week he was on leave u called fedhealth 3 times was kept being placed on hold for 15 to 20 minutes at a time because no one could help me and was told to wait for sibusiso to come back from leave or they will tranfere my call to a number which I guess was his where there was no answer! For such a big medical aid company your service is very bad and still to this hour nothings been resolved

bad service - total incompetence

I sent an application for my son on 18/09/2019 and on the email advised that he is only covered on my medical aid until 30/09/2019. Nobody got back to me until I started calling last week distressed about my son being covered from the 1st of October.

I received an email on Friday asking for 3 month's bank statements and payslips for August. On Monday morning and afternoon respectively I email the requirements. Followed up after 3 pm and the lady said she escalated for urgent processing.

Today I call and spend 19:30 minutes on the phone as my son is not covered at the moment. After all this time the lady wants to tell me that they are still waiting for the payslips. This is simply unacceptable that clients have to beg a provider to get business. Is Fedhealth so big that they don't want new young clients on the book??

Emailed all documents to a team leader called Mannie, he was going to send me something by yesterday afternoon or this morning. Nothing. I complained on Hello Peter on 01/10/2019. Just received a call from Gugu saying that she saw my complaint, but they still waiting for the payslips.. THIS IS AFTER I HAVE SENT IT NUMEROUS TIMES.

not happy service received from the organisation

On Friday the 20/09/2019 I received an email from fedhealth advising that i have a refund of my savings due to me and it will be processed by the 25th of september.I then contacted Fedhealth to enquirer which details this refund was processed into due to the following reasons
- I have left the scheme for 13 months and since leaving the scheme nobody had contacted me regarding my membership
- No body from credit control had contacted me to confirm my banking details prior the refund being processed

After contacting the call center, the agent advised that they were paying into a STD bank account and that i should email the valid banking details to them and also attach my bank statement.

I was very upset and disappointed with the carelessness of the fedhealth credit control department, because its my previous employer that used to pay the funds to the scheme and nobody from their credit control department contacted me to confirm if the details which they were provided 3 years ago were still valid.

None the less, i emailed the information to the general mailbox and received a query number : 200919QMTKLS and another query number : 200919QMTNXL (these were received an 30 minutes apart)

On Monday morning, i received an email from the consultant advising that the payment was processed and my banking details only came after.I then contacted the call center to advise them to cancel the refund and process into the correct acoun and i was advised that I would have to speak to standard bank due to the funds being processed.

1.My question is, after a member having left the scheme for 13 months, how can credit control just process funds into an invalid account without notifying the account holder to verify if the details are correct ?

2. in terms of the TFC, i haven't been treated fairly as a customer. I didn't receive any communication from the organisation prior the payment, nor did any consultant try to contact me to verify my information prior processing the payment.

3. This credit control team is very negligent in processing payments, why didnt the supervisor or manager pick up that its been over a year since i cancelled the membership and no contact had been made with me. Who processes a payment blindly into a persons account just because its on the system, its doesnt mean its correct and valid especially considering that no contact has been made with the personnel to confirm their existence and validity of the account.

Fedhealth MUST reverse the payment made into the std account and pay into the correct details provided. Whether std bank honors the payment or not, its not my responsibility to be calling the bank to rectify the monies to be transferred to me for what ever reason.

I trust my complaint is received in order.

not happy service received from the organisation

no response to confirm new banking details

Currently we are not happy with the service received from Fedhealth.

Firstly, we contacted Fedhealth on 11.07.2019 to request a Record Amendment Form (reference for call 110719QJ7042).
We were told that we just have to complete the form and submit it back to Fedhealth.
Then on the 12.07.2019 we received an email stating extra documents, ID's and letters were to be submitted.
Why was this not included in your first email?
On 15.07.2019 we submitted all the extra documents, ID's and letters as requested.
Secondly, only upon my follow up to Fedhealth on 18.07.2019, we were informed that the member to be terminated has a one month calendar notice period of termination.
This is all good and well, but should the member only be terminated on 31.07.2019 we have asked to please update the change of new banking details to take effect as from 01.09.2019
My question is, why can't all the information be submitted and explained to members upon their first request?
Now that the documents have been completed with our required dates, you change it.

All we want is confirmation of new debit to only take place on 01.09.2019

service centre

Oh my goodness
Where do I start

Changed my plan after multiple calls, sent confirmation letter in Nov (after I paid a whole year of maternity scans and doctor visits from my pocket in excess of R7000)

Received confirmed letter this was done

Messed up and rejected my casualty claim in December because they captured the wrong date
5 calls later finally paid

Changed my surname from getting married, said they delivering card for 2 months never recived changed address to get card delivered waiting 3 weeks plus

1 January they changed my plan to a lower one again and cancelled medivault 5 calls later finally sorted

Submitted 2 claims for 5 and 9 Jan that I paid out of pocket, they processed rhe one from 5 Jan but paid the supplier instead of refunding me as requested

Called in got a reference number still not recrified

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    F Lage Jun 28, 2019

    They beyond PATHETIC!!! Incompetent!!!

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fedhealth medical aid

To whom it may concern

I am currently on the Blue door option of Fedhealth medical aid, my monthly premium increased this year by 52% from R1070 to R1615 which is absolutely rediculous, my salary increased from R9000 to R10500 in August 2018.

I can't see how the medical board could approve this increase, please investigate and explain.

Kind regards
Merle Ribeiro
Plan number [protected] - Blue door.

activated membership without consent

I am from a brokerage. My client is with momentum and wanted to take medical aid with fedhealth but before he goes over he 1st wanted to know if there will be any exclusions or...

medical aid

On the 11 September I broke my foot at the gym and went to ER. FEDHEALTH refuses to pay for anything, i was advized to ask for a late authorization which i submitted in September...

non-payment of pmb conditions consultation.

My Fedhealth memebership no. [protected]. My daughter has a heart condition recognized by my medical aid as a PMB. on 27 Sept. 2018 we took her for her annual checkup with the...

ariana janse van rensburg - fedhealth

Please see correspondence below from one of your agents. She has been unhelpful, vague and does not explain things properly. She has even questioned if our GP's actually exist and...

in hospitals claims not paid?

I am a member and was in hospital patient. According to my plan I am supposed to be covered in hospital for pathology blood tests. However this was not the case. I have sent...

Fedhealth — option

Good afternoon I joined fedhealth in July and I have been getting a raw deal since I have been phoning for so long without getting help when I joined them I was on maxima entry...

sanlam reality activation

Good day,

The below email was send to Fedhealth on the 06.07.2018. After numerous attempts to sort out my Sanlam Reality registration.
(Start of mail send to Fedhealth on the 06.07.2018) "I have phoned Fedhealth spoke to a consultant, PITY I can't remember the name as she did not even give me a chance to get a reference number or anything. She put me on HOLD, and the next moment I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Trevor, which really tried to help but the problem is at FEDHEALTH.
Then I was requested to complete an application form AGAIN!!! And I said no, I will not.
See attached is my application form that was completed and I have sent it to Anthea Herbert at Sanlam Reality.
I am trying to get my Sanlam Reality active. Please!!! If this can't be done. Then let me know. I will then go somewhere else where I will be treated fairly.
I really do not appreciate the service that I am getting. Fedhealth blames Sanlam Reality and Sanlam Reality blames Fedhealth. I have joined Fedhealth as I heard that you not just a number - Clearly I heard wrong!
Can someone in a managerial position contact me before end of day today the 06th of July 2018 to resolve my issue. " (End of mail that was send to Fedhealth on the 06.07.2018)
Today is the 10th and NO ONE from Fedhealth is responding. I contacted Anthea Herbert from Sanlam Reality she personally re-submitted all paperwork AGAIN and she told this morning she can't understand why Fedhealth is not registring me.
Worst part is I asked or a senior person to please contact me. And up to now NO ONE from Fedhealth is helping me.
My Sanlam Reality was cancelled on the 8th of May. Not by me. First the reason given to me by the consultant it was a system error. She will come back to me - never Came back second person said it is due to debit order not going off due to insuficient funds. I have asked for when as i ALWAYS have money in my account. I even said I can send prove of my bank statements. Did not come right Fedhealth states it is Sanlam Reality problem and sends me back to them. Sanlam Reality states that it is Fedhealth. In the meantime lost my points I gained and now must start over. I have submitted my application more than a month ago. I have attached my application on my query send to Fedhealth on the 06.07.2018 AND Anthea Herbert from Sanlam Reality have submitted it.

Please can YOU help me to get my Sanlam Reality activated.

Membership number: [protected]

expecting additional premium of r7500 at end of july for august

Dear Sirs, Membership: [protected] - COLLEEN Merle Smart I resigned from Fedhealth Medical Aid on 2nd July 2018 as 1st was in a Monday. They have responded accepting my...

unlawful practice and no customer service

I have been with Fedhealth for years, and they service is getting tremendously worse every year. My daughter has a very rare disability, and requires to have chronic medication, this must be part of PMB. Fedhealth refused to pay until the Paediatrician Neurologist had to write a letter of motivation, which even for him was absurd. The issue all started off when I had to change my member number because of my wife going off the medical aid. This was a huge issue and took a least 4 months to sort out, I was not moving Medical Aids, Just moving Member number (Not that difficult) then when the new member number was issued the chronic medication was not moved over as specified in the application document, so I only recently found out when my savings was depleted and in my enquiry found out that the chronic medication was being covered by our savings. So once again, I was request to resubmit the doctors letter, this was in April 2018. This was suppose to take only 10 days to sort out and put the funds back into the savings, its now the 25 June 2018, I had to call the call Centre again to find out what was happening and now there is a new story. They can only approve 30 tables and not the 45 tables that's been prescribed by the Doctor. now they want me to send them the doctors script to see what he has prescribed.

This is absolutely rubbish, the we as a parent of a disable child need to fight Fedhealth to keep our child healthy with medication that was prescribed my the Paediatrician Neurologist. There is no sense of urgency nor is there any sense of remorse in this situation. I will consult our lawyers going forward.

non payment

I am a member of fedhealth maxima basis, member number; [protected], I have been for over 8 years now... But I think that it might be long over due to change to another medical...

im complaining about the bad service

I called on the 7th of June to follow-up with payment as my son went to see a doctor in hospital- its been more than 2 weeks that i have been calling the fed-health medical Aid...

not paying in hospital account after giving authorisation number

Good day, [name removed] was given authorisation to have her wisdom teeth extracted at Milnerton mediclinic but after the procedure accounts that should have been covered in...

bad customer service

I submitted a letter to the management board of FedHealth regarding a medical aims query. Thereafter, I received no updates. Please see details below:

I have called the customer contact centre numerous times in an effort to reach someone in the credit department, with the following  results:
On my first call, the consultant hung up on me.
On my second call, I was promised to receive a phone call back or an email with a status update.  I did not receive this.  Call reference number: 250418qrkr9k.
On my third call around 19:30 on 26/04, I was again promised that the consultant will follow up with Belinda Pretorius (the lady handling my query) at 11:00 this morning and revert back to me, which did not happen.
All my other calls were unanswered, I was cut off or just left holding the line for +-20 minutes.
I called three times on 26/04, only to find out that the credit department was on a team building exercise and that all call centre superiors were apparently in a team meeting.  I was promised to receive a call or email back, which again, was not the case. 
No out-of-office message nor apology for not being available was ever sent.

r25000 co-payment for total knee replacement

Good afternoon JRP Bouwer member number [protected] Below is my email and Dr. Gelbart's and to date we haven't received any response. My dad had to pay a R25 000- co-payment on...

medical aid terminated despite me promise to pay

Client number: Mrs. CJ Maans - [protected] I missed two medical aid payments, for January and February 2018. On 19 March, I contacted Fedhealth to ask them for banking details a...

fedhealth medical scheme — monthly statements after it was paid in full was reversed

since December 2017 we struggled with Fedhealth not solving in Hospital bills .Their monthly statements change for same docters and dates . The savings account is a mess!! In...

termination of my cover membership terminated - [protected] [mi606493606]

Goodday, I received an email stating my cover has been terminated. I have not given permission. I said in the email I want to continue privateley, by paing the full amount...

desperate need of knee replacement

I changed my fedhealth option on the advise of my then broker at the beginning of 2016 believing that I would be covered for all medical requirements. I had been for a...

lack of customer service

On the 2nd January 2018, I call Fedhealth Call centre to get authorisation for surgery that my 5 Year old Daughter needs to have. Only to be told that my daughter has an exclusion...

Problems regarding my submitted claim

Members no [protected] Clinton petersen Ref nos 100118qkd1hy 090118qk907r Consultant ms mbali At this moment.i am extremely anoid Last year when I submitted a claim got...

bad service and very heartless

On Tuesday 05 December I needed to take my son to doctor which was very urgent I called fedhealth and asked them to please unblock my account which I was owing just over R900 and...

no service

Ive been a client with fedhealth for over 2 years went on an international medical scheme because of my husbands work then 2 months later i decided to go back to fedhealth just making me the main member but im just not getting any service i should have been back on the medical aid by the 1 ste seeing that i have done the new application but according to the agent that has been helping me im not approved yet it has been a month since my application has been done and i have made numerous phone calls even asking to speak to the manager and every time they tell me she will phone me back and just doesnt phone me i am tired of trying so they can take there medical aid i will rather to another medical that wants to help me!worst service ever!

Fedhealthbad service


I am so confused
I put in a complaint/query regarding overcharging me for my daughters premium – with you having all the required documentation proving she is not yet permanently employed and still falling under a child cover then you send me a new form to complete ? How????My question is why did you do it in the first place if you did received all the info on the 8th of May2017, as well as what are your going to do about it now. I can only complete the form with the correct day once she sign a permanent contract. That will be at the end of June .Please please advise what you want me to do.I need feedback from you


Kind regards

Francina Ackerman

member/customer care

Member number [protected]

Good Day

I am tired of contacting Fedhealth's customer care line. I did a change of main member. Mr JH Augustyn became a dependant and I became the main member as from the 1st of January 2017. Ever since that was done I had so much queries about accounts that wasn't paid, mr JH Augustyn being suspenden due to a previous payment from the membership number of witch he was the main member. When I queried the incident I got a mail from me Angel Bithelizi stating that it was a doctor's account that wasn't paid on mr JH Augustyn's membership number due to the change of main member, and that I could send a letter stating that I give permission for the medical aid to decuct that outstanding account from my savings account. That already happened on the 29th of March 2016!!! I have been hence and forth between my pharmacy trying to collect mr Augustyn's cronic medication but with no success. The printout that I got from Dischem today about why the medical aid is not paying his medicine stated that code 632 Real Time claim received during member suspension!!!

I phoned the customer care line this morning before going to the pharmacy to confirm if the suspension was lifted. I was send a proof of embership by the consultant stating that there are no suspension and the membeship is active.

The reference numbers that I got on the 31/3 when I phoned the customer care line to find out if the suspension was lifted was 310317Q717NB. The Lady named Angel said that the did receive my letter and are attending to the matter.

Ont he 3rd Of April 2017 I phoned the cronic department for another query and I spoke to Heinz, when I mentioned to him what happened he told me that according to the system the Letter was refered to another department.

On the 18th of April I phoned again, thinking I was giving them enough time so that it could be sorted. I got a Ref no 1804172Q7NFJL. It was said that the suspension was not lifted.

This morning when I phone I was told that the suspension was lifted yesterday???????????

I want answers... I had to pay for the medication in cash because mr Augustyn have been withour his cronic medication for more that 2 weeks already...

I need you to please pay urgent attention to this matter. If I canot get any answers I will have no choice as to take this matter thurther.

Thank you

Me E A Augustyn

I will be able to send the proof of correspondance if I can get a valid email address. service - non disclosure investigation

I did a pap smear test and obtained results that I have high grade abnormal cells, which if not treated will lead to cervical cancer. Pre authorisation request was sent to Fedhealth on the 13th of September, and I have every reason to believe that my case was not handled with a sense of urgency which to me is BAD service and a bad experience for anyone in my condition to go through. I have co-operated and went out of my way to try expedite the process of getting to an outcome of the non disclosure investigation. each time i call, it would seem i trigger some action from the investigation officer, she would request info and despite me responding when i call to frollow i get a response that she has received my email. No sign of being dedicated, pro active and willing to assist. it almost seems as though she is doing me a favour or is trying by all means to reject the pre authorisation request.
i appreciate that it is procedural however based on the poor performance by the underwriter, i have tried on numerous occasion to contain my frustration but honestly feel let down by Fedhealth. This is affecting my health negatively and i have shared this frustration telephonically and via email which i am happy to share. To this day i am still trying to establish what it is that i did not disclose for an investigation to be underway. i am more than happy for Fedhealth to go through with their processes, but i also believe that they can treat things with a sense of urgency as we are dealing with people who's health might be at risk, this is a medical scheme afterall.

Fedhealth Medical Aid Scheme — chronical medication - asthma

I was told, all schemes approve Asthma as Chronically, no matter which plan I choose. The "low" plan I did choose, to fit my budget, does not approve pills only inhaler! I need...

Fedhealth Medical Aid Schemefailure to pay any claims

Fedhealth - The empty promises
In November 2011, I signed up with Fedhealth medical aid scheme after having received information from a broker from Direct Axis. He strongly recommended Fedhealth because according to him, Fedhealth paid for visits to ER, and since I have 2 young children he recommended this medical aid scheme because of this feature.
On 04 Jan 2012, my toddler swallowed something and was chocking. I was afraid that the object was lodged in his windpipe or might become lodged in his digestive system. Because of the 3 month waiting period that I knew was in place, I telephoned Fedhealth to find out whether a visit to ER (Rondesbosch Medical Centre) would be covered. I explained what had happen. I asked whether I could take my son to ER. I was told that it would be covered, and so, I took him to ER. Some weeks later I was contacted by staff from Rondebosch Medical Centre, and was informed that my medical aid was refusing to pay any of the bills. When I contacted the medical aid, I was told that they would not pay because I had failed to get an authorisation number from them. I was surprised, because I had thought that my phone call to them on 04 Jan, to find out whether they would cover the visit was, in fact, me getting authorisation
Anyway, I accepted their reason. On 27 April 2012, which was a public holiday, I hurt my foot (suspected fracture) and needed to go to ER. Because of my previous experience, I made sure to call Fedhealth to get an authorisation number before my visit, but because it was after hours, I only got through to their automated system. I left my info on their automated system, and on the very next working day, I used their email facility to get the authorisation number. I received no feedback, so I telephoned them again. I was told that they had received my request, as well as, the claim/bill from ER…and that they had sent this information/claim to their underwriters. I was very surprised, I couldn’t understand why a simple accidental fracture would need to be assessed by their underwriters, and after all, I had been told that all ER visits would be paid.
The following is what they claim on their website “Emergency treatment in casualty wards …General radiology will also be paid from the In-Hospital Benefit if it is part of the treatment in the casualty ward.”
As per their usual style, no one bother to get back to me as promised. I called again; I was eventually told that they would not be paying my claim because I had “insufficient funds”. Now this I didn’t get, I didn’t have a savings option with them, just a basic hospital plan and I pay my contributions on time…and I had been told when I signed-up with Fedhealth that ER visits would be covered, and according to their website, Fedhealth should have at least paid for the X-rays that I had in ER. When I asked for an explanation, I was told that they would only pay for the ER visit, if it was immediately followed by an admission to hospital.
Be that as it may, I still believe that according to their assertions (on their website) they should have at least paid for the x-rays, but they refused. What I don’t understand, if the reason for declining to pay the claim was supposedly so straight-forward (i.e. “insufficient funds”); why did my claim have to be sent to their underwriters for assessment? It seems to me that Fedhealth doesn’t know how their various medical aid options work; or they are just searching for an excuse not to pay. All I can say to anyone considering to join Fedhealth, please don’t…I’ve submitted 3 claims and all have been declined for some or other reason. In my opinion, Fedhealth will happily take your monthly premium, but don’t expect them to pay out when you submit a claim.

fedhealth medical schemecourt case won!!!

Don't let these corporates take advantage of you... Fight back!! I did & won my small claims court case against fedhealth medical scheme for not wanting to pay for the birth of my daughter. When the medical obudsman even told me that "I should speak to the president if I have a problem", I wasn't too convinced that the justice system would come through for me... But guess what... They did!!! I've joined a medical insurer now & I cannot tell you how happy I am about their service, integrity & ethical manner in which they treat me (Unlike fedhealth). If you belong to any medical aid, especially fedhealth medical scheme, I suggest you re-eveluate your options & find out exactly what you are covered for.
I even received the baby bag & goods, only for them to turn around a month before the birth to say that they will not pay!! The ceo, katy caldis, was too lazy to appear herself (Which already says alot about their service) & sent someone who had absolutely no idea about the case. Md, kevin aaron, also too busy to even respond to your communication to him & I hope that if you belong to the scheme, that you will heed my call & "get out!!!". They paid me a day after the verdict, so goes to show that they will have to adhere to the courts decision & for those who don't know... They cannot have legal representation in the small claims court!!! Take them on face-to-face (If they're "man" enough... Unlike fedhealth!!!)

In short, if you're being wronged & you have a solid case against any big corporate... Take them on!!! The justice system is great & now that the small claims court have increase the claim limit from r7000 to r12 000... What do you have to lose!!!

Go get'em south africa!!!

  • Ab
    Abisser Jan 18, 2011

    I requested Fedhealth on the 27th of February 2010 to provide me with a copy of the scheme rules as well as requesting Fedhealth to reffer my current dispute I have with them for reversing claims paid to service providers to their independent dispute committee. Today is the 10th of March 2010 I have not recived feedback nor the scheme rules as requested.

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  • Mo
    Mowa Jan 19, 2018

    We joined Fedhealth in 2016 September and my husband was penalized for late joiner and an amount was deducted monthly. we queried this as my husband has been with his previous employer for the past 25 years and the employer ensured that everyone was a member of a medical aid. We were told that if we can bring prove that he was indeed a member of a medical aid we will be refunded the late joiner fee. we got the relevant documents from my husband previous employer stating the medical aid companies that the company used. these were sent to Fedhealth and they insisted on medical certificates of which we could not find as they Fedhealth were trading under Fedsure and they were on the letter from the employer, we were told that they they could not find my husband details. We have recently joined a new medical aid (due to poor and no service from Fedhealth and paying over R6000.00 a month and still unable to visit a dentist to say the least)and no late joiner fees were imposed and this made us to suspect that Fedhealth was dishonest in imposing the penalty. we have sent emails stating our case and only automated email responses where received.

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fedhealth medical schemefedhealth owes me money and cancels my benefits

Fedhealth is not to be trusted. I have had a query with them since 6 January 2010. They unilaterally canceled my bank account details saying I put a stop at the bank, which my bank conforms is a blatant LIE, as FEDHEALTH did not present a debit order on my account.

All my efforts to submit claims have been frustrated since 6 January, where they no only currently suspended my benefit again for payments not made (AFTER I they were the one's who incorrectly canceled my details in the first place, I told them to reinstate it from January already, which shows that it was done to late to go through in MARCH!).

I have outstanding claims amounting to thousands of rands which I had to pay cash because of their mistake, and now that I am claiming for my money back, they coming up with all excuses to not pay me. It's either they did not receive my claims (I have emailed proof thereof) or the scans are coming through too light (ZOOM - darken image at printer!!!). I called on Thursday to speak to a manager at around 15h00. I am STILL awaiting a call from someone from Fedhealth to call me.

They're a useless bunch of incompetent buck-passers who are ripping people off!

fedhealth medical schemefedhealth terminates without reason notification

First of all your response to my report is incorrect of what transpired since my cancellation. I never received electronic communication advising me of my payment contribution not honored nor that I will be terminated due to non payment or back dating my termination date and advising that you will reverse claims paid. I did request a copy of such notification if it exists. I have not recived a copy of such notification. The membership guide you are reffering to, I did not receive or recall reading, I would have expected you to advise me of that condition the day I spoke to you lady on the phone, you have a copy of the voice recording please listen to it, It was never communicated to me on that day. You poor communication meant I was not covered for a month due to the fact that you terminated me without my concent, I see this as grossly negligent on your behalf and the fact that you reversed claims paid to providers. What you also fail to admit in your response is that I did pay you but you returned my payment. I have requested that you revert the matter to an independent dispute committee.

fedhealth medical schemeNo response and different answers to queries

I joined Fedhealth as from 1 October 2009 as a dependent as I was not happy with my previous medical aid (I was on my previous medical aid for 2 years and 8 months). Since joining I have not yet had a pleasant experience!

I received my member certificate on 1 October 2009 and it had a 3 month exclusion clause on there. I enquired as to the reason for this and what it entails. I did not get any response and therefore phoned the call centre on Tuesday 6 October 2009 at 16:35 and spoke to a lady that told me the exclusion is only for hospital visits where it is not an emergency. She told me I could visit a doctor or dentist etc and I specifically asked if my Yasmin prescription will be covered yet. She said yes, as from 1 OCTOBER 2009 I will be able to get this from any pharmacy.

The very next day Mojalefa Maega eventualy responds to my email, saying the complete opposite from the lady at the call centre. Stating my Yasmin is only covered after 3 months. I asked for a reason for the inconsistency, still no response!

When I tried to buy Yasmin at the pharmacy I was told it is not covered!!!

fedhealth medical schemeI find this company very unreliable to be taken for its word

I find this company very unreliable to be taken for its word because everytime I phone the call centre for a request, the response I get is always changing and conflicting - depending on the agent I speak to. Fedhealth is openly not passionate about clients, they seem to only pray and wish that you constantly enrich their pockets by paying premiums and NEVER get sick or if at all you do, they hope you go to a public hospital.

The last time I was admitted to the hospital and I needed a MRI scan, they delayed any authorization until I called in from my sick bed to beg them to approve. They even queried my blood pressure state to make sure I wasn't in DIRE NEED OF A VACATION IN A HOSPITAL by pretending to be sick.

Now my problem is that I got chronic medication from my doc and when I sent it through they refused to put in 2 of the main medications I needed but instead they added Disprin at free will, since it only cost R15. Then I called to enquire after 2 months they responsed that they will call my Doc and ask him reason for giving the medication...First it was BP and now medication...Then I am asking myself what really is the value of being a member of this scheme.