FashionNovanot receiving my order in a 2 day time frame

S Sep 06, 2018

#1.Customer service via email sucks. They always provide a generic answer instead of really investigating and finding out a true reason as to why you are having this issue

#2. If the order has not been placed in transit I don't understand what is so hard about being able to change the shipping address.

#3. If you say you have 2 DAY shipping...let it be just that. Do no let me pay $6 for 2 DAY shipping and I have not yet to receive my order.

#4. Also, do not send me a "HURRY" promo when you are not going to ship my order in a hurry.
#5. If all the above fail I feel the customer should receive a COMPLETE refund instead of a store credit. As the credit is not worth two cents if you can't even complete complaints 1-4.

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