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R Nov 07, 2019

My boyfriend send me package with the details of the content containing also an amount of dollars with tracking number also, I tracked it with the given online site of the forwarding company then when it arrives in the Philippines the repesentative of the company texted me and the same time I received email from them that I must pay the clearance tax, before it will be scanned so I paid then and upon scanning the box they found out that dollars was inserted in the box so I must pay for or purchase the money laundering certificate, to make it short I paid all the required taxes and charges because they said that I will be filed criminal case and my sender will be penalized or send to court martial, so to avoid these thongs to happen i paid all the charges until we arrived to pay until to the special delivery charge because my proVince is very far from manila so i paid them, but they are claiming charges to remove my box to the blacklist for the reason that my box was over stayed on their warehouse.

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